Aug. 6, 2020


Infections have been skyrocketing in the region’s mostly working-class Latino communities since the economy reopened around Memorial Day. The virus is spreading rapidly through factories, stores and other workplaces.

The death of a promising young skateboarder fits into a surprising pattern: Increasingly, homeless people in Los Angeles and its environs are dying by hanging.

Does Orange County need all that expensive water from Poseidon’s proposed seawater desalination plant in Huntington Beach?

NBCUniversal’s management shakeup on Thursday also includes new roles for veteran executives Matt Strauss and Frances Berwick.

Black and Latino voters are the most persistent targets of disinformation. Now, they are fighting back. Inside a ‘war room’ at the center of the effort.

New York’s attorney general announces a lawsuit accusing the NRA of misspending and self-dealing, and seeks to dissolve the gun rights organization.

The Ohio governor tested positive for the coronavirus just ahead of a planned meeting with President Trump.

California state prison officials say as many as 17,600 inmates may be released early, despite concerns some could be dangerous.

President Trump still wants to overturn Obamacare, but his predecessor’s healthcare law keeps gaining ground in places where it was once unwelcome.

The coronavirus keeps forcing companies to slash jobs just as a critical $600 weekly federal jobless payment has expired.

Residents of Beirut are venting their fury at Lebanon’s leaders, blaming them for the deadly explosion that ravaged the city.

Police in Arizona drop charges against the YouTube personality in a May incident, as federal officers serve search warrants at his California home.

Airlines are limiting — and sometimes eliminating — food and beverage service. In many cases, you’ll need to BYOS — bring your own snacks.


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In the days since Ron Jeremy was charged with sexual assault, half a dozen women have contacted The Times to detail allegations of rape and groping against the adult film star.

The controversy over Trader Joe’s ethnic-sounding brands shows how today’s increasingly polarized society puts the whimsical grocery chain in a tough spot.

Remembering Hiroshima

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the world’s first nuclear attack: the bombing of Hiroshima in Japan by the U.S. during World War II. About 140,000 people were killed. Some survivors commemorated the anniversary with a moment of silence. Others urgently relayed the need to bear witness as the number of survivors dwindles. For one couple, memorializing the devastation through art is a way to make sure it’s never forgotten.

The atomic bomb transformed the nature of war, raised the specter of Armageddon and launched an ever-escalating arms race with the Soviet Union. Yet somehow, we survived

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Debuting in 1998 after two major Disney animated bombs, the original ‘Mulan’ had a low-key premiere and bare-bones marketing. Now the live-action version is going straight to Disney+.

Actress Alyssa Milano tested negative twice for the coronavirus despite having “every Covid symptom” and later testing positive for virus antibodies.

The Nashville superstar and “American Idol” judge on racism in country music, the future of touring and what people get wrong about country fans.

Dodgers minor leaguer Connor Joe beat testicular cancer this summer after learning he had the disease during spring training.

Law enforcement agencies have increasingly been using tear gas — traditionally deployed as a last resort — on protesters as an offensive tool.

Some lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are leaving Poland following the anti-LGBTQ campaign rhetoric the president used to get reelected.

The New York prosecutor who has been fighting to get President Trump’s tax returns got a bank last year to turn over other Trump financial records.


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