June 5, 2023



South American migrants were unexpectedly flown from New Mexico to Sacramento in a move likely to inflame the immigration debate.


For much of its history, the West was Republican ground. Today, it’s a bastion of Democratic support, a shift that has transformed presidential politics nationwide. Mark Z. Barabak will explore the forces that remade the political map in a series of columns called “The New West.”

For Real

In his new memoir, ‘Pageboy,’ the most famous trans man in the world recounts the dark night of the soul — at home, in Hollywood — that led him here.

Hollywood Negotiations

The Directors Guild of America said it has reached a ‘historic deal’ with the major studios on a new three-year film and TV contract.

Summer of Sandwiches

Where to find the best new sandwiches in Los Angeles, including a new tiny sandwich shop in Beverly Hills and a cheese counter in Santa Monica.


Editors’ Pick

After The Times named It’s a Small World the best ride at Disneyland, we wanted to know what park fanatics thought. Did we get it right?



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