Nov. 27, 2020


While the reasons to despair are numerous, there is also a hope fueled by plates of hot food and optimism served up by East Hollywood’s Heleo Leyva.

Our homeless neighbors worry about staying well in a deadly pandemic. But they have at best a thin membrane of tent to protect them.

It’s open season year-round on Texas’ 3 million feral pigs, with hunters using thermal trackers, digital pig calls, helicopters and even hot-air balloons.

A Times data analysis finds that most counties are now suffering their worst coronavirus daily case rates of the entire pandemic.

A federal appeals court in Philadelphia has rejected President Donald Trump’s latest effort to challenge the election results, in a case expected to reach the U.S. Supreme Court if Trump appeals.

ICE uses physical abuse, solitary confinement and false documents to force Black and African asylum seekers onto ‘death planes,’ The Times has found through interviews and legal documents.

The president on Thursday renewed baseless claims that “massive fraud” and crooked local officials in battleground states led to his election defeat.

Crowds look smaller and lines shorter, but shoppers still awake early on the day after Thanksgiving for deals and tradition.

Bloomberg Philanthropies gifts Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science its largest private donation of $7.7 million to invest in future Black doctors.

Singer-actress Flor Silvestre, who shined on her own and as an equal to her partner, then became matriarch of an entertainment dynasty, dies at 90.

The actor, once known for romantic comedies, has taken on darker roles of late — including as a potentially dangerous version of himself in HBO’s “The Undoing.”

Black Friday


What to do with Thanksgiving leftovers

What are you going to do with all of that leftover Thanksgiving food? For starters, you can turn your stuffing into waffles (don’t forget to throw an egg on it) or you could make turkey gumbo. Mashed potatoes? Do you mean cheesy smashed potato sandwiches? Those green beans are begging to be added to a pasta. The possibilities are endless; the leftovers aren’t.

The greatest triumph of the season arrives on the day after Thanksgiving, when your protein-induced drowsiness has dissipated and the leftovers are yours to play with in the manner you desire.


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Elections have consequences even for movies and TV. Will we see the Trump campaign’s screwball attempts to overturn votes in satire? And will loosened drug laws further drive stoner comedies to extinction?

UCLA will need to beat a winless Arizona team on Saturday if the Bruins are going to start to impress anyone under Chip Kelly.

Ending their longest layoff in more than three decades, the U.S. women’s soccer team beats the Netherlands 2-0 in a replay of the 2019 World Cup final.

The Rams canceled practice Friday after two members of the organization received coronavirus test results that required additional testing.

Pop star Cher leads effort to rescue 35-year-old Kaavan, dubbed the world’s loneliest elephant, from captivity in Pakistan.

India’s effort to gain protected status for basmati rice exports in Europe has irked Pakistan, the world’s No. 2 producer.

South Korea’s spy agency tells lawmakers that North Korea executed 2 people and locked down its capital as part of frantic anti-coronavirus steps.

Lawyers for the ‘Citgo 6,’ U.S. oil executives held for 3 years in Venezuela, say they were found guilty of corruption and sentenced to prison.

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