July 20, 2019
Top News
The California Supreme Court froze a death penalty trial that was set to start this month as it decides whether it will consider whether the defendant would get a fair trial given Gov. Gavin Newsom’s moratorium on executions in the state.
CBS’ retransmission agreement with AT&T expired Friday at 11 p.m. PT. Without a deal, AT&T no longer was authorized to broadcast signals of TV stations owned by CBS.
In Rome, the mass of tourists made me want to stray off course and find the city only locals know. And that got me thinking: Where would I advise someone visiting L.A. to do that?
Divorce rates are up for Americans over 50. But splitting up after that age may be particularly hazardous to your emotional and financial health, far worse than doing so at younger ages.
Experts say the group is not violent and questioned whether police had infringed on the group’s civil rights by covertly recording its activity for four weeks.
With former special counsel Robert Mueller poised to testify before Congress, theaters across the country, including two in L.A., stage readings of his report.
Oregon has advanced the most ambitious response to housing affordability challenges in the country while California Gov. Gavin Newsom and lawmakers have struggled to pass strong renter protections and legislation that would significantly increase the state’s supply of homes.
Tesla dropped its case against Randeep Hothi after a judge ordered the company to turn over video and audio evidence to prove its case.
Talk about star power. Mt. Wilson has an amazing history. Up here, astronomers first measured the Milky Way and discovered the universe was expanding. Go see the distant stars for yourself and expand your universe as well.
Ashley Eckstein, known for her voice acting role in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” is the founder of fashion brand Her Universe for female sci-fi fans.
The cast and crew of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” assembled for a post-mortem at the series’ panel in Comic-Con’s Hall H.
By making its viewers feel seen, NBC’s diverse, thoughtful sitcom about life working for a big-box store has developed one of TV’s most engaged fanbases.