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Best Gas Can Spouts To Minimize Evaporation

  1. KP KOOL PRODUCTS Kit Includes Gas Can Spout
  2. TruePower Replacement Gas Can Spout
  3. EZ-POUR Rigid Gas Can Spout
  4. CM Concepts Old Style Gas Can Spout
  5. Buyer's Guide

If you often go on long drives with your friends or relatives, you may have run out of gas (or come close) in the middle of nowhere. Having extra gas in a can is helpful, but you'll need the best gas can spouts in 2021 to make it easier to actually pour gas into the filler port.

Gas can spouts might not be the first thing that springs to mind - we can't deny that using a funnel instead of a spout helps you to work more swiftly. It can, however, be more hassle than it's worth unless you're pressed for time. Not to forget the fact that even a minor leak might ruin your paint job.

A gas can spout you more control, lowers waste, and eliminates spills. Though it may appear to be a straightforward procedure, several states require you to utilize a certain type of gas can spout. In this article, we'll spotlight the best gas can spouts available in 2021.

Here are the best Gas Can Spouts of 2021

KP KOOL PRODUCTS Kit Includes Gas Can Spout - Best Overall

Let's get this list started with a fantastic choice for those looking for a flexible spout. There's no denying that the spout that comes with your can is undoubtedly a pain to use. You're trapped with what you have unless you add one that's easier to use. This package has a three-for-the-price deal. That means you can convert a total of three cans with just one kit. It's a universal design but double-check the specifications to be sure it'll work with your can.

  • Made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Supporting hardware and spouts are included with the package
  • A good deal for three spouts
  • Because all of the caps are the same size, adaptability is limited

TruePower Replacement Gas Can Spout - Runner Up

It looks like a standard flexible spout, but unlike many others, this one is a little unusual. Only tiny portions of the spout are flexible rather than the full length. These design features combine the advantages of stiff and elastic designs. But there is something more to like regarding this entry than the spout. It's a standard solution that performs with most plastic containers and includes the vent you'll need for optimal flow. Of course, the inexpensive cost is something that everyone will adore.

  • Everything you'll need is included
  • Excellent value for money
  • Not the most long-lasting piece of gear

EZ-POUR Rigid Gas Can Spout - Honorable Mention

This spout and vent, with its streamlined appearance and solid structure, is ideal for people who want to keep things simple. If you've grown fond of your gasoline can but hate using the included spout, this is a fantastic option that's much easier to use. It has a base cap that fits over the opening. It incorporates dependable threads to form a tight seal on the can, avoiding spills and leaks. The stiff black spout has a single acute angle that directs the spout to correctly pour out all of the gasoline. It's big enough to handle a lot of volume and sturdy enough to endure a long time.

  • A complete bundle that includes everything you'll need
  • The nozzle is equipped with 2 base caps
  • Lesser impact resistance due to its stiff structure

CM Concepts Old Style Gas Can Spout - Contender

The CM Concepts Old Style kit is exactly what it says on the label - a near-perfect copy of the types of spouts that used to be included with gas cans. This spout and vent kit is a little different from the others on this list in that it may be used for both water and gas without the need for additional devices, though we wouldn't recommend mixing the two at any point. It's the right size for plastic gas and water cans, and the various cap types will help with compatibility. Furthermore, the CM pour spouts feature an outstanding design that guarantees the gasket is chemically resistant. This will increase the product's longevity and provide you with the most value for your investment.

  • Works for both gas and water, though you should label each to not mix them
  • Includes a chemical-resistant gasket
  • A push-in vent cover on the pour spout allows for a quicker and safer flow
  • The durability isn't really good

Buyer's Guide

Self-ventilating cans were prohibited in 2009, and we've all observed that this has posed a significant challenge for modern cans. The good news is that cans are now quite dependable, with spouts and features that prevent bloating and collapse. If you're having trouble finding a gas can that fits your needs, have a look at our buying guide. Let's take a look at some of our recommendations for gas can spouts. It would be ideal if you spent some time determining the specifications of the can for which you want a spout.

