You’re getting vaccinated!

Now what?

Are you ready for life after the shot?
See if you know what to do in these scenarios.

Are you ready for life after
the shot? See if you know what
to do in these scenarios.

Needles make me nervous. Should I be worried?

Serious side effects do happen, but how common are they? For every million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine given, approximately how many reports of a serious reaction have there been?

Select one answer

Over 1,000
A few hundred
About 50

Note: These scenarios assume you have a healthy immune system. If you don't, you should be more careful. Ask your doctor how the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention apply to you.

Safeguard this card

Image shows a drawing of the small card that is given to you when you get vaccinated

Now that you've received a shot, you've been bestowed a precious document: your vaccination card. What should you do with it?

Bring it to your second vaccine appointment (if you have one)
Take a picture of the front and back of your card
Give your doctor a copy
All of these are correct

Avengers assemble?

Image shows a character watching TV on his couch

That night, you're on your couch watching Netflix and you wonder ... what's next? Your arm is sore, but you feel like the vaccine has given you superpowers. Is it time to host a movie night at your place?

I'm chilling in the Batcave. Alone.
I'm ready to Hulk out with friends!

It's been a few weeks

Image shows character thinking about the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine

Will you go get your second shot?

You betcha!
I got J&J. One and done!

Your first social outing in ages

Image shows character thinking about meeting someone

Finally! You are fully vaccinated and the two-week waiting period is over. Your friend and their roommate have invited you over for dinner, but they haven't gotten their shots. It will be only the three of you in the house and everyone is healthy. Can you safely visit them?

Yes, I'll bring tiramisu!
No, stick to Zoom!

Your fridge is empty

Image shows a character thinking while holding a shopping bag

It's time to hit the grocery store. Do you still need to mask up while shopping?

Mask on
Mask off

Oh no! You were exposed to someone with COVID-19

Image shows an anthropomorphic triangle looking concerned while receiving a message on their phone

You don't feel sick. Do you still need to quarantine and take a coronavirus test?

Yes :/
No :)

Quality time with the fam!

Four large anthropomorphic triangles and a small anthropomorphic triangles gather around a baby anthropomorphic triangle being held by a larger triangle

Your sister had a baby during the pandemic. She wants to have you and your child over to meet the new kiddo. Your parents, who live on their own, will be there, too. All the adults have been vaccinated. Do you meet?

Absolutely. All the hugs!
Yes, with a few minor adjustments.

Your brunch spot beckons

An anthropomorphic triangle holds a glass of mimosa and thinks of egg-on-avocado-toast

Your friends are fully vaccinated. Is it time to bring back brunch ... indoors?

For sure!
I have reservations about my brunch reservation

Your kiddo misses their BFFs

Anthropomorphic toddler shapes play with a ball, on the slide, and jump rope

The adults in your household are fully vaccinated, but your kid isn't. Is it time to send the little one back to day care?

Yup! There's nothing to worry about.
It depends...

Do I?

An anthropomorphic triangle with a thought bubble of two anthropomorphic shapes getting joined in marriage

After pushing back the wedding ceremony for almost a year, your friends will tie the knot this summer at a swanky hotel with 100 guests in attendance. Should your wedding outfit include a mask?

Yes, I want to hit the dance floor!
No need, we'll all be vaccinated by then!

Get ready for takeoff!

An anthropomorphic triangle with a rolling suitcase holds two boarding passes

You want to fly domestically. Which precaution do you need to take?

Quarantine upon arrival
A mask is a must
Pre-travel coronavirus test


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