July 5, 2020


GOP lawmakers, Trump surrogates tread carefully after he spent the Fourth of July holiday weekend denigrating the racial-justice movement and playing down the deadly pandemic.

Race in America

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Climate change is increasing California’s wet-to-dry extremes, but average precipitation is not declining.


Plant parenting

It’s officially summer, and some houseplants want to soak up the sun. Be careful — not all plants but only these specific plants should bask in it. If you need tips, follow Black plantfluencers and garden experts or get advice from the PlantKween of Instagram. While you’re there, follow @latimesplants.

As plant stores begin to reopen in Los Angeles, we share a few of our favorites.

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A court’s surprisingly light sentences for seven Papuan activists highlights how far the Black Lives Matter protests have reverberated in Indonesia.

The Pandemic in Photos

For the past 16 years, Mauro Rios Parra has sold fruit bars and ice cream on the streets of Pico-Union, one of L.A.'s densest cities and among the hardest hit by the coronavirus.

This Houston hospital tried to prepare for the second wave of COVID-19, but was already 80% full this week as a nurse and doctor fell ill.


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The first official album from late Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke features a dizzying array of guests that threaten to overwhelm his own formidable star power.

Stuart Cornfeld, who produced more than a handful of films with Ben Stiller under the production house Red Hour Films, died on June 26 after a bout of cancer.

Tony-winning “Hamilton” actor Leslie Odom Jr. gets candid about thoughtfully originating Aaron Burr, and the lack of diversity and profit-sharing in the theater industry.

On Sunday, sports network ESPN will premiere an Eagles concert shot at the Forum in Inglewood. Here’s how to tune in.

The spectator-less event due to the coronavirus gives TV broadcasters and producers a chance to experiment with how they present and cover MLS games.

Amid protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death, Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona believes it’s time to change the team’s nickname.

The Trojans’ total number of positive cases is up to two since they began allowing athletes to return to campus two weeks ago. The two athletes who tested positive were experiencing symptoms and were put in isolation. One player remains in isolation.

Deep floodwaters and the risk of more mudslides are hampering search and rescue operations in southern Japan, including at elderly home facilities where more than a dozen died and scores are still stranded.

More than 200 researchers worldwide sign an open letter saying current guidance ignores evidence that the coronavirus readily spreads on microscopic particles known as aerosols that can hang in the air for long periods and float dozens of feet.

President Trump has a vision for his second term, if he wins one, of establishing a “National Garden of American Heroes.”