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Mayor Garcetti is trying to face the challenge of homelessness. He’s falling short

The mayor is right when he says he’s done more than anyone. But doing a lot is not necessarily doing enough

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There’s a real-life Michael Connelly character in the LAPD — and she’s gunning for Harry Bosch’s job

Detective Mitzi Roberts led the hunt for one of the country’s most dangerous serial killers in the LAPD’s elite Robbery-Homicide Division.

An LAPD officer fired his gun and was injured in Costco incident in Corona that left one person dead

Witnesses said multiple gunshots were fired after an altercation inside the store, with at least three people hurt.

UCLA failed to warn the public about gynecologist accused of sexual battery

UCLA's handling of a sexual misconduct case involving a staff gynecologist raises questions about why the campus didn't quickly suspend him or warn the public.

This 10-year-old skateboarder is shredding a path toward the Olympics

By the time Sky Brown is 12, she might match the record as the youngest athlete to compete in the Summer Games.