Oct. 3, 2022



When the state faces dry conditions, the environment is among the first to take a hit, and that can have harsh consequences for wildlife.

COVID-19 Pandemic


A criminal syndicate had given L.A. Unified until Monday to pay ransom, but released documents early after Supt. Carvalho said he would not negotiate.

LAUSD hack

Some screenshots from the hack were reviewed by The Times and appear to show some Social Security numbers. But the full extent of the release remains unclear.

War in Ukraine

Surging inflation and fears about an energy crisis from Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine are taking a toll on the finances — and psyches — of Germans.

Avian Flu Outbreak

A highly infectious bird flu that has felled millions of birds globally is in California. Experts worry it could affect our food supply.


Dodgers Spanish-language radio broadcaster Jaime Jarrín is retiring at the end of this season after six-plus decades, spanning from Koufax to Kershaw.



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