May 29, 2023


Memorial Day

Even in the Philippines, the 1945 battle by American and Filipino forces to liberate Manila is largely forgotten. Researchers and historians are trying to change that.

About 7,050 men and women in uniform have died in the ‘forever war.’ But the largest percentage, 776 men and women, called the Golden State home.

20 years ago, Cody Prosser became the first Californian killed in Afghanistan. His death became emblematic of the war that followed, one friend says.

Times Investigation

Two alleged assaults on Los Angeles County social workers by foster children have sparked criticism that such violence was inevitable.


Times staff breaks down the HBO series’ finale, including Shiv and Tom’s power swings, the Roy sibling rivalry, the company’s new CEO and more.

The characters on HBO’s brilliant comedy-drama never stopped evolving. As the show wraps its four-season run, the main cast sits down to reminisce.

Spooky Spots

An angry bordello girl, a flirtatious clerk — these are some of the otherworldly hotel guests whose possible presence delights living ones.


Editors’ Pick

Amid a series of booming eruptions, Mexican authorities have told millions who live near the Popocatépetl volcano to prepare for possible evacuation.



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