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Best Rosemary Essential Oils

  1. Gya Labs Rosemary Essential Oil
  2. Handcraft Blends 100% Pure and Natural Rosemary Essential Oil
  3. Cliganic Organic Rosemary Essential Oil
  4. Buyer's Guide

With Mediterranian roots, rosemary essential oil—often called ‘dew of the sea’—is a popular choice of aromatic oil that has a rich history in both medicinal and culinary roots. Known for its aromatic scent, rosemary essential oil is one of the more popular choices amongst essential oils due to its vast versatility. Amongst the health and wellness community, rosemary essential oil is used for dry skin treatment, even being added to shampoos or massaged directly into the scalp for the treatment and prevention of hair loss. It can also help relieve joint and muscle pain, reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and as a natural remedy bug repellent. Similar to other popular essential oil blends, rosemary essential oil is also popular with those looking to relieve stress--this oil can be dabbed on pulse points or used in an essential oil diffuser to offer aromatherapy benefits to its user. While you browse online for the best essential oil blend to suit your medicinal or therapeutic needs, please consider the list below as you browse for rosemary essential oil options.

Here Are the Best Rosemary Essential Oils of 2021

Gya Labs Rosemary Essential Oil - Best Overall

This product comes as a 10ml glass bottle containing pure, undiluted rosemary oil that can help cleanse your skin and improve hair growth. This product works well in an aromatherapy diffuser.

  • This essential oil is very versatile
  • Can help provide congestion relief
  • The bottle is delicate

Handcraft Blends 100% Pure and Natural Rosemary Essential Oil - Runner Up

This product comes as a 10ml glass bottle containing pure, undiluted rosemary oil that can help cleanse your skin and improve hair growth. This product can also improve focus and congestion.

  • Amber glass bottle utilized to repel UV rays
  • Rosemary oil blend is 100% natural, no fillers
  • Scent weaker than some users hoped

Cliganic Organic Rosemary Essential Oil - Honorable Mention

This 10ml glass bottle holds undiluted, organic rosemary oil that is excellent for aromatherapy and other therapeutic uses. This oil is not utilized in any animal testing and is manufactured in the US.

  • This essential oil comes in a sleek, portable bottle
  • Certified cruelty-free
  • Not the ideal bulk option

Buyer's Guide

Rosemary has a unique fragrant scent that is easy to distinguish from other herbs and oils. The oil also offers a number of therapeutic benefits, making it perfect for people who want to improve the health of their skin, hair, and more.

Buying the best rosemary essential oils is easier said than done, however. There are a couple of things you should keep in mind - and that’s what our buying guide will discuss.

Things To Consider When Buying Rosemary Essential Oils

If you’re not sure which essential oil with rosemary is right for you, be sure to take the facts we discuss in this section into account. These factors help you choose an oil that provides a more efficient solution that is not only beneficial but also safe.

Oil Type

Not all rosemary essential oils are the same. Make sure you take a closer look at the type of rosemary extract used in the essential oil. You should educate yourself on the different types. Buy an extract that would provide you the most benefits, based on the specific needs that you have.


Another thing to consider is how pure the rosemary oil is. When you opt for rosemary oil, some may contain additives. Take a closer look at the list of ingredients used in the oil. You should opt for an oil that only contains rosemary extract with no fillers or additives, as this can reduce the purity and overall effectiveness of the oil.


Be sure not to overlook the supply offered by the essential oil. The majority of these oils come in very small containers. This often means you’ll need to buy a new bottle frequently. To determine what container size you need to buy, consider how much of the oil you use, as well as how frequently. Try to opt for a larger container if you use rosemary essential oil on a regular basis.

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