Oct. 15, 2019
Top News
The 2020 Democratic candidates sounded pretty sure that Donald Trump should be impeached, though Tulsi Gabbard sounded uncertain.
After polling her Democratic members, Speaker Pelosi sticks to her decision against holding formal House impeachment vote.
Felicity Huffman went to a prison in Northern California where she will spend two weeks for conspiring to rig her daughter’s college entrance exams.
The L.A. City Council has voted to move forward with an effort to stop landlords from quickly evicting tenants or raising rent before a new state rental law takes effect.
President Trump faces a major international crisis of his own making — something he started and might not be able to stop.
Former Angels pitcher Matt Harvey and current pitchers Andrew Heaney, Trevor Cahill and Noe Ramirez are among the at least six players interviewed by the DEA.
Since 1966 USC has cared for the historic Gamble House in Pasadena. Soon the university will hand off management as locals seek more control.
Gina Rodriguez was criticized for using the N-word while singing along to a Fugees song on Instagram. Then she apologized. Just another day on social media?
Jennifer Aniston made a grand entrance when she finally joined Instagram on Tuesday — and posted a selfie of the “Friends” cast.
Lucas Kwan Peterson and Jazz Singsanong from Thai Town’s famous Thai food restaurant Jitlada head to LAX-C, a giant grocery store/warehouse full of all the food you can’t find at Ralphs or Vons.
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Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman was noncommittal about Kenley Jansen remaining as the team’s closer in 2020.
Former Jaguars’ cornerback Jalen Ramsey is being traded to the Rams for two first-round picks in 2020 and 2021, and a fourth-round pick in 2021.
UCLA coach Chip Kelly says he hasn’t been paying attention to how Stanford has dominated the Bruins in recent years, but his players know the score.
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