April 8, 2020
Officials expect months more of some social distancing policies and warn that lifting the strict rules too early could worsen the health crisis.
L.A. County’s public health department will expand coronavirus testing for South L.A. residents among other steps to help diverse communities.
Effective Friday, Los Angeles workers and residents must wear a mask, bandanna or other type of face covering while at essential businesses under an order from Mayor Eric Garcetti.
L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti announces changes in new rules on paid leave that he said put some businesses at risk during coronavirus crisis.
State health officials have ramped up coronavirus testing, but California still is behind most other states, leaving undiagnosed patients to unknowingly spread the infections.
Health and environmental groups say the study is stark evidence of the danger of weakening pollution safeguards during the coronavirus pandemic.
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A coalition of more than 50 groups is calling on Congress to resist Uber’s call for a new category of work and force on-demand gig companies to fund unemployment benefits.
The structure is a rare example of Art Deco style used for a garage. It will still be used to park cars but also will have amenities for apartment tenants.
President Trump has blamed China, Obama, governors, the media and others for his administration’s failures in the pandemic. But as other presidents learned, the buck stops in the Oval Office.
Daily, when they say goodbye to family and friends, many Cambodians fear it will be the last time they see them. Supporters are pushing for due notice for immigrants threatened with ICE deportation, after judge’s ruling.
From Walmart to Google, brands have had to adapt their advertising messages to convey more empathy with consumers during the coronavirus crisis.
Filmmakers often say the last thing they want is for people to watch their movies on a phone. Now, as Quibi launches, some are hoping they do exactly that. It may be the boldest cinematic experiment in memory.
Streaming church services and virtual Easter egg hunts are among the ways to make the most of our first — and, we hope, last — Easter in self-isolation.
Former Times staffer Robert Hilburn opines that John Prine, who recently passed away, was one of the greatest songwriters America has ever produced.
Starting this week, Latino stars from TV shows like “Vida,” “Gentefied” and “One Day at a Time” will live stream readings of student scripts.
Ross Thomas delivered 25 novels populated by colorful, chameleonic characters. Among them: “Briarpatch,” now a USA Network series.
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Live sports are on hold until the threat of the virus outbreak has passed. So we asked a sports fan to recommend TV shows that provide a sports fix.
The Dodgers’ Justin Turner shares his thoughts on his viral ‘Tiger King’ tweet and how he feels about the latest idea to save the MLB season.
Major League Baseball states that holding games in one central area is one of several ideas discussed regarding how and when to start the season.
A raucous beach party thrown by several children of Venezuela’s ruling elite has led to a cluster of coronavirus cases.
Dr. Colleen Kraft was part of the Emory University team that successfully cared for America’s first Ebola patients. She now is a cool-headed stalwart who is soothing nerves during the coronavirus pandemic.
Tens of thousands of Palestinian laborers working inside Israel can no longer travel back and forth from their homes in the occupied West Bank.
Insurgents attacked security forces in northern Balkh province and abducted the civilians, later killing them, local officials said.
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