April 21, 2021


Minneapolis and the country celebrated Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict. The predominately white city will likely remain a touchstone in the national debate over policing and racial justice.

Police body-camera video indicates that a Columbus, Ohio, officer fatally shot a Black teenage girl who swung at two other people with a knife.

A California deputy has been charged with manslaughter and assault in the fatal shooting of an unarmed man during a slow-moving car pursuit in 2018

Philonise Floyd thanked the Raiders a day after the team tweeted “I CAN BREATHE” following Derek Chavin’s conviction for the murder of George Floyd.

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Governments rely on data that doesn’t differentiate between groups of Asian Americans , but wealth gaps, language barriers, technology can all make a big difference

There is something to be said for shaking a fist and demanding better. But I also know from personal experience that you can’t impose magical deadlines for getting people off the street,

Peloton’s Tread+ treadmill has been blamed for the death of one child and injuries to dozens more. The company says it won’t recall the machine.

Beutner guided the district through a tumultuous teachers strike and a year of unprecedented coronavirus-forced school closures.

The governor has declared a drought emergency in Mendocino and Sonoma counties but said he was not prepared to issue statewide water-use restrictions.

California’s latest seven-day new case rate — 40.3 per 100,000 people — is dramatically lower than the nationwide rate of 135.3 over that same time period.

Former President Barack Obama and filmmaker Ava DuVernay discuss “A Promised Land” at the L.A. Times Community Book Club.

SeaWorld was the first to welcome them. But a state public health spokesperson confirmed that if fully vaccinated against COVID-19, people living outside California can attend. Disneyland and Universal Studios aren’t ready yet.

A report that Lakers fan Vivian Flores went missing Sunday unlocked a wormhole of catfishing possibilities that pulled Markieff Morris and Kevin Durant into its maw.

You can find a jar of chili oil on the tables at countless restaurants and noodle shops in the San Gabriel Valley, but in the last two years, Los Angeles has experienced a chile sauce revolution.

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Amazon’s ‘Them’ and Oscar nominee ‘Two Distant Strangers,’ which mix racist violence and genre elements, have ignited a debate over ‘trauma porn.’

Starting in May, School of Rock students have the option to return to live learning. “I miss playing on stage with my band,” says 12-year-old Daniel.


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The agreement will bring hundreds of Sony movies, including ‘Jumanji’ and ‘Spider-Man,’ to multiple Disney platforms, including Disney+ and Hulu.

Singer Demi Lovato slammed L.A. fro-yo shop the Bigg Chill for what she called promoting toxic diet culture. The store, and its many fans, hit back.

“Good Morning America” co-anchors Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos and Fox sportscaster Joe Buck will also fill in as “Jeopardy!” guest hosts.

Five years after Prince’s death, dedicated L.A. fans find solace and community in a pair of Facebook groups. Here, they share memories of their musical hero.

For Saturday’s game against the Padres, the Dodgers are opening what they’re calling a ‘fully vaccinated fan section,’ where social distancing won’t be required.

Lakers’ Anthony Davis tells reporters he plans to play Thursday and feels ‘100% healthy’ after missing more than two months with a leg injury.

NFL Network broadcaster Rich Eisen turned what was once a joke into a major philanthropic event with “Run Rich Run.” This year, he’s giving it a new twist.

A North Carolina sheriff says the deputy who shot and killed a man while serving a search warrant has been put on leave pending an investigation.

Despite a booming business in China, Tesla finds itself under fire for how it treats its customers in the world’s largest, and increasingly most competitive, car market.

Two of imprisoned Russian dissident Alexei Navalny’s closest associates were detained ahead of mass protests Wednesday on his behalf.

Queen Elizabeth II is marking her 95th birthday in low-key fashion at Windsor Castle, just days after the funeral of her husband, Prince Philip.

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Look outside the box. Here’s how to approach figuring out which new careers might be a good fit for you, based on your skills, experience, interests and goals.

Will the Cinerama Dome movie theater suffer the same fate as some L.A. movie palaces — torn down for a parking lot? Or will it be saved for future generations?

Baldwin Park had the second highest rate of COVID-19 deaths in the San Gabriel Valley, yet it lagged in vaccinations. Here’s how a church and various other groups set up a clinic