Dec. 8, 2022


Times Investigation

More than a dozen individuals who worked with David Graziano described him as a volatile and bullying boss.


If you’re searching for the essential food of L.A., let our critic’s 2022 restaurant list be your guide. Find the best vegetarian, Italian, Mexican and more.

Solar power

The solar industry is on a climate collision course with monopoly utilities.

Acrisure Arena

Palm Desert’s Acrisure Arena is the first venue of its size in the Coachella Valley. Local officials, wary of gentrification, say ‘the pros outweigh the cons.’


When our reporter, David Wharton, picked up fencing, he wondered why he even tried. Younger opponents, sore muscles, wincing pain. But something kept him going. Something brought him back practice after practice. He couldn’t say no.



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What else can you do with a French press?

Thinking about buying an espresso machine but don’t know where to start?

Want to make coffee at home instead of paying for it elsewhere?

Want to brew perfect coffee every time? We’ve listed some equipment you need to make cafe-style coffee at home.