July 17, 2019
Top News
Former Chief Alicia Ault said she was told it was incoming Sheriff Alex Villanueva’s “No. 1 priority” to reinstate Caren Carl Mandoyan by the Friday before Villanueva took office.
The Austin, Texas-based chain opens its first venue in Los Angeles and looks to find its own place in the local community of movie fans.
An internal Universal Music Group memo continued to downplay the potential losses suffered in a 2008 Universal Studios fire.
Middle-class Americans are bearing the brunt of the rise in health insurance deductibles and medical bills. That’s helped widen political divisions.
Federal law enforcement agents have seized the records of an L.A. charter school that recently closed amid allegations of fiscal mismanagement.
Visitors to the Lakers’ posh training center in El Segundo enter through oversized glass doors and are greeted by large rotating photos on three vertical flat screens framed in gold.
Celebrities are aging before our very eyes as FaceApp does the social-media rounds again — even though there are privacy concerns about the latest online fad.
Netflix delivered a shock by reporting a drop in U.S. subscribers and much slower growth overseas, a sign it’s losing momentum just as a competitors prepare to pounce.
Jerry Foxhoven, a government worker in Iowa, sent a mass email about the late rapper Tupac Shakur to all 4,300 of his coworkers three days before he was fired.
Buena Park officials are warning residents of coyote encounters, noting the predators’ activity tends to increase in the summer.
Apollo 11: 50 years since the moon landing
Housing and Homelessness
A coalition of skid row advocates accused Los Angeles of wanting to give the bulk of skid row over to luxury housing developers, ignoring the thousands of people living in tents and shelters in the blighted downtown district.
Whereas L.A. has focused (unsuccessfully) on trying to create long-term affordable housing, New York has focused on creating temporary shelters.