Sept. 26, 2022



About 9,400 students were denied university housing this fall because of shortages — and some campuses are back to squeezing three students in a dorm room as a stopgap.


Four managed-care insurance plans may lose contracts with California’s Medicaid program, which would force nearly 2 million low-income residents to switch their health plans — and possibly their doctors. The plans are fighting back.

Mountain dangers

In the mountains, residents recognize the risks and rewards they trade for living in remote areas. For fresh mountain air and acres of wooded land, they face wildfires, floods and debris flows.


Netflix dropped ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ this week and received criticism from one of the victim’s loved ones, among others. Evan Peters stars as the serial killer.

Catalytic Converters

New laws will increase penalties for buyers who fail to certify that a catalytic converter wasn’t stolen. Scrap metal recyclers and junk dealers will have to document how they are buying catalytic converters and from whom.

Rock Reunion

The art-rock pioneers play the Kia Forum on Wednesday, part of their first U.S. tour in two decades.


On this week’s episode of ‘The Bucket List: Dumplings’ Jenn learns about Italian dumplings (a.k.a. stuffed pasta) with Steve and Dina Samson of Rossoblu and Paola Da Re of Pasta Sisters in Culver City.



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