Jan. 27, 2023


California Mass shootings

State officials say they have opened investigations into labor and workplace practices at the two sites of the shootings.

Tyre Nichols

The planned Friday release of the video of the Jan. 7 incident has put police departments, including the LAPD, on notice across the country as they brace for demonstrations.

Pamela Anderson

Following the new double-dipping template of memoir and documentary, Anderson finally tells her story with remarkable matter-of-factness.

What to eat

From East Coast-style delis to Israeli-inspired sabich, L.A.'s rising sandwich scene reflects global influences and makes good use of seasonal produce.

Blue beauties

Palos Verdes and El Segundo blue butterflies are hard to spot. But you can see them if you know where and when to look. There are also ways to help the endangered insects.


Editors’ Pick

Mexico City’s neglected subway spotlights issues of inequality, poor public services and corruption so flagrant it kills. The mayor sent in troops.


The conflict between agriculture, renewable power and water supply is playing out in the desert. In this episode of Repowering the West, L.A. Times energy reporter Sammy Roth explores how solar development is affecting farmers who supply the bulk of the nation’s winter vegetables.



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