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Keep Your Laptop Safe With the Best Laptop Backpack

  1. SwissGear Laptop Backpack
  2. Amazon Basics Laptop Backpack
  3. MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack
  4. Buyer's Guide

When it comes to your laptop, you must ensure that you get a bag that is more than enough to carry it around safely. A laptop backpack is the most convenient way to transport your laptop, books, and other items you need for the day. In addition, it is much easier to carry than a messenger bag, has more space than a briefcase, and is more fashionable than a rolling bag. Not only that, but they also have become the most convenient way to transport laptops, tablets, and other items when traveling to the office or nearby park.

You may find it difficult to choose the right backpack for your needs. There are many distinct brands and various things to consider, including appearance, functionality, comfort, and pricing. We reviewed and created a list of the top laptop backpacks of 2022 to assist you in making a hassle-free purchase.

Comparing the Top Laptop Backpacks of 2022 in Detail

SwissGear Laptop Backpack - Best Overall

The best way to protect your laptop is to make sure you carry it in a high quality backpack. This SwissGear Laptop Backpack offers sturdy construction in terms of both materials used as well as zipper quality. The laptop compartment is designed to accommodate 17-inch models, and there's a separate "floating" padded compartment for tablets as well. Also, it features a main compartment with an elastic file holder, an RFID-protected organizer section that offers better data security, and various other pockets that to help you keep your files and essential documents safe. Its cushioned shoulder straps, Airflow back panel, and side compression straps make carrying it a comfortable experience for your back. Best of all, it's TSA-approved, so you won't have to remove your laptop or tablet when you're going through security checkpoints.

  • Convenient shoulder straps for easy carrying
  • High-quality materials increase its durability
  • Easy to use and wash
  • Some may find it too big

Amazon Basics Laptop Backpack - Best Value

We get it - our top pick isn't exactly cheap. If you're looking to pick up a quality laptop backpack without breaking the bank, Amazon Basics is always a great option. You can fit up to a 17-inch laptop into the padded laptop compartment, and there's a generous amount of other storage sections and compartments to swallow all of your gear. There's also a pair of mesh pockets on the outside for carrying water bottles. It's less than half the price of the SwissGear backpack, and it's also covered by a 1-year warranty found on most other Amazon Basics products.

  • Side mesh pockets hold water bottles
  • Easily accommodates a 17-inch laptop
  • Features multiple compartments
  • Zippers require care to avoid damage

MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack - Best for Travel

If you're looking for tons of neat features in a laptop bag, this one might fit the bill. It's got a plethora of pockets as you'd expect, but this backpack also has some thoughtful touches that make it better suited for travel. For starters, there's a hidden pocket built into the back, which is handy for carrying sensitive items like a passport or cash without exposing yourself to the risk of pickpocketing. There's also an external USB port for charging devices on the go, so your power bank can remain secure inside the backpack. In addition to the shoulder straps, you'll find a luggage strap that makes it easy to attach the backpack to rolling luggage. One notable drawback comes as a byproduct of its relatively convenient size - larger laptops may not fit, so make sure you measure first before you commit to purchasing this backpack.

  • External USB port for charging devices
  • Anti-pickpocket hidden compartment
  • Conveniently sized for travel
  • Most 17-inch laptops will not fit

Buyer's Guide

Choosing a laptop backpack can be a time-consuming process, given the many brands offering different features. These features will determine how effectively you can use the laptop backpack for your intended purpose. If you’re looking for the finest travel laptop bags, you should look at several factors before making a purchase. Here are the factors you should consider before purchasing a laptop backpack.

How To Pick the Right Laptop Backpack


Size is the first factor on our list. It’s essential to assess the size of your backpack, because you don’t want to carry a large bag for your laptop only. The size of your backpack is greatly influenced by the size of your laptop. If you intend to use the bag for many purposes, it’s recommended that you get a somewhat larger option.


It's important to make sure that your laptop backpack has multiple compartments and suitable space for your laptop and other items. As these compartments come in various sizes, you should confirm that your laptop will fit in the appropriate compartment. Choose a laptop backpack that can accommodate the size of your device. If you acquire a smaller bag, you may find it difficult to place your laptop in it. Also, you should avoid choosing a bag that is too big, as it will be too bulky to carry around.


It is essential to buy a water-resistant backpack to protect your laptop from rain. That said, your bag doesn't need to be designed for scuba diving. Choose a backpack that can survive 5-10 minutes of rainfall without risking water ingress that can potentially damage your laptop.


It is vital to assess the comfort provided by the laptop backpack. Choose a laptop bag pack with an ergonomic design that ensures comfort.


The weight of the bag is also a significant consideration. It can be challenging to carry a heavy backpack, especially if you want to bring your laptop. Choose a bag that is lightweight and portable.

Strap types

You should look to obtain a backpack with a cushioned strap to prevent uncomfortable shoulder pressure and back aches during extended walks. Good straps will spread your travel backpack's weight. Some backpacks are also equipped with grab handles or duffel bag straps.

Laptop Backpack FAQ

Q: Is carrying a laptop in a backpack safe?

A: Yes, carrying a laptop in a backpack is safe so long as it has a separate, padded compartment for the laptop. If your bag lacks a safe compartment, you risk harming or ruining your laptop. That’s why it’s strongly recommended to get a bag designed to carry laptops.

Q: What extra measures should I take to protect my laptop?

A: Although many laptop backpacks include padded laptop compartments, there are extra measures you may take to protect your laptop while it’s in your bag. If your backpack is not waterproof, you should immediately purchase a waterproof cover. The safest way to carry a laptop in a backpack is to put it in a laptop case first, so you'll minimize the risk of damage.

Q: Should I always keep my laptop in a backpack?

A: After using the laptop, it’s good to place it in your backpack to prevent accidental drops or to protect it from sudden rain.

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