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There’s a trash and rodent nightmare in downtown L.A., and plenty of blame to go around

The homeless often get blamed for the trash on skid row, but area merchants are also fouling their own nests.

Secret USC records reveal dire warnings about gynecologist accused of abusing students

The collection of memos, correspondence and student complaints offers a new level of detail to a scandal that has rocked USC after The Times brought it to light last year.

As he faked students’ resumes, Rick Singer appears to have fudged his credentials too

An inside look at how William ‘Rick’ Singer sold himself as a master of the college admissions game.

Trump lands in Japan for first state visit to new Emperor Naruhito

The president arrives in Tokyo on a largely ceremonial 3-day trip to mark the enthronement of Naruhito, attend a sumo match and discuss trade and defense.

Placing power lines underground is a costly way to reduce fire danger

Experts have said that despite the heavy costs, burying power lines in areas most susceptible to winds would provide a huge margin of safety.



Late to the pool, 97-year-old swimming champion has since lapped everyone

Maurine Kornfeld didn’t learn to put her face in the water until she reached retirement age. Now "the Mighty Mo" astounds swimmers a quarter of her age.