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How bad are California’s jails? Some inmates beg to go to prison instead

State reforms have cut the prison population, but many county jails are struggling with more mentally ill inmates and violence.

Late to the pool, this 97-year-old swimming champ has lapped ’em all

Maurine Kornfeld didn’t learn to put her face in the water until she reached retirement age. Now "the Mighty Mo" astounds swimmers a quarter of her age.

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California’s big housing bill tanked. Newsom is partly to blame

Something similar to Senate Bill 50 will eventually pass the Legislature. But it’s highly unlikely to happen this year.

Senior military officers rebel against Trump plan to pardon troops accused of war crimes

Several officials said Trump is not believed to have consulted his senior military advisors about issuing pardons.

When Elton John became a rock star: The untold story of the Troubadour concert

An oral history of the singer's career-making 1970 shows at the club, famously reviewed in The Times and featured in the new biopic, "Rocketman."

Northern Thai Food Club in Thai Town is a singular, spicy trip

To dine well at the 4-month-old, 12-seat restaurant called Northern Thai Food, sidle up to its steam table.