May 6, 2021


Daft Punk sampled Eddie Johns’ “More Spell on You” on their hit “One More Time.” Johns, who has struggled with homelessness, was never paid or credited.

Rail authority documents indicate the project is not a very strong source of hourly jobs for its large rate of spending.

Federal plans would complement California’s initiative to conserve 30% of land and 30% of coastal waters by the end of the decade.

Newsom critics say the recall campaign must tap into discontent over homelessness, housing costs and other issues if the effort hopes to succeed.

Secretary of State Blinken in Ukraine to assure President Zelensky, who played role in Trump impeachment, of U.S. support against Russian hostilities.

Congressman Ted Lieu introduced the 21st Century Federal Writers’ Project act on May 6. It all started with an article by David Kipen in the L.A. Times

Penguins and otters at Monterey Bay Aquarium are said to have perked up since members began visiting recently. Reopening to the public is days away.

Most moms don’t want gifts for Mother’s Day. They want to spend time with you. Here’s how to celebrate the ultimate plant parent — by spending the day alongside her.

Known for her frank, funny conversations about sensitive issues, especially race, Ziwe prepares for her next act: shaking up hidebound, male-dominated late-night TV.


The Golden Globes must reckon with its problematic past if it wants a future in Hollywood.


The second installment in our new recipes series comes from this L.A.-native food blogger and cookbook author.

From brunch menus to cocktails, here’s a variety of online cooking classes.

Surging interest in food preparation during the pandemic has allowed chefs and cooks and caterers whose livelihoods disappeared overnight to put food on their tables and keep body and soul together as they meet their clients on Zoom.


Coronavirus: What You Need To Know


Part of a wave of films and TV series reconsidering the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, “Girls5eva” is humorously skeptical of our nostalgia for the era’s pop music.

Pop singer-songwriter Bebe Rexha on the unhealthy competition among female artists, coping with social anxiety and the most Albanian thing about her.

‘Best Shape of My Life,’ a six-part YouTube series starring Will Smith, will document the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ actor’s journey to get fit.

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The Dodgers, who blew four leads in Wednesday’s 6-5 loss, are 1-6 on their road trip, which continues Friday in Anaheim.

Britain and France have both dispatched patrol ships to the island of Jersey as their dispute over post-Brexit fishing rights escalates.

Atlanta officer is reinstated but will remain on leave until criminal charges involving the shooting death of Rayshard Brooks are resolved, police say.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has dominated Israeli politics for the past 12 years, but that stranglehold could soon come to an end.


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A unique set of circumstances brought on by the pandemic has roiled the used car market, leading to an inventory shortage that has sent prices soaring.

Native American settlements were first, and then the rancho system -- Spanish then Mexican land grants throughout California -- were built atop and near those settlements and still shape our geography and place names.

Amid the push for herd immunity, 5% of adults may be avoiding vaccines due to an intense fear of needles. It is common, and it can be overcome.

With concepts of free college and student debt relief gaining traction, a parent wonders whether to keep using 529 college savings plans.