What are the types of gas can spouts available in the market?

Flexible gas can spouts

A flexible shaft is used in the most popular form of gas can spout. Wide flexible spouts are available, as well as narrower variants that favor a slower flow. Because of the flexibility, you may reach further and pour the gas while holding the gasoline can at various angles.

Rigid gas can spout

Although not widely available, these are designed to deliver a steady stream of fuel. The stiff shaft's reach varies, but the thick polymer is generally very wide. Rigid-type gas can spouts usually have a curve in them.

Why should you use a gas can spout?

Minimizes spills and leakages

When pouring fuel, using a good spout prevents spillage. The best spouts are wide enough to allow for a fast flow, while the back vent prevents a vacuum from building up.

Environmentally friendly

You may reduce fuel waste by preventing leaks and spills. Putting gas in the air or soil, whether through fumes or leakage, is bad for the biosphere. You may decrease your carbon footprint by using a decent gas spout.

It helps pour the entire can

Gas can spouts will greatly aid in the pouring of the whole contents of the container. Longer spouts provide a better reach, so you can achieve the appropriate angle to empty the container without spilling. This allows you to use all of the gasoline you have without risking splashes on your clothing or the environment.

Slows evaporation

When gasoline fumes reach a particular concentration, they become both flammable and poisonous. A good spout can keep you and those around you safe by sealing firmly and being robust against fractures and punctures.

What are the features to look for in a gas can spout?

Primary shaft

Due to its inert qualities, this long tube is typically made of polymer material. The spout is the portion through which the gas flows, and it can be flexible or stiff in construction. High-quality spouts have a large aperture to increase flow speed while balancing polymer density. The shaft should be wear-resistant and not readily break or puncture.


Assess if you need to replace the cap when choosing a replacement for your gas can spout. You'll need something with the right width and threading pattern. Make sure the spout will fit properly on your gas can.

Cap for gas

The gas cap is another important component of the gasoline can spout. This is the piece that joins the spout to the gas can itself. Whereas most spouts will fit into any cap, this is the component that must match the opening size of the gas can. Both the spout and the can should have a tight seal. It's all about the shape and threading on the cap itself.


If you're replacing the spout on your gas can, you're aware of the angle from which you'll be pouring. With this knowledge, you can choose which spout style is best for you.

Lid for the spout

This part is required for fuel storage. It fits over the shaft opening and has a long plastic filament connecting the lid to the spout to keep it from falling out. The stopper is the component that prevents evaporation after you're done pouring out the gasoline. The spout lid should be robust and fit properly since it is an essential component for safety and air quality (as well as preventing fuel waste).


The vent is the final element of each spout set. Most spouts come with a vent, even though many gas cans already have one. It prevents pressure from building up and provides a smooth, uniform flow of gasoline when you pour it out.

What is the price range of gas can spouts?


Spouts in the price range of under 20 dollars are often flexible, although stiff versions are available as well. Vents and caps are usually included in most sets. However, they are usually sold individually rather than as a set.


You'll find three-piece spout sets in the price range of 20 dollars and above. They usually come with all of the gear you'll need for capping and ventilation.

Gas Can Spout FAQ

Q: How should I store my gas canister?

A: Because of its flammability, your gas canister should be kept in a cool, dark place. Pick a good location that is free of any potential ignition sources to avoid accidents.

Q: Are there standard gas can spouts?

A: The spout easily slides into position if you can utilize your old cap. If your can's cap has been damaged, you'll need to double-check the fit of the spout and the equipment that came with it.

Q: How versatile are the spouts on gas cans?

A: A gas can spout's flexibility differs. It will be much more flexible if it is made of thin plastic material rather than any kind of metal. They should, nevertheless, be flexible enough to work with any purpose.

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