Aug. 11, 2022


Razing a Relic

In Morro Bay, three iconic but defunct smokestacks are coming down. A lithium battery storage project is planned as state transitions to renewable energy.

Column One

After the Supreme Court’s Roe vs. Wade ruling, three generations of Latinas in an Orange County family reflect on how their stances on abortion have evolved.

Media Crackdown

With virtually no independent journalists left, Nicaragua has become a country that ‘not even Orwell could have dreamed up,’ as one writer put it.

Employee Power

Experts acknowledge the newfound excitement around labor but caution that unions, which have suffered decades of declining membership, are unlikely to turn the tide.

Under the Microscope

Even those who oppose the harsh labor practices in Qatar insist the 2022 World Cup must go on. And they hope the world will be watching.



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