Enphase Discount Codes for December

Top 8 Enphase coupon codes & promo codes for solar energy

Last updated on December 11, 2023

Get an Enphase EV Charger

Meet the newest member of the Enphase Energy System, Enphase EV Chargers. Started by ClipperCreek, our core technology has earned its award-winning reputation by delivering industry-leading durability and reliability—made even better with our 5-year limited warranty and 24/7 customer support.

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Shop for IQ Batteries

The IQ Battery 5P is incredibly powerful. That means you can start and run more power-hungry appliances like HVACs, pool pumps, and more—even during a grid outage—With fewer batteries.

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Power your appliances with sunshine

Soon, you will be able to use the clean energy created by your Enphase Energy System to power select Home Connect-enabled appliances. Welcome to a whole new era of home energy management.

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Make, use, save and sell your own power right from the palm of your hand

Monitor your system status from anywhere and know exactly how much energy your solar system is producing. Generate reports on energy production by day, week, month, or year. Complete with clean and easy-to-read graphs and infographics.

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IQ8 Series Microinverter

The IQ8 Series Microinverter keeps your essentials powered during daytime grid outages—no home battery required.

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Safe, smart, and powerful energy systems for business

The Commercial Enphase Energy System lowers reliance on the power grid, saves money on operating costs, and allows you to scale your future energy needs. With safety at the forefront, we Offer peace of mind for sensitive sites like gas stations, firehouses, schools, multi-family units, hospitals, warehouses, and more. Join the growing number of commercial businesses and non-profit organizations that chose Enphase to help conserve energy and serve the people and communities that depend on them most. That’s why Enphase means business.

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The accessories that will make the difference

Check out our selection of accessories which will make the difference in your solar system.

Find an Enphase installer near you

Get in touch with certified Enphase solar and battery installers near you.

Enphase promo codes and coupons for 12/11/2023

8 Enphase coupon codes available today Discount offer Expires
Get an Enphase EV Charger EV Charger Jan 01
Shop for IQ Batteries IQ Batteries Jan 01
Power your appliances with sunshine Solar Energy Jan 01
Make, use, save and sell your own power right from the palm of your hand Download our app Jan 01
IQ8 Series Microinverter Mega Offer Jan 01
Safe, smart, and powerful energy systems for business Mega Offer Jan 01
The accessories that will make the difference Shop Accessories Jan 01
Last updated on   December 11, 2023


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Enjoy using 8 Enphase coupons for setting up Enphase solar panels for your residential or commercial space this December 2023.

Can you stack multiple Enphase coupon codes?

Unfortunately, you cannot stack multiple Enphase coupon codes with other active offers or deals. Only one coupon per order may be used.

About Enphase Energy 

Enphase is a global energy technology company that provides both commercial and residential solar storage solutions. By incorporating Enphase into your home or commercial space, you can lower utility bills, while simultaneously lowering your carbon footprint – plus you’ll have extra power and energy in the case of a power outage. Visit the Enphase website to learn more about how you can adopt clean energy into your home and personal use. 

Expired coupons for Enphase

Enphase’s IQ EV chargers available in the US and Canada

Enphase Energy introduces IQ EV Chargers in the US and Canada. Smart, Wi-Fi-enabled charging with seamless integration into Enphase's solar and battery systems for cost-effective EV charging.

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Enphase Store: everything you need to gain access to clean energy systems

Get access to clean energy with Enphase Store. Explore EV chargers, microinverters, storage, accessories, cables, and other solutions from the world’s leading provider of microinverter-based solar, home batteries, and energy management systems.

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