July 18, 2019
Top News
In an unprecedented move, the California Supreme Court has allowed the defense in a gang trial in San Francisco to obtain private Facebook postings. 
As rumors of raids swirled, the LAPD tried to reassure the community. ICE took issue with the response.
Women have come a long way in the United States over the last 70 years, to the point where they are now seen as being as competent as men, if not more so.
Ophthalmologist John Tanton became the unlikely architect of the modern-day anti-immigration movement in the United States through founding and funding propositions, nonprofits, activists and publications on a local and national level over the past 40 years.
A law allows sanitation crews in Los Angeles to seize and destroy property kept by homeless people on city sidewalks. A new lawsuit challenges that practice.
President Trump says a U.S. warship destroyed an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz amid heightened tensions between the two countries.
When investigators searched the home of the watch commander, they found more than 250 weapons, including 41 machine guns and two short-barreled rifles.
All 67 miles of the Backbone Trail, a major trail in the Santa Monica Mountains, are open eight months after the Woolsey fire.
One year later, Jonathan Gold remembered in (mostly) his own words.
We remember Jonathan Gold with the gift he gave to everybody whether they ate with him or not.
Franchise favorite Eddie Furlong will reteam with Linda Hamilton for “Terminator: Dark Fate,” producer James Cameron revealed at the film’s Comic-Con panel.
While superheroes dominate San Diego Comic-Con, one discussion early Thursday seeks to elevate the fan-driven bonanza with a look at the art in George Lucas’ forthcoming museum.
Kerry Dixon, editor in chief of the San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog, offers her tips on how to get the most out of Comic-Con.