Dec. 6, 2022



L.A. teachers union wants 20% raise over two years, but says it’s also committed to a wide range of demands that represent union’s social values, including solar panels, electric buses and low income housing for students’ families.

Les Moonves Investigation

Nearly five years after the LAPD closed an investigation into allegations of sexual assault by the former head of CBS, the detective who originally handled the investigation showed up at the district attorney’s office to present the case again.

Twitter Takeover

Following mass layoffs at Twitter, outgoing employees are readying various legal claims against new CEO Elon Musk.

Senate Runoff

Will Democrats mobilize and win an absolute majority in the Senate, or will the GOP keep the chamber split 50-50?

Cosmopolitan L.A.

Attention and sympathetic responses from multi-national Los Angeles can amplify cries for justice in distant nations, and act as a buffer against censorship.

Column One

Stumbling upon the sport of fencing at 55, David Wharton recounts an unexpected journey that taught him about aging and finding your ‘why’ in life.



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