Nov. 18, 2019
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Police said family and friends were gathered in the backyard of a home to watch a football game when “unknown suspects” fired into the crowd.
Last week, a Saugus High School student pulled a pistol from his backpack, shooting five classmates and himself. Now, Santa Clarita, still reeling from devastating wildfires, faces an even deeper grief.
Two years after it began licensing marijuana shops, the state agency that enforces cannabis laws in California has not followed the lead of other states in conducting stings to prevent the sale of pot to minors in its multi-billion industry, the largest in the country.
L.A. residents are not satisfied with the results of the millions of tax dollars spent on homelessness and think it’s time to break with longstanding practices. But even with those reservations, they would be willing to continue or expand funding, a Times poll found.
Demographics are an eye-glazer, but California’s historic shift has been a political game-changer. The state has turned from battleground purple to one-sided deep blue in 25 years.
Police tightened a siege Monday at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University campus as hundreds of anti-government protesters trapped inside sought to escape.
The Bernie Sanders election machine is powered by the renewed zeal of his followers in the aftermath of his heart attack and the endorsement from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
California remains the top U.S. destination for international students, who primarily come from China and India to attend USC and UC campuses, but enrollment dipped slightly for first time in at least a decade.
in predicting the Golden Globes, first you must know how a movie is classified. Then, after you stop laughing, you can make your picks.
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Anthony Davis’ scoring output Sunday was stifled by the double-teaming Atlanta Hawks, but it didn’t stop the Lakers from extending their winning streak.
Breaking down how the Los Angeles Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs match up heading into their AFC West showdown in Mexico City on Monday.
UCLA understands a lot went wrong in the Bruins’ blowout loss to Utah, but their next game against USC would help them sustain their bowl game hopes.
In tweets, President Trump says he will “strongly consider” an offer by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to testify before the House impeachment panel.
President Trump has made winning the freedom of Americans detained abroad a top priority. But there’s one country where he’s struggled to secure their release: Iran
Trump backs off vaping crackdown after an industry lobbying push
Trump backs off vaping crackdown after an industry lobbying push
President Trump, under pressure from the industry and conservative activists, has reconsidered his Health secretary’s proposed ban on nearly all flavored vaping products.
China’s foreign ministry lashed out at The New York Times on Monday over its release of leaked documents portraying the inner workings of Beijing’s campaign to detain more than a million Muslims in reeducation camps.
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