June 3, 2023


Environmental concerns

A mediator and attorneys for all parties are projecting a completed settlement by later this year in the legal battle over Atlas Metals, located next to Jordan High School.

Publication of the information marks a new level of transparency from state officials, who have been harshly criticized for their oversight of cleanup work.

Campus workers

With costs rising, student assistants across CSU’s 23 campuses, working in jobs from IT support to receptionist, are pushing to unionize.


A sweeping agreement by unions and officials will reboot extra learning days, resolve legal disputes

Zoot Suit Riots

As L.A. observes the 80th anniversary of the unrest, much will be said about wartime xenophobia and bigotry. Less known is the story told in the Charlotta Bass mural, Times columnist Gustavo Arellano writes.

Happy trails


Four life stories, two pop-ups, and regional Mexican and Indian flavors unite deliciously at this new taqueria on 3rd Street in Los Angeles, our food critic writes.


Editors’ Pick

Solving a cold case is a daunting prospect for anyone, let alone amateurs. But three women are determined to find justice for a slain high school classmate.



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