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The Best Pink Himalayan Salt For Your Next Dish

  1. SALT 84 Chef Pink Himalayan Salt
  2. Himalayan Chef Premium Pink Himalayan Salt
  3. The Spice Lab Pink Himalayan Salt
  4. Sherpa Pink Himalayan Salt
  5. SaltWorks Ocean Pink Himalayan Salt
  6. Buyer's Guide

Recent research has proven that regular salt (especially in high amounts) can lead to many health issues, including high blood pressure, heart complications, and even strokes. So, instead of seasoning your meal with plain table salt, why not consider a healthier alternative? Himalayan salt is a pink-hued variety sourced from the Himalayas mountain range; specifically, it's mined in a small region of northern Pakistan. It's a superb choice for those who want the benefits of regular salt but don't want additional processed chemicals in their meal. Pink salt possesses various nutrients, including iron oxide, calcium compounds, magnesium, and many more. Generally, most people use it as a flavor enhancer to replace regular salt. However, you can also use it for food presentation, sauna treatment, and even home decor — ever heard of a salt lamp? In this guide, we will be looking at the best pink Himalayan salts in 2022.

Disclosure: This content is strictly for entertainment purposes only, and should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult a health professional if you need information about any medical issues.

Best Pink Himalayan Salt Worth Considering in 2022

SALT 84 Chef Pink Himalayan Salt - Best Overall

In the last couple of years, SALT 84 has significantly improved its seasoning formula. In addition, all of their salt resources are mined and hand-picked from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. This option is available in 3 different weight options, including 1-pound, 6-pound, 12-pound packs. Be sure to carefully determine your needs and stick with the most suitable weight option. The package arrives in a convenient zip-lock pouch to preserve and extend freshness. If you happen to have any questions related to this particular Himalayan salt, you can contact the manufacturer easily. Their representatives are friendly and understanding.

  • Hand-extracted and minimally processed
  • Available in 3 different weight options
  • The grains are larger than standard table salt

Himalayan Chef Premium Pink Himalayan Salt - Runner Up

Next, we have a natural pink salt that contains well over 84 mineral ions. You can use this seasoning in literally any type of meal - grilled vegetables, soup, meat, and salad. Through third-party lab tests, the manufacturer can confirm their salt is vegan-friendly and free from preservatives, bleaches, or other harsh chemicals. The packaging of this pink salt looks absolutely amazing. So, keep the container on the dining table to impress all your guests. Furthermore, Himalayan Chef Premium Pink Salt also comes with a 30-day guarantee. If you aren't satisfied with the overall quality, you can send it back for a full refund.

  • Contains over 84 mineral ions
  • Friendly customer service representatives
  • While we like the packaging, the sprinkle top is difficult to open

The Spice Lab Pink Himalayan Salt - Honorable Mention

Spice Lab Pink Salt is hand-mined from the depths of the Himalayas from salt beds that were formed 250 million years ago. It is 100% natural and offers a ton of benefits for your body such as reduced signs of aging, better sleep quality, and regulated blood sugar. This salt is easy to use; simply open up the bag and start sprinkling or mixing into your food like regular salt. Apart from adding this salt to food, you can also use it in baths to soothe your muscle aches and soften skin. On top of this, Spice Lab salt is processed and packaged in the U.S.

  • Doesn’t contain extra ingredients like other Himalayan salts
  • Works as a spa treatment in baths as well
  • The twist-style mechanism is hard to turn

Sherpa Pink Himalayan Salt - Contender

Add amazing flavor to any dish with the help of the Sherpa Pink Himalayan Salt Bag. It's fully kosher certified and doesn’t contain any soy or gluten. Furthermore, the Sherpa Pink Himalayan Salt Bag is available in four different grain sizes, including powder (0 - 0.2 mm), extra fine (0 - 0.5 mm), fine (0 - 1 mm), and coarse (2 - 3 mm), giving you the freedom to choose based on the intended purpose of the salt. The product packaging is fulfilled by San Francisco Salt Company - a trusted supplier of Himalayan salt. If you experience any sort of problems with this Himalayan salt bag, then simply shoot an email to the manufacturer. They will be able to answer your request in a pretty short period of time.

  • Doesn't contain soy, gluten, and glutamate
  • You can pick from 4 grain sizes - powder, extra-fine, fine, coarse
  • You may still want to use a grinder for small, even pieces

SaltWorks Ocean Pink Himalayan Salt - Also Consider

On the last spot of our top-tier listing, we have Salt Works Ocean Himalayan Salt. This particular salt is extracted from ancient salt beds - one of the cleanest sources of Himalayan salt due to its remarkable purity. The entire refining process is performed by using advanced cameras to detect insoluble particles, which are then carefully removed with blasts of air in order to leave the salt crystals intact. Salt Works Ocean Himalayan Salt contains a large number of trace minerals, including potassium, iron, magnesium, and calcium. All of the elements contribute to the nutritional and health benefits of salt.

  • Extracted from pristine Himalayan salt beds
  • Easy to store packaging
  • Doesn't work well in a grinder

Buyer's Guide

Switching to pink Himalayan salt can offer you a lot of benefits. In this specific buyer's guide, we will be discussing all of the things you should consider when buying pink Himalayan salt.

What Are The Most Important Factors You Need To Think About When Buying Pink Himalayan Salt?

Grain Size

The leading factor that you should consider is the grain size of pink Himalayan salt. Here are some of the most basic grain sizes that you will come across:

Powder Grain Size: First, we have powdered Himalayan salt. They have extremely small grains and are generally used for snacks such as popcorn, nuts, and chips.

Extra-Fine Grain Size: Next, we have extra-fine Himalayan salt. The grain measures around 0.5 mm and is perfect for any style of food. Most people place extra-fine Himalayan salt in seasoning shakers for convenience.

Fine Grain Size: The grain of this Himalayan salt variant typically measures around 1mm. This grain size is commonly used in bath and spa treatments.

Coarse Grain Size: Finally, we have coarse grain pink salt. They're impractical to use as is, so we recommend using a salt mill or grinder to crush the grains into smaller sizes.

Package Weight

The following thing you should consider is the total weight. Generally, they can appear in various package weights. Keep in mind that a 20 pound bag is typically a better value but will be heavier and more difficult to deal with.

For instance, if you plan to use pink salt only every once in a while, then you should stick with a 1 or 2 pound option. However, if you're someone that plans to use the salt almost every day, then go with a bigger packaging like 8 or 12 pounds - this way, you will receive the best value.

Satisfaction Guarantee

There are many brands that sell cheap-quality pink Himalayan salt. In order to avoid buying one of them, be sure to stick with products that come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This way, you will be capable of requesting a refund if you aren't really happy with the overall quality.

How Much Does Pink Himalayan Salt Normally Cost?

You should anticipate paying as little as $8 and up to $75 for some brands. The price range will notably vary depending on several things, including the total weight of the packaging, the grain size of the pink Himalayan salt, and the source location where the salt is extracted.

Pink Himalayan Salt FAQ

Q: What sort of minerals are there in pink Himalayan salt?

A: Pink salt generally contains around 80 (or even more) minerals. Pink salt primarily consists of sodium chloride, but there are trace amounts of other minerals present in the composition as well. Some of the most typical ones include magnesium, potassium, calcium, strontium, and molybdenum.

Q: Is pink Himalayan salt healthier than table salt?

A: Real Pink Himalayan salt is rich in minerals and doesn't contain artificial preservatives or anti-caking agents. So, although it's a tiny bit more costly than regular salt, it's totally worth it.

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