Feb. 28, 2021


With Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra up for a Cabinet post, activists have recommended, among others, a district attorney who has stopped seeking the death penalty in murder cases.

In criticizing Health and Human Services nominee Xavier Becerra for not being a doctor, Cruz betrayed his ignorance about the kind of Cabinet we need.

Some 80,000 Mexicans have disappeared in the last 15 years. Many are now thought to be in government custody — among the thousands of corpses that pass through morgues each year without ever being identified and end up in common graves.

In a post-pandemic world, will L.A. be a city of empty buildings and homeless people sleeping on the ground outside of them? Not if Rose Rios has a say.

The mystery over Lady Gaga’s stolen French bulldogs and attack on her dog walker deepened even after the dogs were safely recovered.


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The former NFL player and author to host the final episode after the show’s original host, Chris Harrison, was criticized for deflecting a contestant’s racist behavior in an interview.

At the core of “Allen v. Farrow” is “intense and harrowing” video of 7-year-old Dylan Farrow alleging abuse by Woody Allen. Here’s the story behind the tape.

Michael Patrick F. Smith’s “The Good Hand,” about leaving the New York high life to toil in North Dakota oil fields, avoids the traps of stunt memoirs past.

The Mexican fighter dominates his challenger from Turkey, winning in the third round at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla.

For columnist Dylan Hernández, it’s easy to see why UCLA gymnastics, and its push for social equality, is so popular with his 10-year-old daughter.

The Angels didn’t make a splash in the offseason to revamp their pitching staff, but the team is adopting some new approaches to maximize effectiveness.

The New York attorney general and top judge will appoint an independent lawyer to investigate claims of sexual harassment lodged against Cuomo.

Families in Nigeria waited anxiously for news of their daughters after more than 300 schoolgirls were kidnapped by gunmen from a government school.

The U.N. office says it has ‘credible information’ that 18 have been killed and over 30 wounded in a crackdown on anti-coup protesters in Myanmar.

Earlier this month, employees at the Benito Juárez public library, in Zona Río, were startled when other government employees arrived to evict them.


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