Jan. 27, 2023


Paul Pelosi attack

Other evidence released by the court includes a recording of Pelosi’s 911 call and video footage from a Capitol Police security camera outside the Pelosi home.


After the UC and academic workers celebrated wage gains in new labor contracts, campuses scramble to pay for them, with potential cuts in new graduate students looming.

Streaming TV

As her history of Black America comes to Hulu, journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones opens up about feeling ‘exposed,’ upsetting conservative politicians and more.


Now in its third season, the beloved kids’ show ‘Bluey’ has become a global phenomenon. The natural next move was taking the screen smash to the stage, which arrives at the Dolby Theatre this weekend.


Editors’ Pick

Can Southwest repair its flight network and reputation after it canceled nearly 17,000 December flights? Are other airlines vulnerable?


The conflict between agriculture, renewable power and water supply is playing out in the desert. In this episode of Repowering the West, L.A. Times energy reporter Sammy Roth explores how solar development is affecting farmers who supply the bulk of the nation’s winter vegetables.



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