June 30, 2022


California Politics

The new $307.9-billion budget includes $9.5 billion in gas refunds, $1.4 billion in utility payment assistance and funding to combat climate change, among other items.


The legislation heads off what would be a costly and contentious ballot measure and pushes California ahead of the world in the fight against plastic waste.

College sports

The schools are moving in 2024 and will include all sports except beach volleyball, men’s volleyball and men’s and women’s water polo.


An upswing in coronavirus infections has spawned a rise in worksite case clusters in Los Angeles County.

Times Investigation

The ex-fiance of reality star Lala Kent faces the collapse of his company amid a trail of lawsuits, civil fraud charges and allegations of abusive behavior.


Editors’ Pick

A year after the LAPD blew up a South L.A. block with fireworks, 18 families are still living in a hotel, symbolizing failed city attempts to make them whole.

It was 1966. Cheryl Bryant and Clifton Palmer were 22, and abortion in California was illegal except to save a woman’s life. But Bryant was determined to get one. That abortion would change the lives of the young couple and the respected physician who referred them, and lead to the decriminalization of abortion in California years before Roe vs. Wade.