Aug. 12, 2020


Following Biden’s announcement, people up and down the Golden State began to foreshadow what their future might look like with a California-born politician in the second-highest job in the land.

California is also a state of immigrants. And fittingly, Sen. Kamala Harris is the daughter of immigrant parents — a father from Jamaica, a mother from India.

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President Trump is promising voters he will replace the Affordable Care Act, forge a new Iran nuclear deal, end the payroll tax and achieve other ambitious goals within weeks if reelected. His ability to deliver on them is close to zero.

Lawmakers are near agreement on how to revamp the Paycheck Protection Program. But it may not be enough to help small businesses shut out of previous rounds of the government loans.

For swaths of the U.S. with concentrated Chinese populations, WeChat is a way of life. President Trump’s executive order banning the app could upend that.

A new poll shows that a majority of Californians support sweeping reforms to law enforcement — including measures that would make it easier to prosecute and sue police officers.

The UC Berkeley Labor Center study urges California officials to stockpile masks, gowns, gloves to avoid shortages seen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Naason Joaquin Garcia, leader of La Luz Del Mundo, is charged with raping young members of his church. Prosecutors have begun to make their case in court.

Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota has survived a stiff Democratic primary challenge from a well-funded opponent who tried to make an issue of her national celebrity.

Redstone’s lasting imprint will be accelerating media consolidation and hard-fought battles to build, then maintain his empire.

L.A. Board of Education approves agreement with union for structured online teaching. Critics say it needlessly shortens the traditional school day.

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The council president has set out plans for a “caretaker” to manage Huizar’s district until former state Senate Leader Kevin de León is appointed in October.

After seeing the impact of the coronavirus on Filipino healthcare workers, Tenzing and Zubin Carvalho came to the rescue and donated 12,500 face shields to nursing homes, schools and hospitals.

The Black Lives Matter movement has inspired murals honoring Black lives and people killed by police brutality. But time poses a threat to the art.


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POC and nature

Meet the plant power couple in Koreatown who sell fresh plant-core merch and use their platform to uplift and advocate for POC in the plant world. When COVID-19 hit L.A., Amorette Brooms reinvented her boutique as a houseplants shop and saved her business.

Mo Jackson wanted to share their love of camping with other people of color. They started BIPOC Camping Kits with that in mind

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Public health experts say the rampant spread of the coronavirus at the prison shows the dangers of trying to achieve ‘herd immunity’ with the coronavirus.

Life inside the NBA’s closed environment in Orlando means constant surveillance and medical checks. And sometimes wine. Lots and lots of wine.


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“I can’t promise you you’re not going to get infected,” Chargers coach Anthony Lynn said to a group of his players on a videoconference call. “I got infected.”

Mookie Betts won an MVP Award as the Red Sox’s everyday leadoff hitter. Yet, the Dodgers have him batting second even as his teammates struggle at the plate.

The Dodgers, who lost 6-2 to the Padres, aren’t the only team struggling offensively. The collective batting average across the majors is the lowest since 1968.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has expressed support for the far-right conspiracy theory QAnon, won the nomination for Georgia’s 14th Congressional District.

British Transport Police say three people died and six were injured after a passenger train derailed in northeast Scotland amid stormy weather.

The British economy shrank by a fifth in the second quarter, marking the deepest coronavirus-related slump among the world’s seven leading economies.

Somalia’s parliament considers a bill that would allow a girl to be forced into marriage once her sexual organs mature and her family gives consent.


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