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Best Fabric Storage Bins

  1. Chat Blanc Fabric Storage Bins
  2. Amazon Basics Collapsible Fabric Storage Bin
  3. NEATERIZE 13x13x13 Large Fabric Storage Bin
  4. Woffit Linen Fabric Storage Bin
  5. GRANNY SAYS Fabric Storage Bin
  6. SimpleHouseware Foldable Fabric Storage Bin
  7. Household Essentials 84-1 Foldable Fabric Storage Bin
  8. Buyer's Guide

A good set of fabric storage bins can be the answer to your organizing problems. Perhaps you are looking to organize your child’s toys, or maybe your arts and crafts area desperately needs attention. They can be used to bring order to your closet or even keep kitchen storage neat and tidy — fabric storage bins can do it all. They are sturdy, fit well into spaces or cubed shelving, and are a snap to rearrange and clean. They're stylishly designed to blend in with your existing home or office décor, and they are available in a multitude of colors and fabrics.

With the number of fabric storage bins to choose from, finding the right choice for your space can be easy and fun, all without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to your cluttered space and check out this list of the best fabric storage bins in 2021 available to buy.

Best Fabric Storage Bins Worth Considering in 2021

Chat Blanc Fabric Storage Bins - Best Overall

Organize your closets in style with the Chat Blanc Fabric Storage Bins. These big woven baskets can carry laundry, store books, and even hold food and kitchenware, and look great doing it! You get a pack of three, so don’t sweat if you need more than a few to organize your stuff.

The baskets come in many different colors, from a natural wicker color to a dark graphite, to match any room in your home. Though it looks soft and lightweight, it’s very durable and can last you for years. It can bend in such a way that you can fit into tight spaces for added storage under the bed or in tiny cabinets. The versatility of these storage bins make this product the best overall.

Amazon Basics Collapsible Fabric Storage Bin - Runner Up

This fabric storage cube organizer comes in a pack of six and is made of sturdy fabric, making it both lightweight and easy to move. They can be folded down for storage and are offered in multiple colors. The fabric is made to be breathable and has handles that are sewn to the bin, making them easy to stuff into furniture and pull out when needed. They can be utilized as drawers if you have cubed cabinets to pair them with.

NEATERIZE 13x13x13 Large Fabric Storage Bin - Best Colors

This set of six storage bins is a great way to keep your things organized. They come with label cards to identify what you are storing in each bin. The fabric used to make the bins are eco-friendly, and each one features an integrated handle to make them easier to handle when used in conjunction with cube shelves.

Woffit Linen Fabric Storage Bin - Most Portable

Hey you! Yes, you; aren’t you tired of littering the room with your laundry or always mixing up clean clothes with dirty ones and eventually having to wash more clothes than you should because you can’t identify the guilty from the innocent? It’s getting old now, don’t you think? The whole disorganized wardrobe/closet lifestyle. If you are willing, we can offer you the brightest solution available in the market right now. We aren’t just proposing a laundry bin. We are processing a set of three Woffit Linen Fabric Storage Bins to help you organize your sheets, blankets, and linens, so you don’t keep pulling them out of your wardrobe and watching all of the folded clothes come crumbling down.

GRANNY SAYS Fabric Storage Bin - Honorable Mention

This fabric closet organizer storage bin is made of polyester fabric, making it a lightweight and durable option for making your home more stylish and organized. These bins hold their shape very well, even if they are not filled. The lidless design makes it easy for stored items to be located without removing items from the bin. They're just as good as the two options above, but this set only comes with three bins while the others offer six for a similar price.

SimpleHouseware Foldable Fabric Storage Bin - Contender

These fabric storage bins are slightly different from the rest above - rather than cloth loops, the handles are punched through the fabric. It comes down to personal preference, and either is suitable for home organization. They can be easily broken down for storage when they are not being used. This cube storage organizer is made with sturdy, tough cardboard that offers support on all sides. They're available in nine different colors and come in a pack of six.

Household Essentials 84-1 Foldable Fabric Storage Bin - Also Consider

These storage bins are great for storing household items like toys and shoes. They come in a variety of stylish colors that add to the surrounding decor. Each bin can hold 10-15 lbs of stored items, though we'd recommend keeping things light so as not to add strain to the handles. These bins have sturdy sides that hold up while storing common household items. Household Essentials offers this bin with three different handle designs: a reinforced grab-through hole, a vertical strap, or a flap attached to the upper edge of the bin.

Buyer's Guide

Fabric storage bins provide a chic way of keeping your home organized. Plastic bins can be bulky and revealing whereas fabric bins look like furniture or accent pieces in your decor. There are many different types and styles of fabric bins available, but not all are made equal.

To help you choose the best fabric storage bin, we have put together a handy buying guide full of the information you may want to consider before making your purchase.

Things to consider when buying a fabric storage bin

This guide will help you figure out which storage bin best fits your style and needs!

How easy is it to set up and pack away?

The amazing thing about fabric storage bins is that they are collapsible in many cases! Canvas bins can collapse and easily be stored inside of other bins.

What is the size of the bin when full?

Fabric bins can expand, but be careful not to overfill them. If you stretch them too far, they can rip and tear, rendering the bin useless.


Fabric bins are typically lightweight - much more so than leather or thick vinyl. Some bins offer inserts that are made of plastic or a stronger fabric material to provide interior support or separation for organizational purposes.

Style and use

Fabric bins come in many sizes and colors so they can match your decor. Fabric bins can be stacked inside of shelving units or can look stylish on their own and be used for toys or jewelry.


If you are looking for bins for a toy room, look for bins that can expand and won’t tear from use. Bins come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so there will always be a set that will work for what you need.

Storage capacity

Capacity is everything when purchasing storage bins, but make sure they can fit where you need them to go. In general, the more a bin can hold, the fewer bins you need. For fabric bins, be careful not to overload the bins as they can rip or tear, stay away from storing items with sharp edges such as tools or scissors that can rip the bins from the inside.

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