Feb. 7, 2023


Monterey Park shooting

Tsay stopped the Monterey Park mass shooter by wresting a MAC-10 from the gunman. Now he’s trying to find his purpose in life.

Avenging Billy

Local sleuths help find a suspect in gay porn actor Bill Newton’s murder. His dismembered head and feet were found in a Hollywood dumpster in 1990.


Here’s a breakdown of how California’s proposed water reductions from the Colorado River stacks up against a proposal submitted by six other states.

State of the Union

While most Americans who tune in will be focused on President Biden’s remarks, Californians may have a few extra things to look for.


Huntington Park police release video of three officers approaching Anthony Lowe as he hobbles away. He is carrying a knife, which police said he had used to stab a man, and is seen raising it above his head.


Whales trap a lot of carbon, and if there are more of them, they can trap more of the carbon dioxide produced by human activity.


Editors’ Pick

In a region known for NIMBYism, San Jose is one of the only cities with the politics to build dense housing by rezoning the sprawl.


On Jan. 21, Monterey Park was shattered when the Star Ballroom Dance Studio became the site of one of California’s worst mass shootings in recent history. Many of the victims were studio regulars united in their passion for dance. Here are their stories.



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