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Keep Pests Away With the Best Citronella Candles

  1. Cutter 95784 Citronella Candle
  2. TIKI 1418014 Brand Citronella Candle
  3. Repel Insect Repellent Citronella Candle
  4. Coleman Wooden Crackle Wick Citronella Candle
  5. Buyer's Guide

Do you want an organic way to combat blood-sucking insects buzzing around your lawn, yard, and patio? Most bug repellents cause skin or throat irritation. However, citronella candles could be the answer to your problems. Citronella oil is used to make bug defense candles. In addition to preventing bugs from getting into your home, these are not harmful to you or your kids.

Within this article, we're going to provide you with a comprehensive guide to some of the best Citronella candles. It can be difficult to choose the best product with the wide array of options available. We have listed some of the best citronella candles with their complete pros and cons in this article. Our comparisons of some of the best citronella candles in 2022 on the market will help you understand features and uses. If that's what you're looking for, you've come to the right place.

You can enjoy quality family time outdoors without worrying about bugs and mosquitoes.

Compare The Best Citronella Candles Of 2022

Cutter 95784 Citronella Candle - Best Overall

Among the best citronella candles is the Cutter Citro Guard. It's ability to repel mosquitoes and other flying insects is why it's our top pick. To better fortify your outdoors, we recommend purchasing the 6 pack so you can burn multiple candles at once, creating a perimeter around your outdoor area. It's a 3-wick which helps burn the entire candle evenly. It's rated for up to 40 hours of burn time so you can enjoy your backyard for longer. Another great feature is the wide base to prevent the candle from tipping over.

TIKI 1418014 Brand Citronella Candle - Runner Up

Although the Tiki BiteFighter uses one wick instead of three, it still does its job of repelling mosquitoes. The Tiki comes in a galvanized silver bucket which gives it a rugged, outdoorsy look. It's also easy to carry around thanks to its attached handle. You can take this bucket with you to the beach, camping, and of course, in your backyard. It has an approximate 35 hours of burn time so you've got plenty of time to relax in the outdoors.

Repel Insect Repellent Citronella Candle - Honorable Mention

Worried about protecting yourself from mosquitoes while outdoors? This insect repellent is the ideal option to keep insects away from your yards, patio, or campsite. Consisting of 100% citronella oil, it forms a defense barrier against flying insects for up to 40 hours. This candle weighs 20 ounces and comes in a triple-wick bucket that is easy to carry thanks to its handle and use in all outdoor spaces. Now you don't have to fear the blood-sucking insects while you’re out on an adventurous trip. This citronella candle, when burned, creates long-lasting protection against all insects.

Coleman Wooden Crackle Wick Citronella Candle - Also Consider

The candles are scented like a campfire. Each Coleman Campfire Citronella Candle contains a wooden pop wick and holds 6 ounces of wax. The candle wick creates the sound of a snapping fire with these open-air pit fire candles. Adding a wonderful smell to your open space is easy with these magnificent fire fragrances. Keep the mosquitoes away, and if you can't have an open pit fire, the sound and smell of this Coleman candle should still give you a relaxing time outdoors while also keeping the insects away.

Buyer's Guide

Which Factors To Consider Before Buying Citronella Candles

Following are the factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing citronella candles:


Consider the ingredients used to avoid bugs before you focus on candle size, consumption time, and alluring packaging. It is the unadulterated citronella oil that hinders nuisances, but candles may contain a limited quantity of it, perhaps just three percent, and the rest of it may be marked "other" and not listed on the package.

Several candles may contain potentially harmful synthetic compounds and should be used outside, not on patios, semi-enclosed areas adjacent to the house, and certainly not inside tents. In any case, there are citronella candles made with all-natural fixings, for example, beeswax or soy, and free of DEET, parabens, and other additives.

So, it is essential to have a look at the ingredients and make sure you choose the candle with the maximum amount of citronella oil.

Candle Scent

Mostly organic candle buyers buy them for the scent, but they also use citronella candles to keep bugs away. It is therefore very important to balance the scent of these candles. Otherwise, it can ruin your whole experience. It is common for citronella candles to have a strong citronella aroma.

Additionally, some essential oils may be added that can adjust the aroma. You can enjoy an aromatic bug-free outdoor activity with your friends and family.

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