Feb. 5, 2023


Suspected spy balloon

Beijing threatens to “take further actions,” criticizing Washington for what it deems “an obvious overreatcion.”

A son's quest

Yoel Levy fled Lev Tahor, a cult based in Guatemala. He’s now fighting to get his family out.

Slain officer

The type of firearm used to kill Selma Police Officer Gonzalo Carrasco Jr. is untraceable and has become of growing concern.

Corona attacker

A Perris man is arrested after he allegedly throws punches before pulling out a gun from his car.


Angelenos gather at the Greek Theater to celebrate the life and legacy of the mountain lion who prowled Griffith Park.


Editors’ Pick

Mt. Baldy towers over Southern California, beautifully decked with snow. Easy access helps make it one of the three deadliest peaks in the U.S. This winter, rescue crews have been busy.


On Jan. 21, Monterey Park was shattered when the Star Ballroom Dance Studio became the site of one of California’s worst mass shootings in recent history. Many of the victims were studio regulars united in their passion for dance. Here are their stories.



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