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Best Reusable Fly Traps

Flies are a universal pest, and they're always around to make your life miserable. Whether they're landing on your food or going for a dunk in your drink, there's nothing redeeming about these annoying creatures. Sure, they play an important role in keeping the world's ecosystems in check, but that doesn't help you feel any better when you have to throw out yet another glass of wine because a fly got in it.

The easiest way to deal with a fly infestation is to invest in a fly trap. Here, we'll focus on reusable traps - if you're looking for the sticky kind, we've covered that elsewhere. Keep in mind that these are for outdoor use only; while there's nothing stopping you from using them inside your home, the foul smell that the bait emits will quickly have you changing your mind. We've found the best reusable fly traps in 2021 and listed them out below.

Detailing the Best Reusable Fly Traps of 2021

Victor Fly Magnet M380 Reusable Fly Trap - Best Overall

Victor is a renowned name when it comes to pest control, though arguably this brand is typically associated with rodent traps. This fly trap relies on a cleverly designed ingress point that leads flies into the holding jar; once they enter, they're not smart enough to figure out how to leave the trap. The trap itself is made of clear plastic, which provides two benefits: it's durable enough to withstand the elements, and you can also see how full the trap is in order to determine when it's time to clean it out. We'll provide a fair warning about the bait - it absolutely stinks, but that's why flies are so attracted to it in the first place.

RESCUE! Outdoor Reusable Fly Trap - Runner Up

Fly traps are a simple proposition: it's basically a jar with a one-way entrance, and the effectiveness of the bait determines whether flies will enter the trap to begin with. That said, there are tons of useless or counterfeit (often both at the same time) devices out there that are a complete waste of money. To avoid this pitfall, we recommend sticking with known brands like RESCUE! in order to guarantee you'll get a quality product. This trap works exactly like the Victor trap - pour the bait out of the packet and into the jar, fill it with water up to the line, close the cap, and leave it far enough away so you won't smell the bait. This one smells even worse than our first pick, but that's an acceptable compromise since the trap will be full of flies in no time.

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