Sep. 29, 2020


Almost 34,000 people have been ordered to evacuate, and more than 14,000 others have been warned that they, too, may have to leave.

The National Weather Service issued a red flag warning for the Los Angeles and Ventura county mountains and the Santa Clarita Valley.

The fire broke out just after 3 p.m., burning a 10-acre area about 15 miles northeast of Santa Clarita. Within about 20 minutes, it had spread to 200 acres.

Fire stormed through California’s wine country Sunday night, destroying numerous homes and forcing thousands to flee, including in areas devastated by the Tubbs fire in 2017.

Some 87,00 Pacific Gas & Electric customers in 16 California counties were without power Monday morning after the utility shut down equipment amid dangerous fire weather.

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Both President Trump and Joe Biden know a win on Nov. 3 means getting part of the Latino vote. So what are they saying to voters in Spanish?

President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee has close ties to a religious group that holds that men are divinely ordained as ‘heads’ of family and faith.

Lebanon has legalized marijuana farming — already a thriving illicit industry — in hopes of giving a boost to its foundering economy.

A new poll shows the governor enjoying strong political standing — even after crises including wildfires, blackouts, the pandemic and a whipsawed economy.

Eager to control high costs, employers are more open to government regulation of drug prices and to expanding Medicare to younger Americans.

The global COVID-19 death toll surpassed 1 million, one measurement of a scourge that has ravaged lives and economies and evoked an era of plagues.

Dodgers’ Cody Bellinger and Milwaukee Brewers’ Christian Yelich were top MVP candidates in the NL last season, but both this season have fallen into a slump.

The FTC has settled with a phone company affiliated with a telemarketer that pitched “bogus credit card interest rate relief.”

Even when you’re personally safe, life during a pandemic means giving up a lot. Including a few rituals and aggravations you never thought you’d miss.

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The Violins of Hope concerts were suppose to showcase historic instruments, but the pandemic changed all of that. In the end, a bittersweet farewell.

Many Latinos gravitate to the Antelope Valley’s back country for its rugged terrain and individualistic ethos. Fire danger comes with the territory.


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On the eve of the 2020 presidential debates, the return of “The Great British Baking Show” provides a model for detoxifying our electoral process.

The Wilshire Boulevard redo has its risks, but the track record of its architect and museum director gives it every chance of succeeding.

Mia Lehrer, whose firm did SoFi Stadium’s landscape design, brings her eye for fire-resilient landscapes to an ecologically fragile area, Berggruen Institute’s mountaintop campus

The 29-year-old hip-hop mogul said that this would be the first election in which he voted, and he implored his fans to turn out on Nov. 3.

Jimmy Butler might not have been a good fit for the Lakers or Clippers in the free-agent search of 2019, but he has found a home in Miami with win-first attitude.

The Chargers’ defense has been doing its job keeping opponents out of the end zone but has made it harder on the offense with some untimely mistakes.

Jay Johnstone, the fun-loving outfielder who was best known for his clubhouse pranks and a dramatic pinch-hit home run that helped the Dodgers win the 1981 World Series, died Saturday. He was 74.

Rapper Jay-Z and his Roc Nation entertainment and sports company have named Jesse Collins as executive producer of this year’s Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show.

The human rights group says its bank accounts were frozen in an ongoing crackdown against critics of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The United Arab Emirates, which earlier this year launched a mission to Mars, says it plans to send an unmanned spacecraft to the moon in 2024.

The World Health Organization and partners have agreed to roll out 120 million rapid COVID-19 tests to help poorer countries fight the disease.

A Canadian woman charged with threatening President Trump’s life by mailing a package with ricin to the White House is ordered held without bail.


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