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Best Reusable Ice Packs

  1. TrekProof 3-Piece Set Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Reusable Ice Pack
  2. The Coldest Water Reusable Ice Pack
  3. IceWraps Reusable Ice Pack
  4. Dynamic Gear Lunch Box Reusable Ice Pack
  5. TheraPAQ Ankle Ice Pack
  6. Perfecore Reusable Ice Packs
  7. Rester's Choice Injuries Reusable Ice Pack
  8. NatraCure FlexiKold Gel Reusable Ice Pack
  9. Buyer's Guide

Scouting the internet for some high-quality reusable ice packs? Whether for use in lunchboxes, icing an injury, or ad-hoc purposes, you're likely on the lookout for options with both durable and flexible construction. For more on the best reusable ice packs, consult our list below for the best reusable ice packs in 2022.

Compare the Best Reusable Ice Packs of 2022

TrekProof 3-Piece Set Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Reusable Ice Pack - Best Overall

This set of reusable ice packs can actually be used for cold or hot treatments, since the material can support being frozen or heated up. They come in a large size to handle the most common types of injuries. Because there are two packs included, you can keep one in the freezer and the other at room temperature. This way, the second pack is only seconds away from being warmed up via a microwave oven. It also includes a one-size-fits-all adjustable strap so you can set the pack on injuries without having to hold it in place. They're primarily meant to be used for personal care, but these ice packs will also keep your food and drinks cool in a pinch.

The Coldest Water Reusable Ice Pack - Best Results

The Coldest Water Reusable Ice Pack is thoughtfully designed to reduce swelling and inflammation in your joints, helping you with discomfort and muscle pain. Whether your doctor has advised you to use an ice pack for faster recovery from an injury or you want to use it to treat muscle soreness or sprains, this reusable ice pack makes an ideal choice. Because this pack is extremely flexible and adaptable, you can easily wrap it around your knee. It’s made using webbing technology that helps with faster recovery and makes this ice pack durable and long-lasting. Another great thing about this ice pack is that it freezes quickly and stays cold for longer. With the non-toxic gel and 360 degrees of compression, this pack makes an ideal choice for athletes and high performers.

IceWraps Reusable Ice Pack - Best Use

These clay ice packs from Icewraps feature all-natural clay and oils that retain their cooling impact for up to 45 minutes. The cold temperature treatment experience gradually releases over time. This sufficient size back ice pack gives you a lot of room to put it on painful spots. It can help with swelling, bruises, spasms, chronic pain, muscular sprains, nerve discomfort, headaches, and fever. And, if you want the ultimate experience in soothing coolness, wrap it over your joints and wrists. It is watertight, non-toxic, and conforms to your body even when frozen. It includes a comfortable cotton cover that protects your skin. It keeps your skin dry and provides a prolonged cooling effect while minimizing discomfort.

Dynamic Gear Lunch Box Reusable Ice Pack - Runner Up

These ultra-slim and lightweight reusable ice packs are perfect for storing in the freezer, and their size makes them perfect for use in lunch boxes or lunch bags. The gel stays frozen longer than water, and the pack itself is made of impact-resistant, non-toxic, BPA-free plastic. Because they come in a pack of six, you can create an ice wall to keep foods cold by placing these packs on the top and bottom of your lunch bag.

TheraPAQ Ankle Ice Pack - Best Stretch

It is possible to use this pack for both heat and cold therapy. The ice gel pack may be chilled, warmed, or reheated and is reusable. Dancers, sportsmen, soccer and basketball players will all benefit from it. This heat and cold wrap provides compressive support, covers the front and sides of the ankle, and helps you to walk while offering comfort and speeding up healing time. For broken, twisted, weak, rheumatic, or damaged ankles or feet, it provides up to 30 minutes of soothing cold or heat comfort. The gel pack can be worn above the foot to relieve ankle pain or below the foot to relieve arch discomfort. In case of emergencies, the hot-cold pack may be microwaved or stored in the freezer.

Perfecore Reusable Ice Packs - Most Comfortable

Soothe painful and stiff muscles using ice packs, which may be frozen for long-lasting cold or microwaved for penetrating heat. For post-surgery, leg, knee, hip, and shoulder pain, as well as persistent aches and strains caused by arthritis and strains. These packs are long-lasting and may be used for a longer period of time. Each one has a plush backing. Compression and treatment of minor to severe strains or injuries from exercise are recommended by doctors and chiropractors. Even when frozen, chilled, or hot, it features gel beads to produce a specific molded fit. Achy joints, sprained ankle and shin injuries, and spasms from a nerve problem can all be treated with this natural cure. Perfecore offers an 18-month warranty on a BPA-free product that is safe and authorized.

Rester's Choice Injuries Reusable Ice Pack - Honorable Mention

These ice packs come in various size and count options and feature a large and thick design to offer more support and flexibility. This ice pack is made with premium binding to prevent tears and leaks. It's also gentle on the skin, and the exterior padding allows it to be placed directly on injuries without needing other sources of insulation such as a towel. Plus, the gel offers a balance of cooling temperatures while providing maximum flexibility.

NatraCure FlexiKold Gel Reusable Ice Pack - Contender

This ice pack comes in various sizes for the added convenience of choosing what is best to fit your needs. The gel interior allows it to be flexible even when it's frozen, which means this ice pack is a great fit for many therapeutic uses. This ice pack is made with double-sealed seams, preventing leaks. It also has a thick nylon exterior that’s reusable and washable. The gel stays keeps its cold temperature much longer than water, meaning you won't find yourself constantly swapping out ice packs to treat an injury.

Buyer's Guide

Reusable ice packs are a handy invention that allow lunches and drinks to stay cold on hot days, long car rides, or beach trips. They're also a great way to provide medical treatment for various injuries.

As time moves on, manufacturers come up with more ways to improve on the original design. Now there are more designs and models than ever before.

To help you choose the best reusable ice pack, we have put together a handy buying guide full of the information you may want to consider before making your purchase.

Things to consider when buying a reusable ice pack

With so many reusable ice packs on the market, it is difficult to know where to start. Fear not! Our useful list of considerations should help you make the right decision.

How easy is it to use?

Reusable ice packs should be fairly easy to use. Most packs should be prefilled with a gel, beads, or liquid that can immediately be placed in a freezer to start the freezing process. Some packs do require you to fill with water.

What is the size of the pack when frozen?

Depending on the materials of the pack, whether it's canvas or plastics, there might be some expansion as the pack freezes due to the freezing process.


Some packs are prefilled with gel or cooling beads and these packs can easily be used again and again without having to be refilled. For packs that require filling with water, you must ensure that the pack is filled according to the manufacturer's instructions so as to not cause any damage or over expansion in the freezer.


The size of the ice pack you need depends on the size of the cooler or lunch pack you plan to use it with. The great thing about ice packs is that most of them can form to your pack as they melt. If you need an ice pack to be a bit smaller, let it melt a bit and manipulate it around the pack you need it to fit in. For medical purposes, look for ice packs that can cover most bruises or burns, but keep in mind that larger packs will be heavier.


If you are looking for a long-lasting pack, you should take a careful look at the materials that the pack is made of. Packs that have a gel or bead interior can often hold their temperature longer than traditional water packs.


The most effective packs have protective layers and include both inner and outer layers that provide cooling while resisting melting.

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