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Build Up Your Cookery Skills With the Best Pressure Cooker Accessories

  1. Impresa Products 2-Pack 11-Inch Pressure Cooker Accessory
  2. LOTTELI KITCHEN Instant Pot Cheat Sheet Magnet Set Pressure Cooker Accessory
  3. HapWay Steamer Rack Trivet Pressure Cooker Accessory
  4. Createy 85 Pcs Pressure Cooker Accessory
  5. ULEE Silicone Egg Bites Molds for Pressure Cooker Accessory
  6. Buyer's Guide

Are you interested in purchasing some additional accessories for your brand-new pressure cooker? From sealing rings for a better pressure function to various rack trivets for easier food removal, there are all sorts of handy tools available to take your cooking capabilities to the next level. However, not everybody has the time nor the tolerance to go through the thousands of options available on the market. So, that's why we wanted to make things a lot easier for you and help find the most suitable accessories for your preferences. In our guide, we will be listing some of the best pressure cooker accessories in 2022 that you can find on the internet. We listed some of their most prominent advantages and drawbacks. Let's begin with the first selection and check out all the others as well.

Here Are the Best Pressure Cooker Accessories of 2022

Impresa Products 2-Pack 11-Inch Pressure Cooker Accessory - Best Overall

In the top spot, we have the mighty Impresa Pressure Cooker Canner Rack. It's manufactured out of stainless steel, which will be able to withstand the constant heat and last for an extended period of time. This canner rack will keep jars above the bottom of the pressure cooker - providing a better cooking experience when using cans. Plus, the packaging includes 2 cooker canner racks. Before buying it, be sure to accurately measure your pressure cooker to guarantee the best possible fit; the cooker should have 11-inches of available internal diameter. This canner rack is entirely suitable with the following models: Presto 23 Quart, All American 21.5 Quart, Granite 0730-2, and many more.

  • It's made from durable materials that offer long lifespan and excellent performance
  • This pressure cooker canner rack is suitable with most of the models that have an 11-inch diameter
  • Some of the users have said that these canner racks are a bit thin

LOTTELI KITCHEN Instant Pot Cheat Sheet Magnet Set Pressure Cooker Accessory - Runner Up

With the assistance of the new and redesigned version of the Lotteli Kitchen Magnet Cheat Sheet, you will never have to scramble through manual books or do on-the-fly research anymore. This particular accessory contains the cooking times, water rations, and instant pot functions for around 100 standard food recipes. Additionally, the manufacturer did a great job at classifying and labeling common ingredients (veggies, chicken, pork, beef, seafood, cereals, etc.) so that you will be able to quickly find the information you need. Thanks to the strong magnet, you will be able to attach the Lotteli Kitchen Magnet Cheat Sheet literally everywhere - on your pressure cooker, air fryer, or even on the refrigerator. It perfectly fits on 3, 5, and 8-quart models. On top of this, Lottteli even provides all their purchases with a complete money-back guarantee.

  • The font of the magnet cheat sheet is quite big
  • The premium strong grip magnet can firmly attach to most metal objects
  • This magnet cheat sheet is slightly harder to bend

Createy 85 Pcs Pressure Cooker Accessory - Contender

Are you on the fence for a complete pressure cooker kit? Then, you should undoubtedly take a look at the Createy 85-Pieces Full Accessory Set. It features everything you can possibly ask for when preparing your favorite meal. To make it easier, we've listed some of the pieces in the kit. They consist of 2 x steamer baskets for all your vegetables and meats, 1 x cheesecake pan for baking delicious desserts, and 4 x magnetic guide sheets. There's also 1 x stackable egg streamer, 1 x foot tongs to lift food out of the pot, 1 x oven mitts, 1 x dish plate clip, 1 x silicone mat to protect your household surfaces, 1 x stainless steel whisk, and many more. If you or someone you know is into pressure cooking, this accessory kit makes a great gift.

