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How To Properly Care For Your Cuticles

How To Properly Care For Your Cuticles

Have you ever wondered what the small curve under your finger and toenails was called? They’re known as cuticles, and they’re an essential part of your nail. Learn more about taking care of your cuticles and how you can keep them in perfect condition while getting your nails done.

What are cuticles?

Cuticles are small portions of transparent skin found right around the base of the nail. This should not be mistaken for the lunula, which is the larger curved shape right above the cuticle. The cuticle is essentially a small layer of skin that you can feel and even remove with the right tools in your manicure kit.

But what do cuticles do? Well, the exact use and effectiveness of cuticles are still relatively unknown, but research has shown that it can help ward off bacteria and foreign debris from entering your body. The area around your nails acts as a protective layer to keep harmful bacteria and substances from entering. That’s where the cuticle comes in - it acts as a shield and protects the insides of your nails by serving as a sheet of skin.

Can you remove cuticles?

It certainly is possible to remove cuticles. By using cuticle clippers and cuticle removers, you can get rid of the cuticles. The reason many people prefer removing cuticles is that it makes it easier to apply nail polish, allowing it to stay on the nails longer. While this may be true, research has also shown that the removal of cuticles can lead to a higher risk of infection. That’s the last thing you’d want if you want your nails to look nice and healthy.

So, while you can remove cuticles, whether or not you should do it is the bigger issue. If you really want to make more space on your nail, then ask your manicurist or pedicurist to simply push the cuticles away instead of removing them so they can still serve their protective purpose.

How to care for your cuticles

Cuticles are just a different type of skin and they can be kept healthy by using products to make them better. Using cuticle cream, cuticle oil, and other cuticle treatments can nourish them, providing them with more moisture and preventing them from cracking. If you don’t properly nourish your cuticles, they can end up peeling off.


While some people prefer having them removed, cuticles are far more important to your nails than you may think. They protect your nails from possible infection and require proper care to stay in perfect condition.

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