Feb. 7, 2023


Goshen killings

Angel Uriarte had been embroiled in a feud with the Parraz family, according to police records. He is accused of executing six people, including a baby.

Monterey Park shooting

Brandon Tsay has received national attention for his selfless act of bravery. With new opportunities open to him, he’s searching for where his life goes from here.


Huntington Park police release video of three officers approaching Anthony Lowe as he hobbles away. He is carrying a knife, which police said he had used to stab a man, and is seen raising it above his head.

Tom Girardi

Girardi, 83, sat stone-faced as a magistrate judge, a prosecutor and two public defenders appointed to represent him discussed his mental health.

On the Move

The ‘Andy Warhol: Cars’ exhibition at the Petersen Automotive Museum is now closed and the vehicles are headed on an international road trip. We were there to see them off.


Editors’ Pick

Shark diving off Guadalupe Island in Baja California informed two decades of research and spawned a thriving tourist industry. But several bloody incidents fouled the water.


On Jan. 21, Monterey Park was shattered when the Star Ballroom Dance Studio became the site of one of California’s worst mass shootings in recent history. Many of the victims were studio regulars united in their passion for dance. Here are their stories.



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