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Best Pipe Cleaners for Arts and Crafts

  1. Home Pro Shop Flexible & Durable Pipe Cleaner
  2. Caydo 324 Pieces Pipe Cleaner
  3. Anvin 100 Pcs 10 Colors Pipe Cleaner
  4. Buyer's Guide

People love arts and crafts, especially when they can bring their imagination to life. There are several components like toothpicks, pinheads, laces, threads, and more to do your favorite craftwork. However, one particular item that has become quite famous lately is the pipe cleaner. It is one of the most versatile craft items available in different colors, which will certainly keep you and your kids engaged for hours. It can help you to enhance creativity and boost concentration, as well as focus. Since this craft item has a lot to offer, you should try out the best pipe cleaners in 2022, hand-picked by us to make cute art projects.

Best Pipe Cleaner of 2022 Reviewed in Detail

Home Pro Shop Flexible & Durable Pipe Cleaner - Best Overall

These pipe cleaners are made from soft, flexible, and highly durable wire fibers, which will help you and your kids make different objects. You will be able to use them for many purposes like making different animals or shapes and also joining a broken flower vase or a planter together. You get 350 chenille stems in thirty different colors in this set, which will help you make wonderful and fascinating craft items. We are certain that your kids would be thrilled by having so many different colors, including black, red, yellow, baby pink, dark violet, orange, green, and many more. They are also easy to cut, even with kid scissors.

Caydo 324 Pieces Pipe Cleaner - Runner Up

If you want to use chenille stems for crafting DIY projects like a teddy bear, cute little soft toys, home décor items, and more, you can count on this package of chenille stems. It comes with 324 pieces in 27 different and vibrant color shades that will look amazing together when you are done with your project. The pipes also have a diameter of 6mm, which is considered an ideal size. You can make any craft item without breaking the pipes which is one of the best features of this craft set.

Anvin 100 Pcs 10 Colors Pipe Cleaner - Honorable Mention

Making DIY crafts is one of the most engaging and fun-filled indoor activities. If you are also interested in trying out some DIY stuff and making different figurines, models, and home décor items, this is one of the best pipe cleaner sets you should consider. The pipes have an overall length of 1 foot and will help you form objects and shapes with ease. You get 100 pieces of chenille stems, divided into 10 sets based on the different colors so you can easily combine them and come up with beautiful and creative DIY items.

Buyer's Guide

When you or your kids create with arts and crafts, you need to use various supplies to ensure that the result is exactly similar to what you had envisioned. However, not all craft supplies can form 3D models since they are hard and can’t be bent. That’s why you need pipe cleaners that are quite soft and made from chenille yarn, giving them a glossy and soft feel. However, you cannot pick just any set of pipe cleaners without checking whether they meet your requirements or not. On this account, we have presented a comprehensive buying guide to help you get the most appropriate package.

What Are Craft Pipe Cleaners And How Are They Manufactured?

They are made from a wire that can be bent, rolled, or twisted. The chenille yarn is then used to cover the wire in the form of bristles. In most of the stems, the yarn is attached to the central wire with an even thickness throughout the length. However, in some products, the chenille yarn is arranged in a way where you will have occasional bumps along the entire length.

What Are The Main Factors You Should Consider To Have The Best Pipe Cleaner?


First, you need to consider the quality of the pipe cleaners and check whether the central wire is strong enough to tolerate repeated bending or not. Usually, the low-priced stems are made from very thin wires, which can easily break if you bend them continuously. So, you must make sure the wire has the potential to hold its shape after you bend, twist, or roll it.

Number Of Stems

Every set comes with different numbers of chenille stems. Based on your requirement, you need to pick out the product having an appropriate stem count. For example, if you want to have the enough for your multiple projects, you should choose a set with at least 250 stems. However, if you simply want it as an additional supply, 100 to 150 stems sets will be good enough.

Color/Pattern Of The Yarn

Most of the chenille stems are usually made from solid-colored yarns, like black, indigo, blue, pink, violet, red, yellow, etc. You will even find some unique colors in the premium pipe cleaner sets like matte pink, burnt sienna, cyan blue, emerald green, and more. However, there are certain sets that have chenille stems made from printed yarns like polka dot print, floral patterns, check, or striped prints. Thus, you have a variety of color and pattern options to choose from to craft an eye-catching DIY project.

What Are Some Unique Project Ideas Where You Can Use The Pipe Cleaners?

- Small teddy bears
- Cartoon characters
- Animals like mice, octopuses, fish, lions, dogs, and so on
- Geometric shapes
- Flowers, plants, leaves

How To Use Hard Pipe Cleaners For DIY Projects?

If you buy hard pipe cleaners, you might face difficulty in bending or twisting them. So, you can use them to be the backbone of your 3D DIY model. For example, if you are making a tree, use three to five hard chenille stems and attach them to increase the diameter. Once you have the structure, it can be used as the core framework for your tree’s bark.

Pipe Cleaner FAQ

Q: How should I wrap the pipe cleaner stem around an old flower vase?

A: If you want to wrap the chenille stems around an old flower vase, spread glue all over its external wall using your fingers or a brush. Once done, you need to paste one end of the stem on the vase and press it gently with your thumb so that it can stick to the wall properly. Subsequently, paste the stem following the same method till you reach the end.

Q: How can I combine different colored stems to form a flower?

A: When you want to combine different colored stems, there are two ways to make a flower. First, you can take the stems and tie them with a string at one end. Once secured, twist the stems in the form of plaits till you reach the end. Another way to combine various colored stems is by forming the structures first and then attach them with glue.

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