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How to Pick the Best Size Air Purifier for Your Space

pick the best size air purifier

Since you spend a big part of your time inside your house, it's pretty crucial to continually filter the air and prevent any germs, bacteria, or tiny particles from entering your body. The best way of performing this is by utilizing one of the most reliable air purifiers for home intentions. However, with a large number of options available today, how can you find the perfect sized model for your room? Don't worry, because we're here to help. In our brief guide, we will be discussing the entire procedure - step by step. So, be sure to join in and bear with us until the bottom.

Step 01: Preparation

Before you can even start with the entire process, make sure that you're prepared with all the essential equipment. You will need to have a white piece of notepaper, a pen, and a measuring tape. If you don't have a pen and a piece of paper, then use your phone.

Step 02: Determine The Place

The following and most fundamental step is to determine where you want to place the air purifier. Do you plan on using it in one area, several rooms, or the whole house? The answer to this question will assist you in narrowing down the optimal product choice for your application and make it much more straightforward to compare various air purifiers.

Step 03: Measure The Square Footage Of Your Space

Now, you will need to measure the square footage of the space you want to purify. There are 3 different approaches:

Single Room

If this is a single room, then all you need to do is take measurements of the room (length and width). Write down the dimensions on a piece of paper or your phone. Then, multiply the length (in feet) by the width (in feet), and you will get the square footage of your room.

For instance, let's say that you have a room that measures 12 feet in length and 15 feet in width. To get the adequate result, you will need to multiply the numbers 12 and 15. The number you get is the square footage of your space - in our case, that's 180 sq. ft.

Multiple Rooms

If you're interested in purifying multiple rooms, then you will firstly need to measure the length and width of each room individually and then just add up the totals.

For example, if the first room has 120 square feet and the second one has 60 square feet, then the total square footage is 120 + 60 = 180 sq. ft.

Full House

The most dependable way to know your home's total foot square footage is by looking at the construction building plan. If you can't seem to find your documentation, then just measure the length and width of the outside walls and multiply that amount by the number of levels your house has. For instance, if the outside sq. ft. equals 1,000 square feet and you have a two-level home, this would be 1,000 x 2 = 2,000 sq. ft.

Step 04: Find The Suitable Air Purifier

As you know, air purifiers appear in all sorts of sizes and have a maximum sq. ft. rating on their specifications table.

Small Air Purifiers

These models are intended for areas up to 300 sq. ft.

Moderate Air Purifiers

These air purifiers will be able to perfectly purify rooms between 310 and 700 sq. ft.

Large Air Purifiers

Practice these air purifiers in rooms that exceed 1,000 square feet.

So, make sure that the home air purifier you're looking at will be able to meet or slightly exceed the square footage of your space. This way, you will be able to enjoy the full potential of the air purifier.

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