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Take the Fun Outdoors with the Best Outdoor Basketball

  1. AND1 Xcelerate Rubber Basketball
  2. Senston Outdoor/Indoor Men’s Composite Basketball
  3. GlowCity Glow in the Dark Basketball
  4. Spalding NBA Indoor/Outdoor Replica Game Ball
  5. Champion Sports Nylon Basketball
  6. Buyer's Guide

Whether you’re just playing for fun or practicing routinely for a game, an outdoor basketball is a great thing to have. An outdoor basketball is designed to withstand the elements and the rougher texture of outdoor courts and concrete when compared to their indoor counterparts. You want an outdoor basketball to have a thicker, tougher, and more reliable exterior to last through the normal wear and tear that comes with regular use. When looking for a great outdoor ball, we advise buyers to take the material, size, durability, and texture into account.

The Best Basketball Models of 2022 in Detail

AND1 Xcelerate Rubber Basketball - Ultra Durable

If you’re someone who prefers playing basketball outside, this durable option is a great choice. It comes with a high-quality build that’s designed to withstand even the toughest courts.

  • Heavy-duty build
  • Long-lasting
  • Inflated when shipped

The AND1 outdoor basketball is made with high-quality and heavy-duty rubber material that’s designed to withstand frequent use on the roughest of outdoor courts. With an enhanced pebbling design on the outside, this basketball is easier to grip and control when shooting and dribbling.

Senston Outdoor/Indoor Men’s Composite Basketball - Best Complete Set

If you’re looking for a complete option that comes with an air pump, this is the best selection. This way, you’ll never have to worry about a flat ball in the middle of a game.

  • Capable air pump
  • Durable material
  • Not regulation color

The Senston outdoor basketball is made with 100% eco-friendly rubber to ensure the ball withstands use on both outdoor and indoor courts. This package comes with a standing pump and a needle so you can easily refill the ball when it needs air. You’ll love the non-slip rubberized grip on this outdoor basketball.

Spalding NBA Indoor/Outdoor Replica Game Ball - Most Professional

If you’re looking for a great ball to practice with, this professional model is a great choice. It’s the same dimensions as regulation size and is an official replica of game balls.

  • Official NBA replica
  • High-quality material
  • Weaker pump

The Spalding outdoor basketball is a replica of the same balls used in the NBA, making it the ideal option to use when practicing. It’s made with high-quality and durable leather that’s suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. This basketball even comes with a hand-pump with a built-in needle for easier storing.

Champion Sports Nylon Basketball - Most Colorful

While most options come in standard colors, this one comes with a variety of different design options. This makes it a great choice for those who like mixing things up without giving up on quality.

  • Great air retention
  • Unique color variety
  • Slippery in the rain

The Champion Sports outdoor basketball comes in a variety of different color variations including orange, yellow, red, green, blue, and purple, making it easy to find the color you prefer. This basketball is designed with a durable copper composite cover ensuring it stays intact even through rigorous use. You’ll appreciate the 2-ply bladder that’s designed to hold air for longer periods of time as well.

Buyer's Guide

Meta description: Have you been practicing basketball for long and still didn't get the right throw? Get the best outdoor basketballs in 2021 for the ultimate experience.

If you are an eager basketball player, you might know the hassles of hunting for the best outdoor basketballs. It's a difficult and time-consuming chore to buy a basketball for a new basketball player. Newcomers aren't familiar with this journey's challenges. Basketball is synonymous with a basketball court. The features of your court must meet basketball specifications. We have curated a detailed shopping guide to help you choose the best basketballs from the market. Keep reading this guide to get an answer to all your queries.

Which type of basketball should you buy?

Rubber basketball

It's popular in both high schools and universities because of its long-lasting material and flexible design. The basketball's rubber coating allowed it to be played on virtually any surface. You can also verify that the material's shape and structure aren't altered. Consequently, these basketballs work perfectly for outdoor use.

