July 7, 2020


Race in America

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LAPD officials are investigating whether a spike in officers calling in sick over the July 4 weekend was the result of an orchestrated protest.


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After calling for the relocation of a Confederate statue at the University of Mississippi, students are now demanding administrators halt the project.

The L.A. Surge Hospital treated a small number of coronavirus patients during the 39 days it was open. But doctors say it saved ‘many, many lives,’ while restoring their faith in medicine.

The Pandemic in Photos

For the past 16 years, Mauro Rios Parra has sold fruit bars and ice cream on the streets of Pico-Union, one of L.A.'s densest cities and among the hardest hit by the coronavirus.

This Houston hospital tried to prepare for the second wave of COVID-19, but was already 80% full this week as a nurse and doctor fell ill.

Food at home or takeout

If you have time or need a quick meal, here are some recipes to consider for your kitchen, including quarantine baking. Don’t be afraid to try some vegan carnitas. A look at the origins and a dark side of the Mexican combo-plate restaurants in the South.

For nearly three years, a mural of Jonathan Park’s face adorned a white wall outside Catalina Liquor in Koreatown, his home and the neighborhood he’s become inseparably tied to as the rapper Dumbfoundead.


‘Late Late Show’ host James Corden talks Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, David Letterman and how his own hosting style has evolved amid the novel coronavirus crisis.

In addition to the iconic sci-fi blockbusters, “Airplane!,” “Independence Day” and “Midsommar” join the fray in this week’s LA Times Ultimate Summer Movie Showdown.

CNN anchor Don Lemon invited Terry Crews to discuss the actor’s recent Black Lives Matter tweets, leading to a heated debate about the movement’s merits.

The cast of ‘Noah’s Arc,’ the trailblazing Logo series that centered on gay Black men in L.A., reunited Sunday with fresh takes on unprecedented times.

The Philadelphia Eagles ‘will take appropriate action’ after receiver DeSean Jackson posted anti-Semitic passages attributed to Hitler on Instagram.

Atlanta Dream co-owner Kelly Loeffler, who is also a Republican U.S. senator, sent a letter to the commissioner objecting to the WNBA’s Black Lives Matter initiatives.

Rights groups say that in some ways, Palestinians in East Jerusalem have fewer legal protections than those in the West Bank.

A Brazilian man infected with HIV has shown no sign of it for more than a year since he stopped HIV medicines after an experimental drug therapy.