LA Times Coupon Codes Guarantee

At LA Times Coupons, our goal is to make searching for the best coupons and offers as easy as possible. We work daily to ensure all content and offers displayed on our site work properly and as expected. That said, there are some rare instances where deals may not function as users expect. Below, we cover a list of scenarios and tips for solving issues related to our coupon codes.

Tips for Troubleshooting Coupons & Deals

Here are some tips for using the deals and offers found on the Los Angeles Times Coupons website. 

  • Double-check the coupon code entered: Make sure that the coupon used at the end of your shopping experience was typed correctly and without any errors. Pay attention to the use of upper and lower case letters. 
  • Review the Terms and Conditions: A common error among users is applying coupon codes that don’t work for what is in the shopping cart. Our coupon descriptions often contain terms and conditions such as minimum purchase values, restrictions for certain products, and more. Therefore, we always recommend reviewing the terms and conditions of each coupon before applying the code at checkout.
  • Contact customer support for the brand in question:  If you've followed all the steps above and the coupon still doesn't work, you may try contacting the retailer's customer support team. Sometimes, technical errors on the brand’s website can lead to issues with the coupon codes despite them being perfectly valid offers. 
  • Error due to Expired Coupon: We have very strict quality control standards for all of the deals shown on our website and only provide valid coupons to our readers. We have a team of dedicated employees who run quality checks to ensure our codes remain up-to-date and work as promised. That said, human errors are possible. Deals are subject to change at the behest of the store/brand in question and, on rare occasions, may be in the process of updating by our team. In other rare cases, technical problems have been known to occur. If you have found that one of our coupons does not work as intended, please contact us via email at so we can take appropriate measures to review the deal in question and ensure that the issue is solved for other users.

Please note that our team is available should you need any further assistance or have another type of inquiry related to our coupon codes guarantee. Please email us with more details and a member of our team will get back to you in a timely manner.

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