March 3, 2021


The Jan. 6 Capitol attack has compelled many pastors across the country to speak out on their struggles to combat the spread of misinformation, conspiracy theories and QAnon beliefs among their congregations.

Federal security officials are set to testify in the second Senate hearing about what went wrong on Jan. 6, when rioters stormed the Capitol.

The COVID-19 pandemic cut global greenhouse gas emissions, but the benefits won’t last unless dramatic reductions continue for years

The House speaker isn’t going anywhere, yet. But that’s not stopping her would-be successors

A press event at a grocery store underscores the new reality of Vice President Kamala Harris’ protective bubble.

The remains of thousands killed in the Philippines’ war on drugs could be tossed in pits as families struggle to pay for burial sites amid a pandemic.

In a new interview on Australian TV, HFPA member Jenny Cooney said the lack of Black members was a problem the group was previously unaware of.

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Thirty-four young horned lizards, hatched from eggs collected at Tinker Air Force Base in 2019 and 2020, are being raised at the Oklahoma City Zoo as part of a National Science Foundation-funded study. Once past their most vulnerable life stages, they’ll be released at the base, where researchers have used radio telemetry to track more than 1,000 lizards since 2003, studying their movement, health, reproduction and survival rate.

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David Crosby was grieving his girlfriend’s death when he and friends made ‘If I Could Only Remember My Name.’ Panned in 1971, it’s now a classic.

Chris D’Elia, who just addressed sexual misconduct that came to light in July, is sued by a woman who says he sought pictures and sex from her when she was 17.

Longtime friends and collaborators Thundercat and Flying Lotus are each nominated for a Grammy Award for ‘It Is What It Is,’ an album marked by loss.

The longtime friends and collaborators are each nominated for a Grammy Award for ‘It Is What It Is,’ an album marked by loss.

The news draws cheers from some businesses, jeers from others, as the state grapples with returning to an old and new normal amid COVID-19.

The deaths of at least six anti-coup demonstrators — following 18 believed killed Sunday — were reported on social media and in local news outlets.

Authorities say at least 10 rockets have targeted a military base in western Iraq that houses American troops.

The Biden administration’s first test over what it promised would be a tough approach to Saudi Arabia has left both Riyadh and its critics unhappy.


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