  • It will save you money and time since you won't need to buy each piece individually
  • You can bake all kinds of meals with the assistance of this pressure cooker accessory set
  • Some of the parts can be a bit difficult to clean

ULEE Silicone Egg Bites Molds for Pressure Cooker Accessory - Also Consider

In the last position of our list, we have the Ulee Basic Egg Poacher Set. This features 2 x silicone egg bites molds, 2 x protective lids, and 1 x steamer trivet rack so that you can easily take them out once they're done. As a bonus, the manufacturer also included a set of measuring spoons that have clear measurement marks and are perfect for both solid & liquid. Furthermore, both the tray and the lid are manufactured out of food-grade silicone material, which is remarkably durable and completely safe to use on food. Besides cooking eggs, you can use this egg bite mold for other foods - making meatballs, baking muffins, and even preparing baby food. Also, the Ulee Basic Egg Poacher Set has a non-stick finish, which means that cleaning these accessories will be a total breeze. You can purchase this egg poacher set in 2 different colors - orange and blue & green. We personally like the blue & green.

  • The non-stick finish will prevent the meal from sticking and make the entire cleaning a lot easier
  • You can purchase these egg bites molds set in 2 interesting color combinations
  • Some users said that the egg bites mold had a bad smell when they first arrived

Buyer's Guide

As soon as you open the available options for pressure cooker accessories, you will immediately notice that the market is completely flooded with them. However, not all of them will be perfectly suitable with your cooking requirements and the pressure cooker you have at home. So, in order to further assist you with your purchasing decision, we will be sailing through some of the most indispensable factors that you should consider when purchasing pressure cooker accessories. Let's start, shall we?

What Are The Main Factors You Should Take Into Consideration When Purchasing Pressure Cooker Accessories?

Individual or Collection Sets

You will see 2 types of pressure cooker accessories offered on the market - individual and collection sets. The individual models contain 1 to 2 accessories, while the collection sets feature around 50 to 100 pieces of equipment. So, the final decision will truly come down to your own preferences.

For instance, if you need 10 different pressure cooker accessories, purchasing them one by one will take a lot of time and might even be a lot more expensive. So, the best solution here is to go with a full collection that features your desired accessories, along with a couple of extra ones you might not know you needed.


Apart from pressure cooking, some of the accessories available can be utilized for other things, as well. For instance, they will allow you to freeze food in the refrigerator, cook something on the stove, bake in the oven, and many more uses. Just remember, having a multi-purpose tool is always a good thing to keep around the kitchen.


The third thing that you should undoubtedly examine is the overall durability of the pressure cooker accessory. Look for models that are manufactured from food-grade and robust materials. This way, you will enjoy your food without having to worry about any harmful chemicals leaching out from the accessories.


A great way to ensure that your pressure cooker accessories will last for quite a long time is to look for a warranty. Normally, most cooker accessories come with a 1 year warranty period, which is more than enough. However, there are a couple of premium brands that also offer a lifetime warranty.

How Much Do Pressure Cooker Accessories Cost?

Typically, the price range for pressure cooker accessories will vary depending on several factors, including the type of items included in the packaging, the quality of the construction of the materials, and the manufacturer that produces it. When you take these factors into account, you should expect to pay from as little as $3 and all up to $25 for most individual pressure cooker accessories (containing 1 or 2 pieces), and around $40 for high-quality full accessory collections with more than 80 pieces.


With the help of a few pressure cooker accessories, you will be able to create a nice and delicious dish more easily. Hopefully, thanks to our first-tier selections and buyer's guide, you will be capable of locating the best fit for your needs. Happy cooking!

Pressure Cooker Accessory FAQ

Q: How can I know if a specific accessory is suitable for my pressure cooker?

A: Each model has its personal specifications and dimensions. So, the best way to see whether that specific accessory is fitting for your pressure cooker is by reviewing the compatibility information provided by the manufacturer. Usually, you will be able to locate this somewhere in the product description or pictures. If you can't seem to find this, then make sure that you reach out to their technical support for more info.

Q: What are the most popular pressure cooker accessories?

A: There are all kinds of pressure cooker accessories available throughout the internet. However, some of the most common ones that you will come across are steamer baskets, egg steamer racks, removable divider, measuring spoons, magnetic cheat sheet, steam rack trivet, and a kitchen tong.

Q: Can I wash the pressure cooker accessories in the dishwasher?

A: This can widely vary from one product to another. Generally, most pressure cooker accessories are made from water-resistant materials, so putting them in a dishwasher is absolutely safe. However, just so that you can avoid causing any unwanted damage to your pressure cooker accessory, make sure to verify that the specific model is dishwasher safe - check the product specification to obtain this info.

Q: How much do pressure cooker accessories last?

A: Typically, most of the high-quality pressure cooker accessories will last from 1 to 4 years. This number can massively vary depending on how you use them and the quality of the materials.

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