Rubber basketballs are also the most pocket-friendly basketballs available. Purchases under $10 are easy to come by and can be an ingenious option. Besides the fact that this basketball strengthens, it also weakens. It doesn't look appealing when you play basketball with a rubber ball. Additionally, the material used to make it adds to its weight. The poor design and excessive weight make these unsuitable for someone with a strong affinity for basketballs.

Composite basketballs

Basketballs made of composite material are the ideal choice to play outdoors. This type of basketball doesn't have any break-in period for this form of basketball. However, semi-serious basketball players have used composite basketballs in training or in leisure time activities such as basketball tournaments.

When compared to rubber basketballs, this type of ball is more expensive. However, they are less expensive than basketballs made of leather.

While it may be used on any surface, if you're a big lover of basketball or want to play professionally, it's a great option.

Leather basketballs

When it comes to basketball, this is the best type to have if you plan on competing professionally. However, the NBA, NCAA, WNBA, and some high schools use it to train young people to practice as basketball players.

Basketball of this caliber delivers undeniable superiority. But there is a break-in period for this type. You have to break in where you can optimally make use of it.

Which factors about the best outdoor basketballs should one consider?


To begin, we need to determine which basketball size is appropriate for our needs. Basketball comes in five different sizes, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. As the usage of an incorrectly-sized ball impacts players' techniques, selecting a standard size for standard-aged players typically influences their technique.


Basketballs used in the open air have specific requirements. To be truly wonderful, an outdoor ball must last for a long period. The ball will start to fall apart quickly if you get the wrong kind of one.


Take a close look at the materials used to construct your ball. Breaking in the leather is an important step because it is a premium-quality material. Despite its stiffness, new leather is a joy to work with. Because uneven or rough surfaces readily damage leather, it is better to use leather basketballs only indoors.

Composite leather has a look and feel of leather but is much better in terms of durability. In addition, because it's less expensive to make and manufacture, these are more affordable than authentic leather basketballs. You don't have to wait for it to break in before using it, so you can start playing right away.

Many people are skeptical about composite leather's suitability for outdoor use, but our experience with hundreds of matches has convinced us otherwise.

Basketballs constructed of rubber are designed to withstand the most extreme conditions. Rubber basketballs are a wonderful entry-level option for new players due to their affordability.


The pebbling on the surface gives a basketball its texture. The bumps on the court are called pebbles, and they affect how the basketball feels and grips. A ball's grip is a measure of how easy it is to grasp onto and manipulate the object.

With a good grip, you have complete control over the ball when playing. If you have insufficient grip, the ball will feel slick.


Basketballs come in a wide range of sizes. Remember the diameter of your basketball ring when choosing a ball and use one with a diameter half that.

However, if you're a professional basketball player, you're aware that the NBA sets the standard for basketball size. So picking one of them should be simple.


Once you've determined the basketball's size and weight, see if it can bounce back after a few hits or if it's too heavy to do anything but lay flat on the ground.

As a result, you don't have to compare a plethora of basketballs to see which weight is best for you. Instead, just go with the flow and select one of the authorized weight brands.

How much do outdoor basketballs cost?

The price of a ball will rise and fall with its quality, but most balls used outdoors are in the $25 to $35 range. Basketballs can cost up to $100 for high-end models, but anything above that price point should make you leery of buying one.

Consider all of the aforementioned variables prior to making any purchases. Buying real leather? It'd be more expensive, of course. Rubber? Ideally, it should be at or near the bottom. Don't forget to consider the ball's brand. A price increase is sometimes associated with well-known brands.

Best Outdoor Basketballs FAQs

Q: Wilson or Spalding: which basketball is better?

A: If you're a beginner, Wilson basketballs are better. But once you've honed your game skills to a certain level, you should consider switching to an official Spalding.

Q: Are composite basketballs good?

A: Because they're built to handle the strains of the floor while also being durable enough to be used outside, the answer is yes.

Q: Is it good to use rubber basketballs?

A: When you're just learning how to play basketball, a rubber basketball is ideal. Compared to other basketballs, this one is a tad heavier. Rubber basketball, on the other hand, is more durable and suitable for both indoors and outdoors. This basketball type is also the most affordable in terms of pricing.

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