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Our mission as the Couponing Team of the Los Angeles Times 

The collaborative mission of Los Angeles Times and Savings United is to empower our readers by providing them with up-to-date discounts, promotions, and coupons available online. 

We, as a team, strive to employ the best expertise in the market to provide our readers with a fun, safe, and comprehensive coupon-hunting experience. 

Who we are 

We at Savings United define ourselves as a leading coupon partner of premium media companies. We work in close and active collaboration with the Los Angeles Times Commerce team to create our coupon platforms and ensure readers can find the best deals for their online shopping. 

We’re a team of passionate professionals on a mission to redefine the traditional workplace. 

Our headquarters is located in Hamburg, Germany, but we operate remotely with a globally dispersed team of employees. Our team of 185 Savers is located in 10+ countries and speaks 23 languages. 

We foster a sustainable and meaningful corporate culture by supporting our team in both professional and personal aspects, enabling them to pursue their work and life goals. 

We’re committed to a healthy work-life balance. That is why we have a four-day workweek for all of our employees. Since introducing this in 2022, we have been able to maintain 100% pay for 80% time, while still ensuring 100% output. 

Our goal is to create a work environment that is better for everyone, and we strongly believe that through trust, appreciation, and constant development, we can achieve great and meaningful things together. 

This is our commitment to a meaningful company culture and the ongoing growth of Savings United. Source: https://4dayweek.io/company/savings-united/jobs

How do we support the Los Angeles Times financially? 

We might earn a small commission when shoppers use our coupons to purchase online. This never impacts the shopper's total shopping cart amount as it is already included in the brand’s budget. 

Our business relies on visitors knowing they can get the best deals and coupons with us, so the Savings United team, together with the Los Angeles Times Commerce team, work hard daily to secure the best for our readers. 

Our team works closely with brands and via networks in the Affiliate Marketing business model to negotiate exclusive coupons which means that when you, the consumer, use one of our deals and make a purchase at one of our hundreds of retailers, you get the best deal and we get paid a commission. We also publish coupons from some retailers who do not pay us, but we do it because we want to provide you with the best ways to save money. 

Learn how L.A. Times source coupons and assure Quality 

When it comes to offering you the best deals, trust and transparency are our top priorities. As a team, we manually verify all of our discount codes to ensure they are valid and up-to-date. 

Up-to-date Coupons and Offers 

On a daily basis, we provide hundreds of pages with sourced codes and promotions by a vast team of amazing professionals. People with a passion for those products and brands will find the best code for the best sale happening now and will inform our readers of the latest promotional trends. 

How do we source the coupons?

Every day, the Couponing Team in our team check for the best new promotions and check in all relevant platforms (usually affiliate marketing platforms) all the discounts and codes the brands have disclosed for the day or for a certain period of time.

Every day, the Couponing Team unwrap hundreds of newsletters from your favourite brand to update our pages with the most up to date deals and coupons.

Every day, people in the Content Team will check that the information included in the page are up to date and verified, and especially that they are the best information for the L.A. Time reader. As part of the L.A. Time family, we publish content that strictly follow L.A. Times policies. If you notice anything and would like to report it, feel free to reach us out using our Contact Form.

Exclusive Codes 

Our team of ambitious Account and Partnership managers negotiate exclusive deals with your favorite brands daily, to help you save money on the best products on the market. 

We manage to provide our readers exclusive discounts only available for a certain time, coming from a collaboration between the LA Times, the brands, and the Couponing Team.

Quality Assurance 

At LA Times Coupons, quality assurance is a top priority, especially regarding the offers featured on our site. Here's how we maintain the highest standards: 

  1. Prioritization of Quality: We place a premium on the quality of offers showcased on our platform. Each deal is carefully curated to ensure it meets our standards of value and reliability.
  2. Quality Testing: Before featuring any code or offer, we conduct testing to ensure its validity and effectiveness. Our team verifies each code to confirm its functionality and relevance.
  3. Adherence to Partner Guidelines: We adhere strictly to the LA Times writing guidelines to maintain consistency and accuracy across all promotions. This ensures clarity and reliability for our users.
  4. Dealing with Non-Functional Codes: If a code doesn't work due to expiration or other reasons, we've got you covered. Simply report the issue to us through our dedicated channels:
  5. Email: Reach out to us at onpage.us@savings-united.com with details of the problem. 
  6. Contact Form Page: Fill out the form on our Contact Page to notify us of any issues you encounter. 

We're committed to providing our users with a seamless and rewarding experience, and your feedback helps us improve continually.