June 13, 2021


People will help each other when the power is out or they are thirsty. And people will help a community rebuild and keep Southern California a place we all want to live after a major quake.

As a political reporter, I have seen four Republican revolutions, each of which took the party farther right.

The combination of high temperatures and a prolonged dryness will worsen the state’s critical climate condition.

For many seniors, the end of high school is marked by the first in-person gathering of their entire class since March 2020 — graduation.

A broken surfboard helped Bryan Perez escape poverty and endure deep loss. Fan support softens the blow of missing the Olympics for the elite surfer.

An excerpt from ‘Cheated’ tells the deeper story of the 2017 Dodgers-Astros World Series and the lengths the Astros went to win a tainted World Series title

An aggressive Paul George scored 31 points in the Clippers’ needed Game 3 victory over the Utah Jazz, and L.A. still has a shot at playoff history.


‘The Trials of Frank Carson’ is a true crime podcast about power, politics and law in California’s Central Valley. Carson was Stanislaus County’s most controversial defense attorney, a wizard with juries and a courtroom brawler with an unapologetically caustic style.


LGBTQ Businesses

Anthony Diaz and Kevin Alcaraz’s plant shop has had lines so long since opening last fall that their neighbors sometimes joke that they must be selling something harder than pothos.

Regulars band together to save the Boulevard, the only gay bar in Pasadena and a safe haven for the LGBTQ community in the area and beyond.

It’s worth noting that today’s legal weed scene wouldn’t exist without the efforts of LGBTQ activists.

Coronavirus: What You Need To Know

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Part of a growing cadre of Latino writers speaking out, staffers say the project came with a low budget, poor pay and a brutal schedule.

To examine the ‘overtly racist’ storylines called out by cast member Jean Yoon is to see why the industry’s diversity issues remain unresolved.

From guitar techs to road managers to crew chiefs, a year without work devastated live music’s behind-the-scenes workers, and many may never recover.

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George combine for 65 points in a 132-106 win over Utah in their playoff series, which the Clippers trail 2-1.

The Angels completed their comeback from a 5-0 deficit with a three-run ninth inning to defeat the Arizona Diamondbacks 8-7 on Saturday.

Trevor Bauer struggled in the Dodgers’ 12-1 loss to the Texas Rangers, capping a day of difficult news that included Max Muncy going on the 10-day IL.

USC on Saturday captured its third women’s national outdoor track and field crown, with Anna Cockrell winning the 100 - and 400-meter hurdles titles.



The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for bombing two minivans in a mostly Shiite neighborhood in Kabul that killed seven people, including two film animators.

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro led motorcyclist supporters through the streets of Sao Paulo — and got hit with a fine for failure to wear a mask.

Blue Origin did not disclose the winner’s name following the live online auction, but their identity will be revealed soon.


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You can buy a plethora of earthquake kits online, but which ones are the best for the price? Here’s a look at four off-the-shelf options.

L.A. chefs, restaurateurs and the Food staff share the food and drink items they would want in their earthquake kits.

Are you ready to roll with an earthquake? Do you have a tent in your trunk? Pita in your pantry? Here are nine types of Angeleno preppers.

MyShake is the early-warning app recommended for Southern Californians. But there are others you can download. What are they and which ones might you want?