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Review: Best Crochet Blocking Boards

  1. KnitIQ Mats for Knitting Extra Thick Crochet Blocking Board
  2. Red Suricata Mats for Knitting Crochet Blocking Board
  3. Boye Interlocking Needlepoint Crochet Blocking Board
  4. CuINaFa Cheers to Ewe! Foam Knitting Crochet Blocking Board
  5. Hephaestus Crafts Blocking Mats for Knitting Crochet Blocking Board
  6. Buyer's Guide

Whether you are new to the world of knitting or have been practicing this unique art for years, the importance of crochet blocking boards remains the same. A great crochet blocking board will help you to perfectly perform the last step of knitting while giving your knitted materials a professional and neat look.

Blocking is one of the most important tasks you perform while knitting; it helps you to join the motifs and makes the final look more presentable and artsy. In short, it makes your knits look professional.

So, are you planning to hunt for some crochet blocking boards to step up your knitting game and create lovely, beautiful, and professional-looking knits? As always, we are here to give you a helpful guide. We are compiling a list of some of the best crochet blocking boards available on the market right now, along with a detailed buying guide for you to make a smooth and swift purchase. Read on!

Best Crochet Blocking Boards of 2022 Reviewed in Detail

KnitIQ Mats for Knitting Extra Thick Crochet Blocking Board - Best Overall

KnitlQ is a well-known brand in the world of knitting, and their crochet blocking boards are no exception! These boards come in a pack of 9 and include 100 T-pins to keep all of your knitting projects taught on the boards. All of the boards are made of dense, thick, high-quality foam so you can push the pins in without damaging the table underneath. With the interlocking grid design, you can assemble them to any configuration you need to fit your project on it. Also, the boards are firm, lightweight, and, most importantly, extremely budget-friendly. The foam is waterproof while the T-pins are rust-proof, so you'll be able to use this kit for plenty of projects.

Red Suricata Mats for Knitting Crochet Blocking Board - Runner Up

Next, we have another set of 9 crochet blocking boards but this time by Red Suricata. This pack comes with 50 T-pins and each board is made of foam that is just over half an inch thick. Moreover, these boards have matching grid lines on them, which means you will finish the blocking process faster and quicker, even with a large project. When all of the pieces are together, the board measures 3 feet by 3 feet and there are both metric and imperial measurements — one side is in inches and the other is in centimeters. The best part: all the boards are heat and water-resistant so you can perform all sorts of blocking, whether it is cold blocking, steam blocking, or others.

Boye Interlocking Needlepoint Crochet Blocking Board - Honorable Mention

Are you on the hunt for some crochet blocking boards for small and medium-sized projects? If yes, then these compact and small-sized blocking boards by Boye are exactly what you need. This set is a complete package to fulfill all your blocking needs: it comes with 4 blocking boards, 4 interlocking crochet, and a needlepoint. Also, there are grid lines on the boards to make your blocking more accurate and easier. No matter how many boards are connected, the lines will always be aligned. From wet blocking to dry blocking, you can perform it all with these compact boards! Each board measures 12 x 12 inches to help you with precise knitting.

CuINaFa Cheers to Ewe! Foam Knitting Crochet Blocking Board - Contender

Not only do these have a cute name, but Cheers to Ewe foam crochet blocking boards are extremely durable and high-quality as well. These boards also come as a pack of 9, and all the boards are moisture and heat-resistant, making them ideal for steam blocking. The boards have an accurate 1-inch grid pattern on them to make your blocking process convenient and easy. Each board measures 12 x 12 inches, which is sufficient working space for most projects if you join them to create the 36 x 36 inch board.

Hephaestus Crafts Blocking Mats for Knitting Crochet Blocking Board - Also Consider

This accessories brand is named after the Greek god of artisans. These boards by Hephaestus come as a pack of 9 and feature 150 T-pins as well. All the boards are made of thick, durable, sturdy, and soft foam that is heat-resistant. Not only this, but the foam is moisture-resistant and waterproof too! Your knits won't get ruined by any excess water remaining on the boards. From small projects to bigger ones, these crochet blocking boards will do it all for you, as all the boards can join together to form one large board to cater to your bigger knitting projects. The grid pattern, like on every other product on this page, are there to make sure your outcomes are as accurate as possible.

Buyer's Guide

Now that we have gone through our top recommendations for the best crochet blocking boards, let us take a look at a few important things you should know before finally buying a product. We've created a simple and easy buying guide that will answer all your questions and clear any confusion.

Buying Tips for Crochet Blocking Boards

Shopping for the best crochet blocking boards can be confusing, especially when there are so many options available on the market. But don’t worry, we have got you covered here too! Here are a few tips and considerations you should always keep in mind while you are on the hunt:

The thickness of the material

The thickness of the board is the most essential thing you need to keep in mind while looking for crochet blocking boards. The thicker the material, the better your blocking would be. Also, the thickness would protect your table or other surface from marks and scratches as well.

Quality of the material

Crochet blocking boards come in different types of materials, but the most durable and functional of them all are rubber and foam ones. Also, no matter what material you are buying, just make sure it is of good quality and is heat- and moisture-resistant to allow you to perform all types of blocking.

Size requirements

Third, you should always consider the size when you are looking for the best crochet blocking boards, and for that, you need to figure out your requirements and needs for your projects. Ask yourself if you want to perform small, medium, or large-sized pieces, and then get a product according to the required size. What's nice about many of these sets is that the 12 x 12 inch individual squares are perfect for small projects, but you can also set up the squares together to create an even larger space.

Easy to assemble

Next, try to look for models that are both easy to use and assemble. Obviously, no one wants to spend hours trying to figure out how this particular blocking board works, right? Therefore, look for options that are easy to assemble or at least have an understandable instructions manual inside them. If it's easy and intuitive to assemble, you won't have uneven grid lines or poor blocking results.

Additional accessories

Lastly, look for a complete package or bundles instead of just settling down with the boards. Look for packs that come with additional accessories like T-pins or knitting combs so you're ready for any project. Buying bundles or kits will save you a lot of hassle, time, and money as well.


Now that you have gone through everything in detail, we hope you will have no problem looking for the best crochet blocking boards for yourself. Just keep all our tips in mind, or pick any product from our list mentioned above to fulfill all your knitting needs.

Crochet Blocking Board FAQ

Q: Can I knit without a blocking board?

A: Yes, you can obviously knit without using crochet blocking boards, but you might not achieve the professional-looking finish a blocking board provides. Also, you may face some challenges when it comes to the alignment of your stitches without using a blocking board.

Q: How is a blocking board useful?

A: Crochet blocking boards have a lot of benefits: they allow your knits to have a neat and professional look, you will be able to knit accurately, and all your stitches will be of the same size. In short, your knits will look beautiful and simply lovely!

Q: Where can you buy crochet blocking boards and mats?

A: You can conveniently find crochet blocking boards on online stores and websites like Amazon and eBay. If not online, you can purchase them from local yarn or art & crafts stores.

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