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Best Wax Warmer

  1. Enaroma Wax Warmer
  2. ASAWASA Wax Warmer
  3. Tress Wellness Wax Warmer
  4. Buyer's Guide

If the aroma of essential oils and the fragrance of scented wax puts you in a good mood, you should consider owning a wax warmer. Many of you might still be thinking, why not choose an aromatic candle instead. Candles produce a flame, which could be dangerous or if you are sensitive to smoke.

So, how did wax warmers originate, and what made them so popular? Bulk candle manufacturers noticed that they were wasting a lot of small wax pieces while making candles. To procure them, they came up with the idea to sell wax melts. Therefore, to use these wax melts, wax warmers were crafted. Wax warmer kits are also used to heat wax for hair removal. Read our buying guide to get in-depth knowledge about popular wax warmers that make excellent Mother’s Day gifts!

What is the best Wax Warmers of 2022?

Enaroma Wax Warmer - Top Pick

This wax warmer is designed with metal. The black forest design gives it a distinguished look. The design includes an electric heating plate that produces heat without soot, flame, or smoke. In addition, it is equipped with a LED light that switches from seven different colors in one cycle, and you can also fix it in a single color according to your mood. As a final cherry on top, the company provides a 30-day money-back or six-month replacement guarantee for dissatisfied customers.

  • It warms scented wax or aromatic oil, creating an enchanting atmosphere
  • You can use it as a night lamp
  • Color-changing LED light
  • Comes with a 3ft cord, and you might need an extension

ASAWASA Wax Warmer - Runner Up

Searching for creative Mother’s Day gift ideas? This wax warmer comes with a unique metal cover design reflecting a deer standing under a tree. Metal makes the product sturdy, durable, and resistant to heat. This wax warmer is comparatively bigger and holds more wax than its counterparts. As a result, the fragrance lasts longer. It is easy to operate; all you have to do is plug it into a socket and experience the aroma in the atmosphere around you.

  • Metal plate on the top is easy to remove, making cleaning painless
  • Use it as a decorative item, adding an attractive element to your home, office, spa, etc.
  • Doesn’t have an automatic turn-off feature

Tress Wellness Wax Warmer - Hair Removal Kit

Get a professional hair removal treatment at home with this multi-functional waxing kit. This package includes a wax warmer, five bead bags (with different scents), ten eyebrow waxing sticks, 20 regular waxing sticks, one pre and post-spray, and five protective rings. Furthermore, the digital display reflects the exact temperature within the range of 86 to 257 degrees Fahrenheit and includes wax-ready color indicators to make operations more straightforward while preventing skin burns.

  • Auto shut off feature saves power and reduces stress
  • Made using cruelty-free natural ingredients
  • Best suited for body, face, and even bikini area
  • More expensive than its counterparts

Buyer's Guide

Wax warmers can be broadly categorized into two types. One is the wax warmer designed to spread soothing fragrance in your room, office, spa, cabin, etc., and the other variant is designed to make hair removal a walk in the park. The aromatic lamp-like wax warmers are generally manufactured using metal or ceramic material. Metal wax warmers are durable, rust-resistant, and impact-resistant, while ceramic is durable, lightweight, rigid, and heat resistant. In contrast, wax warmers in the waxing kits are manufactured using a plastic body and metal lining. The plastic body makes the machine lightweight, corrosion-resistant, durable, and easy to clean, whereas the metal lining makes it heat-resistant, sturdy, and impact-resistant.

Aromatic wax warmers use a bulb as the heat source, which is lit at a stable temperature. They are extremely easy to use, as all you have to do is plug the power cable and turn on the switch. The heat from the bulb melts the wax placed on the removable tray and you start to smell the pleasant soothing fragrance all around you. You can also use these wax warmers as night lamps to lighten your room and create a calming atmosphere. They are available in different patterns.

On the other hand, wax warmerscan be used to warm wax to use during the hair removal process.

Wax Warmer FAQ

Q: Besides wax, what else can I put in my wax warmer?

A: You can use the wax warmer for multiple purposes. Some of them are designed to make hair removal effortless, saving you salons trips. Other variants of wax warmers are also used as scent diffusers and even night lamps. So, besides wax, you can put vanilla extract, essential oils, or even liquid potpourri for a more soothing and relaxing ambiance. Many people are allergic to harsh scents, and thus, they prefer making their customized fragrant wax by putting in their favorite scent so that they don't have to buy the expensive aromatized wax cubes.

Q: How often should I change my wax melts?

A: Wax melts have different lifespans depending on their composition. However, it is advised that you swap out wax melts once you can no longer smell the fragrance. The wax melts used in wax warmers are infused with particular scents, and once you put them on the tray, the scent begins to dissipate. A low-quality wax melt will probably have around 5-8 hours of melting time. On the contrary, the luxury high-end wax melts are comparatively expensive and would last approximately 20 hours of fragrance. Depending on the quality of a wax melt and its fragrance power, you can change your wax melts. Therefore, if you don't smell the fragrance in your room anymore, it is probably the right time to change the wax melts.

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