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Best Puzzle Mats for Taking Your Fun On the Go

  1. MARBS Portable Storage Puzzle Mat
  2. Lavievert Eco-friendly Puzzle Mat
  3. Becko US Jigsaw Storage Puzzle Mat
  4. GRATEFUL HOUSE Premium Puzzle Mat
  5. Nessie’s Playground Large Puzzle Mat
  6. Buyer's Guide

If you consider yourself a puzzle-solving guru, then you must know that solving a long puzzle can take quite some time; it may take days in certain cases. Therefore, you might want to take a fast break in the middle of the puzzle-solving sessions and return to your work later. With the help of the best puzzle mats, you can secure your puzzle pieces and prevent them from moving around.

A puzzle mat is a cushioned surface that helps organize puzzle pieces. It aims to make the whole process of storing and transporting pieces a lot easier. There are different kinds of puzzle mats available that can range in dimensions, shades, and materials. To help you discover the most suitable one, we've compiled a list of the best puzzle mats in 2022. Let's begin with the first position and work our way through all the other options. Stick around for a detailed buyer's guide as well!

Best Puzzle Mats of 2022 Reviewed in Detail

MARBS Portable Storage Puzzle Mat - Best Overall

In the first position, we have a portable roll-up puzzle mat from Marbs. With the help of the foam pole that splits in half for easier storage, you can roll the mat and your puzzle without breaking a sweat. This puzzle mat offers 3 fastening straps that will keep your work secured. The Marbs Portable Puzzle Mat measures 46-inches in length and 26-inches in width, which is more than enough to accommodate all but the largest puzzles. You will also receive a convenient storage bag, which will allow you to easily transport your work anywhere. Also, to add a little personal touch, the storage bag features a labeling pocket that can display your name tag.

Lavievert Eco-friendly Puzzle Mat - Runner Up

If you're looking for a puzzle mat that will hold even the biggest puzzle projects, then the Lavievert Jigsaw Puzzle Storage Mat is the right option for you. This puzzle accessory will allow you to play any game with over 1500 puzzle pieces. It is manufactured out of eco-friendly and non-slip fabric, which will keep all the pieces together and prevent them from sliding around. Moreover, you will be able to easily roll the mat with the help of the inflatable tube; it is specifically designed with an anti-leak slit that will allow it to last longer than other comparable models. To prevent your puzzle from moving, you can use the 2 included elastic bands to secure the mat once it's rolled up.

Becko US Jigsaw Storage Puzzle Mat - Honorable Mention

If you're pressed for time, you have the option to complete your unfinished puzzle later with the help of the easy roll-up system from the Becko Jigsaw Puzzle Roll. This space-saving collection features all that you possibly need, including a felt mat, inflatable tube, 2 elastic bands, and a handy bag for storage. The felt puzzle mat is quite big, and the black color makes it a lot easier for you to spot all the puzzle pieces. Also, the inflatable tube takes up minimal space when not needed, and will help you roll the puzzle up if you need to store it. This jigsaw set arrives in a beautifully packaged box, making it the ideal present for anyone who enjoys solving puzzles.

GRATEFUL HOUSE Premium Puzzle Mat - Contender

The Grateful House Premium Puzzle Mat is manufactured out of quality wool material, which will provide exceptional longevity and prevent damage to your puzzle pieces. It's capable of handling up to 1,500 puzzle pieces, and the inflatable tube helps line up the mat in preparation for rolling. Furthermore, the material of this puzzle mat will prevent creases and wrinkles in the pieces. This premium puzzle mat also comes with a storage bag that features an adjustable shoulder strap, and it's made of top-notch fabric. To top it all off, the Grateful House Premium Puzzle Mat also comes with a 2-year warranty. So if anything unexpectedly goes wrong with the puzzle mat, then just contact their support, and they will do their absolute best in providing you with the quickest solution possible.

Nessie’s Playground Large Puzzle Mat - Consider

The Nessie's Playground Puzzle mat provides a high-contrast surface to place puzzle pieces, and will help you easily transport finished or unfinished puzzles. The inflatable tube provides a handy guiding surface to roll the mat with or without pieces on it, and the elastic fastener prevents the whole thing from unrolling while in transit. The large surface area of the mat (46 x 26 inches) accommodates puzzles with up to 1,500 standard-size pieces.

Buyer's Guide

Selecting the right puzzle mat from the numerous choices available on that internet can be a pretty daunting and challenging experience. However, we're here to save the day and make it a lot smoother for you. In the following buying guide, we'll cover some of the most important things that you should consider: the initial cost, the most asked questions on the internet, and the advantages of owning a puzzle mat. Be sure to stick around until the end!

What Should You Consider When Purchasing a Puzzle Mat?


The key factor you will need to consider is the number of pieces that the puzzle mat will be able to handle. This will vary from one manufacturer to another, but most of them can hold up to 1500 puzzle pieces at once.

Picking the proper capacity will depend on your personal requirements. For example, if you plan on building small-sized puzzles, then stick with one that can handle 500 pieces. On the other hand, if you need a lot more room than that, you should buy a bigger puzzle mat that has the capacity to hold 1500 pieces or more.


You will want to buy a puzzle mat that will last for a very long time, so search for models made out of strong materials. Most of the puzzle mats are constructed out of felt, which is a natural material made out of fibers such as wool or animal fur. Also, besides the material, be sure to see whether the puzzle mats are shock absorbent and feature thick cushioning.


Portability is an essential part that you will always need to remember when shopping for your brand-new puzzle mat. You will need to look for a model that highlights a lightweight design and has easy portability. Some puzzle mats will even include a drawstring storage bag to make the transport and storing experience a lot easier.

How Much Do Puzzle Mats Cost?

Puzzle mats are definitely on the budget-friendly side. You should anticipate paying as little as $5-10 for the most affordable choices, though some models come with a lot more equipment and can cost up to $60. The cost of the puzzle mat can vary depending on several things, including the capacity, construction material, brand, and portability.

How Did We Select The Best Puzzle Mats?

Here are a couple of essential factors we included in our research:


There are easily hundreds of brands out there, and we prioritized the ones that offer top-notch customer service and stand behind their products.


We've gone through numerous products and only selected the puzzle mats with the most positive ratings.


The durability of the puzzle mat will ensure that you will receive the most value for your money. We've managed to mention the most durable puzzle mats available and eliminate the ones that were made out of low-quality materials.


We hope that with the help of our buying guide, you're able to make a more informed purchasing decision. As we mentioned, there are numerous puzzle mats available, so you will need to choose the one that works best for you.

Puzzle Mat FAQ

Q: What is a puzzle mat?

A: The puzzle mat is a simple accessory that will allow you to roll up the whole puzzle, including all of the parts, and keep them safe. Once you want to continue solving the puzzle, just come back, unroll the puzzle mat, and continue where you left off.

Q: How can you keep the puzzle mat flat?

A: The most reliable way to prevent puzzle mats from rolling in on itself is by placing a heavy object on the corners. This will keep them flat and will allow you to work on your puzzle without any interruptions.

Q: Where should I place the puzzle mat?

A: You should be placing the puzzle mat on a flat, smooth surface to receive the best experience possible. Before placing it, be sure to remove any objects, especially sharp ones, beneath the puzzle mat. Also, don't place it near open windows because of the unexpected wind gusts that can ruin your progress.

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