Sep. 19, 2019
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Council President Herb Wesson says “anti-displacement zones” would cover the entire city of Los Angeles, but how they would work is far from clear.
University of California President Janet Napolitano, champion of immigrant students and sexual abuse victims, says she will resign.
President Trump’s plan to get homeless people off L.A. streets is to eliminate layers of regulation to make it easier and cheaper to build more housing. But it’s too simple to link that approach with that of his liberal antagonists in California.
After more than a decade, why is Britney Spears still under a court-approved conservatorship, which leaves decisions involving her estate and everyday life to others?
South Korean police said Thursday that they have found a suspect thought to be an infamous serial killer wanted for the slaying of nine women about 30 years ago.
A mechanic accused of sabotaging an American Airlines jetliner in July had expressed a desire for Allah to hurt non-Muslims, stored violent Islamic State videos on his cellphone and has a brother in Iraq possibly involved with the extremist group, according to new evidence unveiled at his bail hearing Wednesday.
A man and woman were killed and two other women were wounded when a man started shooting at a group gathered near the 800 block of Bay View Avenue.
He went to UCLA and UC Berkeley. He worked for Trump’s rivals in the 2016 campaign. Now Robert O’Brien is Trump’s national security advisor. How’d that happen?
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s campaigning for national elections has been hit by the publication of a yearbook photo showing him in brownface makeup at a costume party in 2001.
The decision by actor Kevin Spacey’s legal team to immediately file a death notice with the court could jeopardize the case, the late accuser’s attorney says.
“Saturday Night Live” star Darrell Hammond opens up about repressed memories of childhood trauma in the documentary “Cracked Up,” directed by Michelle Esrick.
“Bachelor in Paradise” contestants Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty — the franchise’s first same-sex couple — proposed to each other during Tuesday’s finale.
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