July 14, 2020


The discussion comes as the state’s two largest school districts, Los Angeles and San Diego, announced that amid the ongoing coronavirus surge students will continue with online learning.

After LAPD officers were charged with falsifying records, California’s attorney general has stopped law enforcement statewide from using LAPD gang member records.

The coronavirus surge convinced Los Angeles Unified School District leaders that even with precautions and social distancing, the risk was too high to open up campuses on Aug. 18.

The Great American Outdoors Act would provide billions of dollars to buy land and care for national parks after years of budget cuts and delayed maintenance.

White Californians are much more likely than before to say Black people, Latinos and Asians are discriminated against, and a majority of survey respondents view California race relations as fair or poor.

Joe Biden’s plan for rebuilding the economy hinges heavily on clean-energy investment and would rapidly reverse the Trump era’s retreat on climate.

A federal judge won’t approve a proposed $18.9-million settlement between Harvey Weinstein and nine women who say he sexually assaulted or abused them.

President Trump’s attitude and policies were shaped by neglect and trauma growing up, his niece says in a new book obtained by The Times.

Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s former girlfriend, will face a judge and at least one of her accusers at a bail hearing conducted by video.

About 23,000 Redlands residents are being urged to cut their water consumption and fill tubs and other containers as crews work to repair the leak.

On her way out, the New York Times opinion editor Bari Weiss accused the publication of unlawful discrimination and a hostile work environment.

Grant Imahara, who hosted Discovery’s ‘MythBusters’ and Netflix’s ‘White Rabbit Project,’ has died at 49 after reportedly suffering a brain aneurysm.

Some real estate investors specialize in combing public records for homes in desirable areas and making lowball offers for “off-market” purchases.

Race in America


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The ‘Glee’ family came together Monday to honor actress Naya Rivera, whose body sheriffs were ‘confident’ they had found in Lake Piru.

Sara Bareilles and Jessie Nelson discuss their Apple TV+ series “Little Voice,” casting lead Brittany O’Grady and cultivating creativity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

S.A. Cosby’s “Blacktop Wasteland” stakes out territory in undersung places — and sings too of the complex lives of Black men.

Lakers coach Frank Vogel says losing Rajon Rondo is huge, but believes other players such as Anthony Davis and Kyle Kuzma will step out to fill in the offensive hole.

Hong Kong also ordered gyms and bars to close for a week, restored strict limits on public gatherings and introduced fines for anyone refusing to wear a mask on public transport.

Japan’s government says China is using the coronavirus crisis to expand its influence and gain strategic superiority.

Iran has executed a former employee of the defense ministry who was convicted of spying on behalf of the CIA.

Britain backtracks on plans to give Huawei a role in its 5G mobile phone network, a decision that will please President Trump but anger China.


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