June 24, 2021


The 18-year-old Sacramento resident, who was recently chosen to be the second national youth poet laureate, is dedicated to social change.

As the Communist Party’s centennial nears, China is erasing official wrongs and party history to create a triumphalist story for a young generation.

One of America’s largest unions votes to help organize Amazon warehouse and delivery workers, the first such nationwide effort.

Sick of endless fireworks? Cops and firefighters who won’t get vaccinated? I’ve got a plan to fix all that and more.

Dodgers slump continues in dramatic fashion, as four Cubs pitchers—despite eight walks—complete the first combined no-hitter in franchise history.

Seismologist Lucy Jones, journalists Rong-Gong Lin and Patt Morrison of the L.A. Times, and journalists Jacob Margolis and Austin Cross of KPCC/LAist discuss earthquake safety and resilience in California. Here are five things to remember when preparing for the Big One.

Britney Spears finally spoke out about her conservatorship, but what’s next? ‘Once the system gets ahold of you, it is hard to get out,’ an attorney says.


The former congresswoman is pushing her former colleagues to make the sharing of intimate photos without consent a federal crime.


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Point Roberts, Wash., long prospered as an appendage of Canada. But pandemic restrictions cut it off from civilization.

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She has spent most of her adult life without a bank account
Lakierra Lofton, 30, has spent most of her adult life without a bank account.

As an 18-year-old college student working part-time, Lakiarra Lofton, now 30, mismanaged her checking account. When the fees became too much, she ended up walking away from that account. She has spent most of her adult life using check-cashing services, prepaid debit cards and, most recently, fee-free mobile banking.


Mookie Betts, who left Tuesday night’s game in San Diego because of flu-like symptoms and did not play in Wednesday night’s series finale against the Padres, is back in the Dodgers lineup.

By highlighting the banned practice of doctoring baseballs, Major League Baseball sends an unintended message that the sport is populated by cheaters.

Lakers assistant Jason Kidd is in discussions with the Dallas Mavericks about their head coaching job, according to people close to the situation.



The Biden administration aims to reduce immigration from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, the so-called Northern Triangle. Why target those nations?

A N.Y. court suspends Rudolph Giuliani from practicing law, citing ‘uncontroverted evidence’ of false statements about election fraud after Trump loss.


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Workers who got free COBRA coverage through the economic stimulus program should be able to transition to Affordable Care Act policies.

Venture capitalists have poured billions into the digital mental health space, but some apps offer little more than distraction — or could do harm.

Look at those mountains. Look at those trees. Look at all these other songs about Los Angeles that predate Randy Newman’s not-exactly-official anthem for Los Angeles.

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