Feb. 2, 2023


Colorado River Crisis

California is hoping that its senior water rights will trump the concerted effort of six other states in the tussle over claims on Colorado River supply.

Times Investigation

In Tijuana, reporters found that pills sold as oxycodone tested positive for fentanyl, while pills sold as Adderall tested positive for methamphetamine.

Monterey Park Tragedy

Following the Lunar New Year’s Eve mass shooting that left 11 dead and nine wounded, the city clerk has released the 911 dispatch tapes of frantic callers at a ballroom dance studio.


Fulfilling a pledge, Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s GOP-led House narrowly votes to oust Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Worker Wages

California voters complain that canvassers for a measure to repeal a law expanding protections for fast-food workers lied about the effects.

Column One

Longtime 30-something friends had a yearly ritual: traveling the Mississippi River. Then the pandemic intervened.

L.A. Art Fair

The 2023 art fair season is bigger than ever, with more international participants, full visitor capacity and one new fair added to the mix. Five art fairs will run concurrently starting Feb. 15.


Editors’ Pick

As a skater growing up in a diverse suburb, he ‘loved everyone,’ even as he knew racism existed and cops could use it against him.


Meteorologists on board a specially equipped hurricane-reconnaissance jet were trying to answer one question: How bad would the next atmospheric river be?



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