Aug. 11, 2020


Coronavirus cases among children and teenagers are surging in California, up 150% last month, a rate that outpaces COVID-19 cases overall and establishes minors as a small but growing share of the state’s COVID-19 cases.

Newsom said his administration has fixed a public health computer database failure that distorted test results across the state and raised doubts about actions taken to stem the spread of coronavirus.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s economic task force has operated almost entirely behind closed doors, and those appointed were not required to submit state government financial disclosure forms listing their assets and business interests, which would show potential conflicts.

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The union representing Los Angeles police officers is criticizing Mayor Eric Garcetti’s plan to shut off water and power at “party houses,” saying officers should be focused on the rising number of shootings instead.

GOP operatives have put Kanye West on the presidential ballot in several states, likely in hopes of drawing votes from Joe Biden.

Russian says that a coronavirus vaccine developed in the country has been registered for use, but critics say testing is not complete.

President Trump said the Secret Service shot a ‘suspect’ outside the White House on Monday. The incident forced the president to abruptly leave his own news conference before returning.

In a video of the incident, a woman can be heard telling deputies she called 911 to report that the teens were being chased by a man with a knife.

Seattle’s police chief says she will retire as the City Council approves a plan for the department to lose as many as 100 officers.

Newsom and others called on federal officials to overcome a stalemate involving Congress and the president to provide additional funding for states.

The declines appear concentrated in the top end of the marketplace, but there are signs rent is falling slightly on the lower end as well.

A probe by the state’s political watchdog and a civil lawsuit have resulted in a settlement that would require L.A. County to pay $1.35 million to resolve claims that it failed to report public funds to support a 2017 homeless services tax ballot measure.

Kyle Kuzma hits a three-pointer with less than a second remaining to push the Lakers to a 124-121 win over the Nuggets, snapping L.A.'s losing streak.


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Who will Joe Biden pick?

Joe Biden is expected to choose his running mate soon. Numerous women of color have been considered. And he met with Michigan’s governor recently. There’s a lot riding on the decision for California, which has had a starring role in the search. Those who don’t get picked could end up in the Cabinet.

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A bridge that was supposed to take a year is incomplete after four, partly because of corrosion and other problems involving California’s high-speed-rail contractors.

Even with California’s death toll from COVID-19 surpassing 10,000, some hope is emerging: Doctors are getting better at saving patients.


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The film grossed $309,694 in its opening weekend and cleared $1 million in VOD and digital sales. That performance demonstrates the theatrical bar in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Luedtke, a former executive editor of the Detroit Free Press, left journalism for Hollywood. He also wrote the screenplay for ‘Absence of Malice.’

TikTok announces the first 19 recipients of payments from its creators fund. The $200-million reservoir will help retain popular talents on the app, owned by China-based tech firm ByteDance, as it faces challenges from the Trump administration.

Despite the Padres entering the game with a precarious pitching plan, the Dodgers fail to muster little offense to support Dustin May in a 2-1 loss.

Mike Trout hits a pair of home runs and Anthony Rendon breaks out of his offensive funk with a home run as the Angels end the Athletics’ winning streak.

UCLA football players Elisha Guidry and Otito Ogbonnia are in favor of moving the college football season to the spring.

Neighbors scrambled toward the rubble, calling out for survivors until firefighters and police officers responded and took over.

Hong Kong residents are buying up copies of the Apple Daily newspaper in support of press freedom after its owner, Jimmy Lai, was arrested.

The resignation comes as public anger is mounting against the ruling elite, blamed for the chronic mismanagement and corruption that is believed to be behind the explosion in a Beirut Port warehouse.

A rare wind storm with power similar to an inland hurricane swept across the Midwest Monday, leaving tens of thousands of homes without power.


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