June 20, 2021


Crowe stopped by one of Mitchell’s jam sessions in which a small group of musician friends get together to make music. He shares his observations and sat down with the legend herself for a rare interview.

Colt Brennan was a star football player at Hawaii who finished third in Heisman Trophy voting before years of substance abuse problems cost him his life.

A reporter reflects on years spent covering killings in Los Angeles County and what that’s taught her about people and human nature.

The lack of progress in developing an effective Alzheimer’s drug that will treat the disease once it arises suggests that we’ve been looking at this problem in the wrong way.

Allyson Felix is determined to make the U.S. Olympic track and field team for the upcoming Tokyo Games as she looks to add to her legacy in the sport.

Letters found after the death of William Morris agent Ed Limato led to the documentary “P.S. Burn This Letter Please” and untold stories of queer life.


‘The Trials of Frank Carson’ is a true crime podcast about power, politics and law in California’s Central Valley. Carson was Stanislaus County’s most controversial defense attorney, a wizard with juries and a courtroom brawler with an unapologetically caustic style.


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‘Faces of Mankind’ exhibit at Anaheim’s Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center displays 35 portraits of unhoused and formerly unhoused people.

Transportation officials and drivers are waiting to see traffic and transit patterns altered by the COVID-19 pandemic offer clues to the future of commuting or mark only a temporary change in L.A.'s gridlock.

Coronavirus: What You Need To Know


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With “Big Shot,” on Disney+, the “Full House” veteran has found the perfect part in a lovely show. Perhaps the Stamossance is already here.

Defter and more surefooted than Pixar’s Oscar-winning “Soul,” Enrico Casarosa’s directing debut opens at the El Capitan and streams on Disney+.

As TikTok users discuss the separation of legitimate sex work from teenage grooming, 'Élite’ depicts a perilous mix of sex, cameras and money.

The team’s greatest sports fan, a unifying force and spine of the LAFC club, is honored after losing his battle with COVID-19.

Three share the lead after three rounds of the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines, as longshots and major winners like Bryson DeChambeau have a chance to win.



Authorities say a driver slammed into spectators at the start of a Pride parade in South Florida, killing one person and injuring another.

Jordan’s version of a trial of the century gets under way this week, with defendants facing charges of sedition and incitement.

Authorities say a driver in a pickup truck plowed into bicyclists competing in a community road race in Arizona, critically injuring several riders.


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Look at those mountains. Look at those trees. Look at all these other songs about Los Angeles that predate Randy Newman’s not-exactly-official anthem for Los Angeles.

Unshaken is the L.A. Times newsletter guide to earthquake readiness and resilience. Sign up for this six-week course to get you ready for a major earthquake in California.

A South L.A. woman was told the limit on a credit card she’s held for 36 years was reduced because she didn’t use it enough during the pandemic.

Your foundation, your chimney, your gas main — those are our topics for this week. To improve your earthquake safety on some of these fronts, you may need to hire a professional.