Nov. 20, 2019
The most significant witness yet in the House impeachment inquiry offered a first-hand account that shattered several key White House denials.
Almost everyone in Trump’s orbit confronts the same dilemma, sooner or later: Stick with Trump and risk lasting damage, or break away and hope to survive his wrath. Gordon Sondland broke away in spectacular fashion.
Perspective: Marie Yovanovitch, William Taylor and other career diplomats, quiet and dignified, have become stars during the impeachment hearings.
Rapper ASAP Rocky has a new claim to fame: minor player in the House impeachment inquiry into President Trump.
More than $35 million in U.S. military aid has yet to make it to Ukraine, according to a Pentagon spending document obtained by The Times.
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The Democratic debate in Atlanta ended with clashes over issues of race and political leadership, and Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden found themselves in the hot seat.
Police at UC Berkeley make arrests at a large protest against conservative commentator Ann Coulter at UC Berkeley.
California pushes back against automakers that side with the Trump administration, which wants to strip the state’s authority to regulate emissions.
Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who backs the impeachment inquiry, said senators’ job as jurors in Trump’s likely trial “is to look at each count and make a decision.”
Six players on the undefeated team will be suspended for Friday’s Division 3 semifinal game against undefeated West Valley.
It’s been a long road, but the Clippers finally got both their stars in Kawhi Leonard and Paul George together on the court in a scrappy victory over the Celtics in overtime.
The Paradise High football team’s title aspirations are in jeopardy after players are suspended by the CIF for running onto the field during a scuffle.
“It was an attempted joke that wasn’t funny at all,” Charles Barkley stated. “There’s no excuse for it and I apologize.”
Jumping into freezing water may not seem like a great idea, but in many cases, your discomfort brings great comfort.
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