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Temporary but Effective: Best Grass Paint

  1. Lawnlift Grass and Mulch Paints Ultra Concentrated Grass Paint
  2. Lawnlift Grass and Mulch Paints 64 oz Green Grass Paint
  3. Seymour 20-602 Grass Paint
  4. EnviroColor 4EverGreen Grass Paint
  5. ITISLL Portable Garden Pump Sprayer Grass Paint
  6. Buyer's Guide

Maintaining a good lawn is tough. It requires a lot of time, resources, and effort. And even if you toil and work for hours on end for weeks at a time, it still may not be enough to produce the right results. Sometimes, grass just can’t stay as green as you’d like it to be, and this causes it to become brown and dull. If you’re a lawn lover and want to keep your yard looking healthy and new, then you’ll want the best grass paint in 2022 for a temporary fix.

Grass paint is interesting in the sense that it actually isn’t toxic or remotely bad for your lawn. In fact, it’s harmless to both pets and humans, so even if your dog gives the grass a few bites, they should be fine. These five products are ideal if you want your lawn to look green all year round.

The Best Grass Paint Models of 2022 in Detail

Lawnlift Grass and Mulch Paints Ultra Concentrated Grass Paint - Best Overall

When it comes to grass paint, Lawnlift is a name that’s bound to pop up in a conversation. They’re fairly well-known in the grass paint industry, and their products have popular among homeowners thanks to their effectiveness. This particular bottle of Lawnlift is ultra-concentrated and can yield up to 1.375 gallons of the product when mixed properly. Lawnlift’s grass paint is great because once it settles on the grass, it won’t run off after it rains or when the grass gets watered. Ironically, you’d think that the water would turn the grass from green to brown in this case, but the formula sticks, and it lasts for up to three months at a time. It doesn’t affect the future growth of the grass, either, making this product ideal for all sorts of lawns.

  • Yields up to 1.4 gallons of product
  • Non-toxic
  • If not mixed properly won’t last as long as intended

Lawnlift Grass and Mulch Paints 64 oz Green Grass Paint - Runner Up

There are two reasons as to why you’d want a large amount of grass paint. First, you may want it because you think you’ll be needing a lot of it in the months to come. Maybe you’re expecting the grass to stay brown for a while like in the winter, or you know for a fact that you have brown patches that keep popping up in your lawn regularly. Alternatively, you simply may have a large lawn and need as much paint as possible to cover everything. No matter what reason you have, this grass paint package is perfect for large areas. It can cover up to 2000 sq. ft. of lawn depending on how the paint was applied, and it’s all stored in a neat and convenient bottle that you can open and use whenever necessary. The formula lasts for months, so it’ll be a while before you need to apply more.

  • Lasts for months at a time
  • Comes in a reusable bottle
  • 64 oz. is probably too much for most lawns

Seymour 20-602 Grass Paint - Honorable Mention

The previous two grass paint products were concentrates, meaning that you had to mix them into a solution before using them. While this is great for large sections of brown grass, it may not be very convenient if you only have the occasional brown spot here and there. If your brown grass troubles are very minimal, you may find grass paint spray bottles such as this one far more effective and time-efficient. The paint dries fast and settles fairly quickly. It doesn’t stop any foliage from growing either, so you don’t have to worry about the state of your plants because you applied some paint on them. Finally, it won’t wash away even after rain or irrigation, so it’ll stay green for quite some time.

  • Easy to use
  • Great for small patches
  • Not ideal for large areas of brown grass

EnviroColor 4EverGreen Grass Paint - Contender

If you want grass paint that’s as good as the stuff that they use on golf courses, then this is a great pick. It’s got enough formula to cover 1,000 square feet of landscape and is great for prolonged periods of drought. The color of the grass, when painted, is very similar to turf found on a golf course. So if you’re a golfer yourself or simply enjoy the color, you’ll love this grass paint product. Aside from covering up grass during drought, the paint formula can also cover pet stains and disease spots fairly easily. You’ll be able to cover a lot of ground when combined with a pump sprayer, too. Whether your grass is diseased, dry, or dormant, this formula can make it look as healthy as ever.

  • Used in golf courses
  • Covers plenty of ground when used as directed
  • Color may not be ideal for all lawn types

ITISLL Portable Garden Pump Sprayer Grass Paint - Also Consider

This final product isn’t a grass paint product, but you’ll probably need it anyway if you’re getting one of the concentrates. It’s a garden pump sprayer, and its multipurpose design allows it to be used in all sorts of applications, including painting your grass with grass paint. The pump sprayer comes with a container, a shoulder strap for carrying, and a switch, wand, and nozzle to control the spray. The pump spray uses high-quality material to make it last quite a while. Even if you aren’t using the pump spray to paint your lawn, you can use it to apply insecticides, water, or other liquids onto your grass or other plants. Just be sure to flush out and clean up before or after use, as the paint will end up mixing with something else if not cleaned properly.

