March 27, 2023



Officials have identified 33 buildings owned by Los Angeles County as having a flaw that could cause them to collapse in a major earthquake.


Another drought will emerge soon enough in California. But right now, the biggest threat this spring is flooding, Times columnist George Skelton writes.

Mass protests

Israel’s largest trade union group launches a strike across a broad swath of sectors, joining protests against a controversial judicial overhaul plan.

Claim denied

The LAPD fired 31 tear gas canisters inside Carlos Pena’s North Hollywood print shop. That sure sounds egregious to me, Times columnist Gustavo Arellano writes.

L.A.'s luxury real estate

As L.A.’s new “mansion tax” looms, sellers are trying anything to close deals before the April 1 deadline to avoid paying the tax.

Stalled out

Prius drivers whose catalytic converters have been swiped are experiencing a second indignity: Thousands of owners are ahead of them in line for the same part, and the delays could stretch on for months.


With its $73.5-million opening, ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ is just the latest in a string of action movies with aging stars to score at the box office.


Editors’ Pick

The Skid Row Housing Trust was a model for nonprofits housing homeless people in Los Angeles. Behind the scenes, it was imploding — leaving tenants in squalor.



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