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Best Spider Traps

Let’s face it: spiders can be a menace! If you have to deal with spiders in your home or workplace, then you know first-hand how much of a pest they can become. Depending on the variety of spiders you encounter, some can even be harmful to adults, children, and small pets. On top of that, spiders don't exactly provide the best impression to visitors, whether you're at home or assisting customers at work.

No matter how you look at it, these creepy-crawly creatures are typically unwanted guests. If you're seeking help in the form of affordable solutions to your spider problem, there are many options for spider traps on the market today. Where should you begin? This list of best spider traps in 2021 will get you started.

Compare The Best Spider Traps Of 2021

TERRO T3206SR Spider Trap - Best Overall

This set contains twelve spider traps to cover large areas. They trap and eliminate a number of spiders like black widows and brown recluse spiders, as well as insect pests such as roaches. They are non-toxic and safe to use around the home. These sticky traps can be placed under furniture or against walls; in fact, they'll work pretty much anywhere you care to place them. They can be used either folded or flat, but keep in mind that the adhesive is quite sticky. If you choose to lay these traps flat, make sure they're placed in locations where you don't have to worry about children and pets touching them.

Catchmaster 30 Brown Recluse Spider Trap - Runner Up

These spider traps are actually a generic insect trap, but they work just as well for spiders too. The package includes 30 traps, and it's up to you to choose whether you want to leave out single traps in strategic locations or use them all in a particular infestation point. There are enough traps to cover an average-sized home, and they're also affordable enough to make it relatively painless to purchase multiple packs in case you're dealing with an overwhelming spider population.

RESCUE! Ready to Use Double-Sided Spider Trap - Most Quiet

For a more permanent solution to keep spiders away, opt for these double-sided spider traps. Rather than using sticky surfaces, these traps utilize strategically-placed glue dots to trap the creepy-crawlies. There are four entrances rather than laying out a flat trap or folding one to make a box, and the "dots" allow critters to venture further into the trap before getting caught. This way, it prevents a "traffic jam" that alerts the others to stay away, so there's more of a chance that you'll catch every single intruding spider.

S&T INC. 512501 30pk Insect Spider Trap - Contender

This spider trap is designed for use on a range of spiders, making it the ideal choice for home or business use. They're technically designed as insect traps, so they'll also trap insects such as ants and cockroaches. This product is non-toxic and pesticide-free. Placing the traps is easy, and it works best to leave the trap in place when an insect is caught; it can attract other species that may hunt it.

J T Eaton 076706844002 Spider Trap - Also Consider

This spider trap is designed to be a fast and efficient way to keep arachnids out of your home. This trap works well in all temperatures and will even attract jumping spiders, unlike many other alternatives. There's a total of 4 traps in each pack, and the trap strips can be used in a wide range of temperatures. The adhesive doesn’t dry out when it’s hot or cold, so it'll remain effective in all seasons.

Buyer's Guide

Spiders can invade your home and fill indoor and outdoor spaces with webs and dead insects. When purchasing a spider trap, keep in mind the type of spiders you are seeing throughout your home and if you are going to trap the spiders indoors or outdoors. Elements like wind, rain, and heat can alter how a trap works, so pay attention to details.

To help you choose the best spider traps, we have put together a handy buying guide full of the information you may want to consider before making your purchase.

Things to consider when buying a spider trap

There are many different types and species of spiders, so make sure you take note of what spiders you are trying to trap and where you want to place the traps.

How easy is it to set up?

The best spider traps are easy to install and set up. There are traps that have sticky paper and come with pop-up tents to capture spiders. If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly or non-toxic option, there are traps that provide a catch-and-release method of trapping the spiders with a simple sliding door that the spiders are unable to open from inside.

What is the size of a spider trap?

You will want traps that won't be an eyesore, so stay away from the ones that are obnoxiously large. Most spider traps are simple and can be hidden in plain sight. Traps for spiders are often no larger than two to four inches wide and tall.


Spider traps are lightweight and are made up of a simple paper lining with a sticky substance inside to trap the spider.

Style and use

Look for spider traps that can be placed in a variety of places without being visible and can be kept away from small children or pets. Some spider traps can be toxic to humans and pets.

Size and capacity

Small spider traps can catch many spiders, but large traps can be used for indoor infestations or otherwise placed outdoors for long-term use. Look for traps that fit your needs where they're needed inside your home. Smaller traps are better for corners, kitchens, bathrooms, and closets.

Strongest materials

For the best spider traps, look for traps that emit a pheromone and also have a durable sticky interior to keep the spiders stuck.

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