Feb. 6, 2023



Authorities fear the death toll will rise further as rescuers search through tangles of metal and concrete for survivors. Tens of thousands are left homeless.


New College of Florida looks set to become a pivotal battleground over the mission of public universities as Gov. Ron DeSantis wages his war on ‘woke.’


Plans to build a solar energy farm in the Mojave Desert have angered conservationists, who say it will restrict the movement of bighorn sheep.

Future of Tech

Increasingly offering products untethered to the average consumer’s needs, the tech industry has been dwelling in La La Land. Its real-world expansion into L.A. is no coincidence.


This week’s recommendations include a lobster roll from Saltie Girl in West Hollywood and chile relleno and huaraches from Tacos DF in South Gate.


Editors’ Pick

Shark diving off Guadalupe Island in Baja California informed two decades of research and spawned a thriving tourist industry. But several bloody incidents fouled the water.


On Jan. 21, Monterey Park was shattered when the Star Ballroom Dance Studio became the site of one of California’s worst mass shootings in recent history. Many of the victims were studio regulars united in their passion for dance. Here are their stories.



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