June 6, 2023



Gov. Gavin Newsom threatened Gov. Ron DeSantis with kidnapping charges after South American migrants were flown to Sacramento.

Healthcare Crisis

After the financial collapse of Madera County’s only general hospital, residents are left with slim options for care. Some have come to accept that they may die in an emergency.

Hollywood Unions

If actors go on strike they would join Hollywood’s writers, who are entering their sixth week of a walkout.

War in Ukraine

Ukraine says Russian forces blew up a major dam and hydroelectric power station in occupied territory, unleashing potentially catastrophic floodwaters.

A New Act

For the new leaders of the private club, which turns 60 this year, the challenge is to hold onto the best of the castle’s throwback atmosphere while purging sexism and welcoming diverse new crowds.


The California State University Board of Trustees is expected to vote on tuition increases later this year.

Summer of Sandwiches

Where to find the best new sandwiches in Los Angeles, including a new tiny sandwich shop in Beverly Hills and a cheese counter in Santa Monica.


Editors’ Pick

After The Times named It’s a Small World the best ride at Disneyland, we wanted to know what park fanatics thought. Did we get it right?



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