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Make The Ambience Livelier And Warm With The Best Outdoor String Lights

  1. Brightown 25 Feet G40 Globe Patio Outdoor String Light
  2. Foxlux Solar String Light
  3. Cosumina 33 FT 80 LED Battery Operated Globe Ball Outdoor String Light
  4. Lampat 25Ft G40 Globe Outdoor String Light
  5. SUNTHIN 48FT LED Outdoor String Light
  6. Buyer's Guide

A light source is one of the main components you can have while decorating the outdoors, either for an event or private party. Over the years, ample outdoor lights have been introduced to the market, from wall-mounted lights to fairy lights. However, the string lights have recently got all the limelight owing to their simplicity, sophistication, and elegance. From the word “string,” you can easily understand that a series of bulbs are connected using a strong wire that supplies electricity to all of them. These items can help you enhance the aesthetics of your yard, lawn, or garden for various parties or events, so we have presented the best outdoor string lights in 2022 to help you choose the best item.

What is the best String Lights of 2022?

Brightown 25 Feet G40 Globe Patio Outdoor String Light - Best Overall

These string lights by Brightown are the perfect accessory to your outdoor patio, balcony, or camp. You have multiple lengths to choose from: 25, 50, or 100ft. You can also choose different colored sockets such as black, white, and Christmas colors. If you need even more length, they can be connected and added on. Don't worry about taking them down if rain is in the forecast. They are IP44 rated and can withstand the outdoor elements. Be careful when transporting and storing them since they are made of glass as they aren't plastic like others on the list but we think the tradeoff is worth it sicne these look more high-end.

Foxlux Solar String Light - Runner Up

The Forlux Solar String Lights are another powerful option on our list of the best string lights. They come as a string of 48 feet containing 15 hanging sockets fitted with Edison bulbs. Being plastic the bulbs are both shatter proof and water resistant. In fact, the entire string along with the sockets is waterproof so that it can withstand weather elements. A good thing about these outdoor string lights is their solar-powered operation. Each string comes with a solar panel connected with a large 3000 mAh lithium-ion battery. It takes up to 6 hours of peak sun exposure to power the lights for 6 to 8 hours. There is an on/off switch behind the solar panel which when kept on automatically turns the lights on and off with the sunlight.

Cosumina 33 FT 80 LED Battery Operated Globe Ball Outdoor String Light - Honorable Mention

While our first pick was geared more for the outdoors, this second pick leans towards creating a more inviting indoor environment. These string lights will be a great addition to your bedroom or fireplace mantel. Not only will they look great, you can adjust their brightness with pre-programmed dimmable settings as well as flickering and different light modes with the included remote control. Set the mood with these beautiful string lights from Cosumina.

Lampat 25Ft G40 Globe Outdoor String Light - Contender

When you want to lighten up a large area, having string lights with end-to-end connectivity is a blessing. Fortunately, this string is 25ft long which will be enough for you to light up gazebos, outdoor dining areas, small to medium-sized backyards, expansive outdoor balconies, and so on. Moreover, each bulb is placed 12” apart from the other which helps disperse the light. You can also use the lights for long hours because the bulbs are made from heat-proof material, which will keep the bulbs’ walls cool, no matter for how long the LEDs are on. Finally, in case one bulb goes out, the rest of the bulbs will continue to work.

SUNTHIN 48FT LED Outdoor String Light - Also Consider

Their soft and warm glow will help you to set the right mood for different occasions like weddings, romantic dinners, BBQ parties, and more. These LED string bulbs have a life of 30,000 hours which means you can use them for a very long time and countless get-togethers. Furthermore, they will help you save 90% electricity compared to regular bulbs, reducing electricity costs. With these weatherproof bulbs that can withstand high temperatures, rain, and storms, you can be rest assured they'll still illuminate even if the the weather isn't cooperating with you. They are available in 48 and 96ft lengths.

Buyer's Guide

For outdoor decorations, not only do you have to consider the durability of the products but also keep the weather and other such factors in mind. That’s why choosing one specific product from a list of the best string lights can be intimidating and overwhelming. So, you need to filter out the products based on certain features and factors, which we will discuss below. It will help you to decide which string light is the most appropriate according to your requirements.

What Are The Important Features Of The Outdoor String Lights?

- You have to check the number of bulbs connected to each strand since it differs from one product to another.
- The light strand’s length also varies with products, so you should make sure to choose an item that is long enough to cover the whole area where you want to use it.
- You need to understand that shatterproof and weatherproof bulbs aren’t the same. If a bulb is labeled as shatterproof, it will resist breakage. But if it is marked as weatherproof, it will protect the LED from weather.
- If you plan to use the bulbs in large areas, you should go for the light strands that have end-to-end connections.

What Are The Key Factors You Need To Consider For Having The Best Outdoor String Light?


First of all, you have to focus on the performance of the string lights. When we talk about performance, you need to consider brightness and light modes in the bulbs. However, you won’t get different lighting modes in all products, which is why you should check them carefully if that's a feature you want.


Usually, the bulbs of the outdoor string lights are made from plastic material for enhancing their durability. Most reliable items are reinforced with shatterproof and weatherproof bulbs that don’t break easily and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Some products also have heat-resistant bulbs, saving your hands from burning if you touch them.


Last but not the least, you have to check the total life of the bulbs. In some products, the bulbs will have a life of 30000 hours, while in others, you can get bulbs having 40000 or 50000 hours of life. If you want to use the fairy lights all the time, you should look for string lights having a higher life so that the bulbs can provide illumination for the longest time possible.

Outdoor String Light FAQ

Q: If I want to illuminate the ceiling of an entire gazebo, how can I do it with the string lights?

A: As the string lights come with end-to-end connectivity in each strand, you can easily connect them and make a long string. With this, you can illuminate the entire ceiling of the gazebo without any hassle.

Q: Do the outdoor string lights consume a lot of energy when they are on?

A: No, these are LED lights that consume significantly less power without sacrificing their brightness and illumination intensity. So, even if you keep them on for five or six hours every day, your electricity bill won’t see much of a spike at all.

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