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Ten Thousand Tactical Pant Review


When you hear the phrase “tactical pants” the mind probably conjures up images of Seal Team Six or snipers rising up out of the swamp. But did you know that tactical pants are also worn by hikers, hunters, ranchers, travelers, gym-goers, and everyone in between? These types of pants are versatile and super comfortable, and many people choose to wear them as everyday clothing.

Disclosure: Ten Thousand sent a pair of their Tactical Pants to try out. I may never go back to wearing jeans again.

Although the Ten Thousand Tactical Pant looks like an everyday, comfortable pair of pants, it was specifically designed to withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle. Ten Thousand worked with former Navy SEALS and Army Rangers who put these pants through the proverbial gauntlet to ensure they not only performed as advertised in harsh environments, but also were extremely comfortable to wear all day long.

I can confirm that these pants are indeed comfortable enough to wear all day. Jeans have always been my go-to for everyday wear; compared to these Tactical Pants, they somehow manage to feel stifling and inflexible. They come with a 4-way stretch and a midweight fabric that kept me comfortable in 90 degree heat and 50 degree cold spells - we're in Southern California, after all! The cut is an optimal blend - not too tight around the thighs while not too loose around the ankles. I appreciated the dual buttons, along with the zippered back and cargo pockets for added security. That said, I did have some trouble putting my minimal wallet in the cargo pockets since you have to lift the flap to put any item in them. I understand the flap helps conceal the pocket and discourage pickpocketing, but there's no ignoring the fact that it takes an extra step to put anything in them. My Samsung Note phone also wouldn’t fit, so I just kept it in the front pocket instead. While we're on the topic of minor gripes, the edges of the velcro side adjuster tabs on the waistband dug into my skin when I was sitting down. Sometimes I found myself tucking in my shirt at the front to eliminate the rubbing. I guess the solution is to lose some belly fat so it doesn’t hang over?

I can’t comment on the durability of these pants, but they do feel up to the task. If anything, the lifetime guarantee is a major vote of confidence. The reinforced front pockets and belt loops feel reassuringly sturdy, and I have no doubt they can take a beating over the years. I washed these pants (58% cotton, 29% nylon, 13% elastane) as normal with my other clothes and put them on the drying rack. Wrinkles were minimal and I didn’t have to steam them.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with these pants. They’re stretchy, comfortable, and good looking. Joggers, chinos, and stretch jeans can all do the trick but are definitely not as durable as these. Pair the pants with a nice polo shift, casual t-shirt, or rustic flannel; they’ll fit the bill for any occasion. You’ll have additional peace of mind knowing they can handle any situation you find yourself in. I’ll be looking to add more colors of the Ten Thousand Tactical Pant to my personal wardrobe.

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