Oct. 26, 2020


California wildfires

Evacuation orders were issued for about 90,000 residents in Orange County as the Silverado fire and the Blue Ridge fire spread.

The 200-acre blaze, the second brush fire to ignite amid high winds Monday, was moving west and forcing evacuations in Orange County.

The Bobcat fire, which is still burning, is likely the source of the ash that’s drifting into East Los Angeles and parts of the San Gabriel Valley.

Residents deal with stress and fear as the Silverado fire sweeps down from the hills above Irvine, threatens homes and prompts evacuations.

The air around Southern California feels like smoke soup because of wildfires. What does that mean for your health and daily routines?

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A senator mangled vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris’ name at a Trump rally. It wasn’t new for her, or for many more who’ve been made to feel “other.”

The decision to intervene in the death row case follows a promise by Newsom during his first term as governor that no prisoner in the state would be executed while he is in office, a pledge made when he imposed a moratorium on the death penalty.

A protester who is suing the city of Los Angeles and several LAPD officers after being shot and wounded by a police projectile during a protest in the city has been charged with assault in the same incident.

Trump mixes flattery with insults as he tries to appeal to women in the final days of the campaign.

In Latino households and communities, disinformation about the presidential election is rampant. Many are trying to combat it online and in person.

Democrats and voting rights advocates had argued that mail ballots that arrived up to six days after Nov. 3 should be counted if they were postmarked by election day.

If approved at Tuesday’s board meeting, the motion would direct county lawyers to look into how to impeach Villanueva or take away some of his responsibilities.

Decades ago, the Los Angeles coast was a dumping ground for thousands of barrels of acid sludge laced with the toxic pesticide DDT. The ocean buried the evidence for generations. No one could see it — until now.

Dodgers hope to close out the World Series and end their title drought Tuesday night with rookie pitcher Tony Gonsolin making the start.

‘I’m always looking for people to play racist buffoons,’ Sacha Baron Cohen tweeted after Trump called him a ‘creep’ upon the new ‘Borat’ film’s release.

Voting Resources

The general election is approaching fast, with presidential, congressional, state legislative and local races on the Nov. 3 ballot. Here’s everything you need to know to make sure your vote is counted.


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‘I felt it was important that viewers could tell by the silhouette that Batwoman was a Black girl,’ actress Javicia Leslie says of Batwoman’s new suit.

A Black & Decker drill, “Kraptonite” chains, multiroll storage that flaunts your hoard. Artists share inspirations for the Echo Park show “Under/Over.”

Fans who traveled to Texas to watch the Dodgers chase a World Series title appreciate the opportunity while recognizing a celebration would be muted.

The protocols to decide USC sophomore wide receiver Munir McClain’s fate are still unclear as NCAA rules do not cover unemployment benefits.

The Rams defense was on target against Nick Foles and the Chicago Bears in the team’s 24-10 win on Monday.

Women’s rights activists and supporters are holding a fifth day of protests in Poland after a top court tightened an already strict abortion law.

Refugees from places like the Congo and Iraq have seen protections in the U.S. fade over four years as the Trump administration chips away at policies.

Factory workers, students and owners of small businesses in Belarus strike to demand that its authoritarian leader resign after a disputed election.

A French doctor warns that his country has ‘lost control’ of the coronavirus, a day after health authorities reported more than 52,000 new infections.


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