Sept. 28, 2022


Column One

‘Wall Street Whiz Kid’ David Bloom allegedly attempted to turn dozens of L.A. luxury apartment dwellers into his newest set of marks.

Midterm elections

As polarizer in chief, former President Trump has made voting seem more vital than ever.


UCLA, the nation’s most applied-to university, wants to add more students but doesn’t have room. So it’s buying the Marymount California University campus to hold 1,000 more.

Latin America

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s comeback attests to concerns about inequality that have helped bring a new wave of leftists to power across Latin America.

Making a difference

Ernest Z. Robles created the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, which has granted hundreds of millions of dollars to Latino students.


On this week’s episode of ‘The Bucket List: Dumplings’ Jenn learns about Italian dumplings (a.k.a. stuffed pasta) with Steve and Dina Samson of Rossoblu and Paola Da Re of Pasta Sisters in Culver City.



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