Aug. 8, 2022



Health officials recommend that anyone infected with the coronavirus isolate for at least 5 days — but for many, that timeline may be overly optimistic.

Abortion Battle

The vice president has tried to turn what many Democrats deem a crisis — the overturning of Roe vs. Wade — into a political opportunity.

One Arizona abortion clinic — run by a crew of defiant women — has become a haven in the post-Roe vs. Wade United States.

Environmental disaster

Time and again, a mining company promised to clean up uranium waste in northwest New Mexico. Now it wants to buy out residents and avoid a full cleanup.

Care for Caregivers

The workers signed their first union contract with the state about a year ago. Now, they want retirement benefits.

For Your Mind

Young people experience high rates of climate anxiety. Some channel their worries into action, often through advocacy work.


The Dodgers paid tribute to their late broadcaster, Vin Scully, during Friday’s game. Fans talked about what Scully meant to them, their life and baseball.



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