Oct. 20, 2019
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Hot, dry and windy weather ratchets up fire danger. Red flag warnings are in effect in some areas, with fierce wind gusts expected.
The governor led the 2016 campaign to legalize recreational marijuana in California. His record since has angered some in the cannabis industry.
Potentially thousands of Californians who say they were victimized as children could file suit against churches, the Boy Scouts, schools and others.
The Chilean government declared a curfew Saturday in the capital after protests against public transport fare increases led to looting and arson attacks that paralyzed this city of 7 million.
The initial strategy toward the House impeachment investigation was to try to block witnesses from testifying. Now that’s failed. What’s Plan B?
The Galaxy’s MLS playoff game against the Minnesota United on Sunday could be Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s last for the Galaxy.
Wine coolers, Zima, Smirnoff Ice — those fads are over. But White Claw’s emerging rivals bet that alcoholic seltzer has staying power.
There is no issue more important than driving Donald Trump out of office at the ballot box in 2020.
Amid the impeachment inquiry, it’s important not to forget the full sweep of the damage Donald Trump has done, and continues to do.
The single most important issue in 2020 is ending the misrule of Donald Trump.
With an incumbent as dangerous as Donald Trump, there’s too much riding on the outcome of the election to risk the post-primary infighting we saw in 2016.
Trump’s racism is a visible expression of bigger, older, deeper problems. He is a symptom rather than a root cause.
The Cosmic Crisp is a new variety of apple, coming to grocery stores Dec. 1. It’s the first apple ever bred in Washington state.
This year’s riffed-from-the-headlines costumes include Area 51 aliens, a spiked seltzer and a favorite “Stranger Things” character.
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