April 23, 2021


SpaceX launches two NASA astronauts, a European astronaut and a Japanese astronaut to the International Space Station on a reused Crew Dragon capsule.

A California lumber town has repeatedly bounced back from adversity —fires, economic downtowns, COVID-19. Like the town, Chase Kirby is a survivor.

A federal judge’s order calling on L.A. to provide shelter to all unhoused people on skid row by October is sparking growing alarm

The justices will consider a high school girl’s Snapchat post. But it won’t be the first time the court weighs whether the F-word is protected speech.

Homes are flying off the market at a record pace thanks to a perfect storm: pandemic-induced demand for more space, low supply, and apps that make it easier to view, bid for and buy houses — all with a few swipes and clicks.

True suspense in an acting category. Plenty of historic firsts. That ‘Eurovision’ song. The 2021 Oscars have some intrigue.


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The wrath of the webbing clothes moth. During the yearlong COVID-19 closure, the Getty devoted more than 6,000 hours to eradicating this one insect.

Ten former USC Song Girls described to The Times a toxic culture within the famed collegiate dance team that included longtime former coach Lori Nelson rebuking women publicly for their eating habits, personal appearance and sex lives.


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Episode 2 starts in Mexico, specifically, Etchohuaquila. This is where Fernando Valenzuela’s humble roots began. He starts his baseball career at 16 years old and quickly makes a name for himself. Valenzuela and guests discuss his desire to succeed as a professional ballplayer, the birth of his devastating screwball and his remarkable debut with the Dodgers in late 1980.


Heading into the finale of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” we dig into the comic book history behind its tale of race and superheroes in America.

As one of the last stops of this unusual pandemic-era awards season, the Spirit Awards gave multiple prizes to Oscar nominees ‘Nomadland,’ ‘Sound of Metal’ and ‘Promising Young Woman.’

“Jersey Shore” star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro has been arrested in an investigation into felony domestic violence.

Season two of Tyler Mahan Coe’s “Cocaine & Rhinestones” podcast focuses on country great George Jones: “His chest cavity glowed with so much air.”


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The Dodgers have batted .143 in their last three games, but manager Dave Roberts isn’t too worried about the team’s offense.

The Chargers had a pitiful season on special teams in 2020, so there is not a safe job under a new coaching staff as the NFL draft approaches.

The Rams enter the NFL draft having some kicking competitions, a long snapper competition and punt return questions.

NBA Twitter felt duped by the story of Vivian Flores’ disappearance, resuscitating the controversy of catfishing.

Imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny says he is ending his hunger strike after being examined by civilian doctors.

A Norwegian climber became the first person to test positive for the coronavirus on Mt. Everest, from which he was flown to a hospital.

Derek Chauvin is already in Minnesota’s only maximum-security prison, but it will be two months before he is sentenced in George Floyd’s death.

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Governments rely on data that doesn’t differentiate between groups of Asian Americans , but wealth gaps, language barriers, technology can all make a big difference

If a family member or a loved one died of COVID-19 during the pandemic, you may be eligible to receive help paying for the funeral. Here’s what you need to know.

It depends on the circumstances. But a 401(k) has some advantages over an IRA. Also: protecting home sale proceeds from taxes; deducting assisted living expenses.