May 30, 2023


Homelessness Crisis

Weeks after the Inside Safe program focused on the streets around El Pueblo, the area still has about two dozen tents. Other areas face similar issues.

Congestion Pricing

Metro is set to release a congestion pricing study this summer that looks at charging people to drive key freeways and roads.

Executive pay

A Times survey tallies the paydays for the heads of Warner Bros. Discovery, Netflix and more. The issue has become a hot topic on picket lines during the writers’ strike.

One of the most complex phases of the reconstruction of fire-ravaged Notre Dame de Paris is underway: the rebuilding of the cathedral’s famous spire.

'Harm Reduction' Debate

Pipe handouts and other harm reduction can be a bridge to treatment, and cut infection and disease, including HIV. But pipes are controversial, not just in GOP circles but on Skid Row, a drug “recovery zone” that saw the worst of the crack epidemic.

Deputy Gangs

Some witnesses offered the names of everyone they’d seen with the so-called Executioners tattoo. One provided pictures of a desk decorated with the group’s symbol. Another explained the voting process used to decide who could get a tattoo.


Over five years, I read 1,001 novels to hear the voices that fill this country. These books showed me that the places of American fiction can’t be divided into blue or red states.


Editors’ Pick

The shortage can be traced in large part to a landmark law signed in 2015, according to child welfare advocates, some of whom supported it.



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