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St. Francis baseball on losing end of pitchers' duel

WEST HILLS — There wasn’t much time for the St. Francis High baseball team to savor a dramatic walk-off victory against Chaminade on Tuesday. Just one day later on Wednesday, the Golden Knights faced the Eagles in the second of three Mission League games in four days. In a pitchers’ duel that featured...

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  • Op-Ed: Voting — it's up to us

    Op-Ed: Voting — it's up to us

    Growing up, I could not wait to accompany my parents to the voting polls every chance I got. I was, therefore, dismayed to learn how few people vote in local elections. Impressively, in our home city of La Cañada, virtually 100% of the eligible population is registered to vote. Of those registered,...

  • Op-Ed: Fairness is key to small business success

    Op-Ed: Fairness is key to small business success

    When I walk, drive or ride my bike down the street, whether here at home or in Sacramento, I love to observe the character of the surrounding neighborhood, taking note of what gives the area its unique flavor. Certainly it starts with the people. Here in the 43rd District we have a wonderfully...

  • Mailbag: Distressing exclamation

    There is no room in our community for racism.On Tuesday, Feb. 21, while my husband was walking our dog on El Vago Street at 9 p.m., a white sports utility vehicle slowed down and the driver yelled, “I hate n*****s!” at him and sped off. In the drizzly darkness, my husband was unable to determine...

  • Mailbag: Is there a problem in LCF?

    I was just made aware of a disturbing incident that happened in LCF on Feb. 21. A member of our community was walking his dog at around 9 p.m. on El Vago when an SUV driver slowed down, rolled down his window and yelled, “I hate n*****s!”This ignorant, and stupid act of hatred has no place in our...


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