May 31, 2023


Debt Ceiling

The fight ends in rare bipartisanship, with wins and losses on both sides. But the president won measurably more.

Masterson verdict

Masterson was convicted on charges he raped women he met through the Church of Scientology in the early 2000s.

Earth Science

Scientists are using a UC Santa Cruz greenhouse to recreate the mass extinction that wiped out the dinosaurs. They want to learn why some species survived when so many did not.

A new study says Earth has pushed past 7 of 8 safety limits and into “the danger zone” for an overheating planet and for the well-being of people on it.

Travel Costs

After a spike in prices over the Memorial Day weekend, gas prices in California are expected to stay high during the summer travel season.


The boycotts directed at Target, Dodgers and others prove that anti-LGBTQ+ stigma is evaporating.

'Shark Tank'

After a Times investigation in which former NFL player Al ‘Bubba’ Baker described his ‘nightmare’ experience with ‘Shark Tank’ investor Daymond John, the ‘shark’ went to court seeking to stop Baker from airing his complaints publicly.


Noah Syndergaard said he would give his ‘hypothetical first born’ to be his old self again, but the team can’t count on that happening.


Editors’ Pick

One of the most complex phases of the reconstruction of fire-ravaged Notre Dame de Paris is underway: the rebuilding of the cathedral’s famous spire.



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