Dec. 5, 2022



Pain at the Pump

Today’s special session of the Legislature, convened at Gov. Newsom’s urging, comes in response to stubbornly high gas prices.

Amazon Rainforest

Brazil’s incoming president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, has pledged to reverse years of neglect in the Amazon rainforest, halting destruction in Indigenous reserves.

Senate Runoff

Tuesday’s runoff between Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) and GOP challenger Herschel Walker will decide whether Democrats can tighten their control of the Senate.

Crypto Campaign

Outside groups connected to the FTX co-founder spent about $2.4 million to support the congressional campaigns of Robert Garcia and Sydney Kamlager.

High Court Arguments

Justices hear arguments Monday in the case of a Christian business owner claiming a free-speech right to turn away same-sex couples planning to marry.



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