Feb. 2, 2023


Cannabis Swindle

An L.A. swindler drove a Lamborghini and posed as a weed mogul as he fleeced friends, his dentist and scores of others in a brazen series of scams.

Anthony Avalos case

Taking the stand against their own mother, two children recount how Heather Barron and Kareem Leiva turned their residence into a house of horrors.

Costco project

A proposed project in Baldwin Village would bring 800 apartments, including housing for low-income residents, above a Costco, as well as 400 jobs.


San Diego resident Katie Thurston is pursuing comedy full time with the help of mentors like Whitney Cummings.

Catty take

What is that term — hate-watching? Not that I hated ‘Gunther’s Millions,’ whose four hours I watched with growing astonishment. I just don’t like dogs.


Editors’ Pick

Protest in Peru aimed at removing the president has become a rebellion of the Indigenous and poor, pushing for broad political, economic and social changes.


Sales of the Evidence brand, grown and packaged at the former Claremont Custody Center in Coalinga, raises funds and awareness for the Last Prisoner Project



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