June 23, 2021


Britney Spears is appearing in court today for the first time in years. Will she request that her decade-plus conservatorship be terminated?

The record budget is available in part because of the COVID-19 pandemic, whose effects on students the district must now try to overcome.

The court overturned a lower court ruling in favor of the police and said the 4th Amendment does not allow the police to enter a home unless it is an emergency or they have a warrant.

Though it is impossible to say for sure, some suggest the state’s incentive program probably sparked renewed interest in getting a shot.

Gov. Gavin Newsom is expected to extend regulations that protect struggling renters from eviction beyond June 30, but confusion over the rules has sowed fears.

Black Lives Matter has emboldened a younger generation of the Klamath Tribes, who are now speaking out on their treatment on the parched Oregon-California border.

Elton John extends his farewell tour into 2022, including a pair of shows at the Los Angeles venue that helped make him a superstar.

Lynn Williams was left off the final USWNT Olympic roster revealed Wednesday morning, arguably the biggest surprise move made by coach Vlatko Andonovski.


We discuss the lingering physical and emotional effects of COVID-19, and how to get to a place where those afflicted can heal.


Los Angeles’ greatest sports fan Mo Fascio, a unifying force and spine of the LAFC club, is honored after losing his battle with COVID-19.

A beginner’s guide to the salty, sweet, sour, spicy world of Mexican candy.

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She has spent most of her adult life without a bank account
Lakierra Lofton, 30, has spent most of her adult life without a bank account.

As an 18-year-old college student working part-time, Lakiarra Lofton, now 30, mismanaged her checking account. When the fees became too much, she ended up walking away from that account. She has spent most of her adult life using check-cashing services, prepaid debit cards and, most recently, fee-free mobile banking.


Bravo’s glittery reality franchise has always encouraged competitive consumption. But cast members’ financial ‘smoke and mirrors’ can lead to trouble.

Television’s most prestigious space, the limited series, does not have enough Emmy nomination slots. Until that changes, get ready for some “snubs.”

The ‘Fargo’ showrunner talks about shutting down production in 2020, Jessie Buckley’s murderous nurse and Jason Schwartzman’s mustache.

You don’t get many less-than-a-second chances to lose a heartbreaker like the Clippers did to the Phoenix Suns in Game 2 of the NBA Western Conference finals.

Nancy Skinner has introduced a bill that would clear the way for NIL compensation much earlier than its planned start date in 2023.

Clayton Kershaw has erratic outing and Dodgers waste big chance with bases loaded and none out in eighth.

Lakers guard Alex Caruso was arrested Tuesday in Texas on suspicion of marijuana possession. He was later released.



Critics of the plan to make bitcoin legal tender in El Salvador say the cryptocurrency’s extreme volatility could bring devastation to one of the poorest countries in the hemisphere.

The pro-democracy Apple Daily said Wednesday it would close after authorities arrested several editors in an intensifying clampdown on dissent.

Asian Americans and others are campaigning for a U.S. Navy warship to be named for Telesforo Trinidad, who rescued 2 crew members from a burning ship.

Warren Buffett is resigning as a trustee of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation a few weeks after the Gateses announced their divorce.


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