  • Pump spray
  • Great for applying grass paint
  • Does not come with grass paint

Buyer's Guide

If your grass doesn’t seem as healthy as it used to be, but you know it’ll grow and turn green once again later on, then a temporary fix with grass paint is an ideal solution. Here’s what you should know about this convenient substance.

What Is Grass Paint?

Grass paint is a substance or formula that’s applied to grass that’s either dried, diseased, or dormant. The grass will look healthy and green when the paint is applied, and the formula is strong enough that it usually lasts even after rain or irrigation.

Why is it important to have grass paint?

It keeps your lawn healthy-looking

Grass paint is a convenient solution for a lot of homeowners because it can keep the grass healthy-looking even if it’s actually brown in color. The paint hides any trace of browning if applied properly, and it even stays after being washed or exposed to rain, making it very potent. Most homeowners use grass paint this way as a temporary solution to brown grass.

It is worth noting that grass paint does not make grass any healthier, even though it appears that way. All the paint does is make the grass appear green - in fact, there’s a good chance that the paint’s color doesn’t match the actual color of the grass. Because of this, grass paint is best used to cover up brown spots rather than serve as a permanent solution.

It’s cheaper than replacing or regrowing grass

So, you’ve got a lawn that has a few brown patches every now and then. If you know that the grass can turn green again in the future, then it’s probably much cheaper to get grass paint and cover up the spots rather than replacing the grass entirely. You’ll also save a lot of time and effort that goes into replacing or regrowing grass.

And even if you do have the time and effort to replace or regrow grass, there’s always the possibility of it turning brown again anyways. Grass paint can help you temporarily fix the problem, and when you notice that the grass is still hasn't grown after wearing off, that’s when you can consider other, more permanent solutions instead.

Tips When Using Grass Paint

Apply it evenly

Grass paint is non-toxic and does not hinder the growth of grass, but at the end of the day, it’s still paint. As such, you’ll need to be careful when applying the formula, as the improper application will result in an uneven-looking lawn. For example, the lawn may look nice and green from one angle, but when you look at it from another side, the brown spots will become apparent.

To solve this, try applying grass paint evenly. Start from one direction and work your way across the lawn, being sure to cover every part of that side. Once you’re done, you can switch to the other side and cover the rest. This should allow you to evenly apply grass paint and make the grass look green from all angles.

Reach the roots

When using grass paint, it can be tempting to simply spray the top layer and be done with it. But this can be problematic, as it leaves the roots and lower parts of the grass unpainted. This will make the grass look unhealthy even though you applied a layer of green to the top.

The only way for you to make sure you make your grass look healthy again is by painting all the way down to the roots. Sure, you won’t be able to cover as much lawn because of this, but at least you’ll guarantee the painted area looks as good as new.

Cover your fences and nearby furniture before spraying

Finally, it’s worth noting that grass paint does stain your clothing, skin, and furniture, too. It’ll be a pain to remove from your skin, but it’ll be even worse once it gets all over your favorite shirt or your newly installed fence. To prevent any accidents from happening, it’s recommended you take extra steps to ensure only the grass gets painted.

For clothing, simply wearing old and used clothes should be enough. Keep your furniture away by moving it far from the grass if possible. For larger pieces of furniture and/or your fences, the best you can do is cover up as much as possible, or at least the area closest to the grass. You can cover it with disposable materials such as newspapers.

Types of Grass Paints


Grass paint products are commonly sold in the form of concentrates. This has two advantages - for one, you get plenty of products all stored in one convenient little bottle, which is space-efficient. Secondly, it’s cheaper than using spray paints, as you’ll be getting gallons’ worth of product for the price of a single spray paint bottle. The only downside is that you need to actually prepare the solution before using it, and you’ll need something like a pump sprayer to evenly apply the formula over your lawn.

Spray paints

Spray paints are the more convenient alternative to concentrates. You can use it immediately and whenever you want, and you don’t need any tools to spray the formula, as it can be applied using the can. It is more expensive than concentrates, however, and is best used to cover up small patches of brown grass rather than to cover an entire area.

Grass Paint FAQ

Q: Is grass paint safe for the plant?

A: Grass paint is perfectly safe for grass and does not hinder their growth whatsoever.

Q: Is grass paint toxic to pets?

A: Most, if not all grass paint products, are non-toxic and safe for both pets and humans.

Q: Does grass paint stain?

A: Grass paint can stain clothes, furniture, and fences, so it’s best to take care when applying grass paint over your lawn. As you would cover areas while painting indoors, be sure to cover any areas around the grass you don't want to get painted.

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