July 17, 2019
Top News
Middle-class Americans are bearing the brunt of the rise in health insurance deductibles and medical bills. That’s helped widen the country’s political divisions.
The first day of President Trump’s long-threatened ICE raids didn’t result in the large numbers of arrests some had expected.
Kamala Harris leads all Democratic challengers among California donors of $200 or more, but her home-state advantage narrowed in recent months.
After complaints that the ShakeAlert app failed to warn users of the Ridgecrest quakes, officials will lower the notification threshold. But there are risks.
Visitors to the Lakers’ posh training center in El Segundo enter through oversized glass doors and are greeted by large rotating photos on three vertical flat screens framed in gold.
Like thousands of Central American parents seeking asylum in the United States, Patricia panicked when, after she and her son crossed the Rio Grande into Texas last year, U.S. border agents took the boy away.
Regal L.A. Live is introducing a French movie theater technology that enhances the onscreen action with five LED side panels in the auditorium.
A healthy lifestyle can cut your risk of developing Alzheimer’s, even if you’ve inherited genes that raise your risk for the dementia-causing disease.
Nine days after the Houston Astros’ Jake Marisnick flattened Angels catcher Jonathan Lucroy on a home-plate collision, Marisnick was hit by a pitch leading to a partial bench-clearing altercation.
Apollo 11: 50 years since the moon landing
Housing and Homelessness
A coalition of skid row advocates accused Los Angeles of wanting to give the bulk of skid row over to luxury housing developers, ignoring the thousands of people living in tents and shelters in the blighted downtown district.
Whereas L.A. has focused (unsuccessfully) on trying to create long-term affordable housing, New York has focused on creating temporary shelters.
A message to our readers from Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, owner and executive chairman, and Norman Pearlstine, executive editor, of the Los Angeles Times