Jan. 29, 2023


Colorado River in Crisis

Las Vegas has dramatically cut water use by targeting grass. Its water czars are pushing for bigger changes to fix the Colorado River’s deficit.


A Times series exposing labor exploitation, corruption and other problems in California’s cannabis industry spurs calls for action.

Benedict Canyon shooting

Residents are left shocked after a fatal shooting during a gathering in a quiet cul-de-sac of Benedict Canyon, a neighborhood north of Beverly Hills.

Golden State

Steve Hideg was never rich, or particularly famous, but music always carried him. He refuses to let go of his drumsticks.


Editors’ Pick

Gandhi says India’s right-wing government is dividing the country along religious lines. Followers hope his cross-country march can save democracy.


The conflict between agriculture, renewable power and water supply is playing out in the desert. In this episode of Repowering the West, L.A. Times energy reporter Sammy Roth explores how solar development is affecting farmers who supply the bulk of the nation’s winter vegetables.



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