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Maximize Space in Your Pantry With the Best Pantry Storage

  1. HOOJO Pantry Storage Bins
  2. Deco Brothers Pantry Organizer
  3. Vtopmart Airtight Pantry Storage
  4. YouCopia Crazy Susan Turntable
  5. Buyer's Guide

No one can deny that innovation and efficiency are key when it comes to pantry storage. Even if you think your pantry is hopeless, there’s always something that you can do to improve the storage capacity in your pantry, regardless of its size or specifications. Every home is different, but the advantages of maximizing ease and accessibility are universal. When it comes to pantry storage, you can easily combine aesthetics with performance and use. If you’re looking to make your pantry more functional, we’ve got everything you need to know on how you can use your existing space while making your pantry feel less cluttered.

With so many options available — including bins and shelving — it can be difficult to pick the one that fits your space and satisfies all of your needs. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the leading pantry storage systems in 2022 so you can select the ideal storage system for your space.

Comparing the Top Pantry Storage of 2022

HOOJO Pantry Storage Bins - Best Overall

These sturdy, medium-sized bins by HOOJO will help you organize your fridge or pantry while saving space. These transparent plastic bins can store a wide variety of items ranging from loose food to canned goods. Thanks to their design, these storage boxes are significantly easier to clean up and control spills, allowing you to keep your pantry and fridge neat and tidy. What’s more, the easy-to-use side handles make moving and storing items in the back of your fridge incredibly simple. Plus, you’ll have no problem finding what you’re looking for thanks to the transparent plastic material. With these handy, multipurpose bins, you can keep your kitchen organized by putting everything in one place. We’ve chosen these pantry storage bins as the best on our list because of their sturdy frame, ample space, and built-in handle design.

  • Made of strong, shatter-resistant plastic
  • Built-in handles for easy portability
  • Feature a clear, transparent view
  • Not dishwasher safe

Deco Brothers Pantry Organizer - Optimal Storage

With this pantry organizer by Deco Brothers, you can effortlessly arrange and store your cans of all sizes and sorts. This unique pantry organizer allows you to grab whatever you need without rearranging the entire pile or stack. What’s more, this handy storage shelf can be easily doubled in height thanks to its stackable feature. It's made out of heavy gauge steel, which will easily support the weight of your cans and jars while offering a sleek chrome finish to complement your cabinet or tabletop. Also, thanks to its adjustable dividers, you can set this self to fit the size of your cans. It will keep each can in place regardless of which one you need for your meal prep.

  • Simple and quick to assemble
  • Adjustable racks increase your storage capacity
  • Comes in three stylish colors
  • Lower shelves lack space for large cans

Vtopmart Airtight Pantry Storage - Best Materials

The Vtopmart Airtight Pantry Storage is made of BPA-free, durable plastic and features lids with silicone gaskets to prevent air from seeping in and causing your cereal and snacks to go stale. The containers come in a variety of different sizes to efficiently meet all of your storage needs. What’s more, you can maximize the available space in your pantry with the space-saving design of these stackable containers. The lids feature simple snap tabs that lock into place, making them easy to lock and unlock as needed.

  • Stackable, space-saving design
  • Airtight lids preserves food’s quality and nutrients
  • Made of durable, BPA-free plastic
  • Containers are a bit small

YouCopia Crazy Susan Turntable - Best Design

YouCopia’s clear bins are made of high-quality, BPA-free plastic. This storage device is easy to clean, rotate, and organize your items in your home’s cabinet, pantry, or under-sink space. It includes three removable transparent compartments, making it easy to find what you're looking for. What’s more, the turntable’s stainless steel ball bearings allow for a flawless 360-degree rotation in any direction. No matter what you’re looking for — no matter how small — you’ll easily be able to find it. Store small bottles, food, spices, and additional items in this lazy susan, which fits perfectly into any cabinet or pantry. You'll be spinning and winning with this gorgeous organizer.

  • Setup requires no tools or installation
  • Removable bins for easy cleaning and filling
  • Durable and versatile
  • Only for lightweight products

Buyer's Guide

Organizing a pantry is a challenging task. Sorting through the accumulated snack pouches, cereal boxes, canned foods, and various baking items requires patience and a keen eye. Once everything is set up, everyone in the family needs to join in to keep the pantry clean. Pantry organizers allow you to be creative in your pantry. With so many pantry organizers on the market, finding one that matches your taste and serves the purpose can be a daunting task. We’ve prepared this buying guide to help you find the right pantry organizer for your space. Let’s take a look!

What You Need To Know About Pantry Storage

Items to be stored

Consider what you need to store before deciding on the type of pantry organizer. You can begin by gathering all your items to help you determine how much storage space you need. Many people underestimate the number of things they need to store. As you sift through your belongings, don't forget to toss things out, give stuff away, or return borrowed items to their rightful owners.

Transparent bin

Choosing a clear container allows you to see what’s inside without going through the hassle of emptying it. Since clear containers are often easier to find than matching opaque colors, your storage closet will also appear more uniform by using clear containers.

Storing space

You need to also consider the space you plan to store the bins, whether that’s a pantry, a closet, or a cabinet. Finding the ideal container for your food only to discover that it doesn't fit in your pantry storage area is a waste of time. You should also think about how much weight you will be placing on shelving or in your cabinets and make sure that it can handle that amount of weight.


Don't overlook lids when shopping for pantry organizers. If choosing a container with a lid, make sure the lid fits snugly. If you plan to stack your containers, make sure the lids are stackable and can handle the added weight. It’s common for stackable containers to include an extra lip on the lid that matches an opposite lip on the bottom of the container, making it harder for the bins to slide around when they’re stacked. If you’re going to stack containers, we recommend that you stack them with their lids on first.

Tips To Organize Your Pantry

Begin with a clean slate

Make sure your pantry is empty and clean before you begin organizing it. Examine expiration dates and dispose of anything that is past its date or is no longer needed. This process will make space in the pantry for the items you truly need.

Consider inventory

After you've gotten rid of the old stuff, you'll be able to view what's left. As you begin to organize and assign food to storage containers, create a list of essential pantry items and keep it up to date.


Keep related products like oils, snacks, condiments, and baking essentials together so you can find what you need easily.

Make use of clear containers

Use transparent food storage containers to maintain an air of orderliness. These containers also make it easier to see a given item inside.


We recommend labeling containers, bins, and shelves so that everyone in your house knows where things are. For quick labeling, use a label maker or attach chalkboard labels to the bins so you can instantly change the label if needed.

Keep it up

It’s common for a disorderly pantry to develop over time. To keep your space tidy, always return goods to their proper location. We recommend scheduling a pantry cleaning twice a month to ensure that everything is in its proper position. This way, you won’t have to spend a significant amount of time organizing your entire pantry in the future.

Pantry Storage FAQ

Q: Should I keep pantry items in plastic or glass containers?

A: Glass is ideal for longevity and durability. Plus, beverage and food containers made of glass are usually recyclable. On the other hand, most plastic containers end up in landfills. Choosing glass or plastic depends on your pantry, what you’re storing and whether you have small children or pets in your house.

Q: What foods can I store in airtight containers in the pantry?

A: We recommend storing spices and dry goods in sealed containers to extend their shelf life. Airtight containers keep moisture and odors out of rice, beans, and whole grains.

Q: What else can I store in a pantry?

A: There are plenty of items that can be stored in a pantry. These include items that do not need to be refrigerated: dry foods, fruits, and vegetables like potatoes and onions.

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