April 21, 2021


Former Police Officer Derek Chauvin’s conviction for murdering George Floyd has reenergized President Biden and Washington lawmakers aiming for reform.

The 12 jurors who convicted Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd had three counts to consider and returned guilty verdicts on all three.

The Rodney King verdict made it hard for me to believe there would be justice for George Floyd. I’m relieved I was wrong.

Cops like Derek Chauvin can’t continue to be the norm in America. Nor can a cop getting convicted for breaking the law continue to be the exception.

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The region’s median home price rose 15% in March, extending a pandemic-fueled housing boom. In L.A. County, the median price rose 17% to $750,000.

The sites at Cal State L.A., Crenshaw Christian Center, Dodger Stadium, Hansen Dam, Lincoln Park, Los Angeles Southwest College, Pierce College, San Fernando Park and USC will operate Wednesday.

The company announces that it’s emerging from the pandemic with a focus not on touring shows but on Las Vegas. SoCal visitors are key.

We seem to be on the cusp of returning to normal life, but for many people, transitioning back to Before Times is proving to be a lot more fraught than we expected.

On the fifth anniversary of his death, we rank every Prince song officially released as a single, from 1978’s ‘Soft and Wet’ to 2015’s ‘Free Urself.’

“Minari,” “Sound of Metal” and “Nomadland” depict environments that are transient and improvised, capturing our era of tumult and ambivalence.

Barack Obama and filmmaker Ava DuVernay will discuss the former president’s memoir “A Promised Land” April 21 in a livestreamed event for the L.A. Times Community Book Club.

Sbez Hot Sauce delivers deep flavor thanks to charred peppers, blistered garlic and cheffy infusions of seasonal fresh fruit. What started as a passing interest years ago became a lifeline during the pandemic.

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Amazon’s ‘Them’ and Oscar nominee ‘Two Distant Strangers,’ which mix racist violence and genre elements, have ignited a debate over ‘trauma porn.’

Starting in May, School of Rock students have the option to return to live learning. “I miss playing on stage with my band,” says 12-year-old Daniel.


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W.W. Norton says it won’t ship more copies of “Philip Roth: The Biography” while sexual misconduct allegations against author Blake Bailey play out.

‘There is more work to be done,’ Stephen Colbert said on ‘The Late Show’ after Derek Chauvin was convicted of murdering George Floyd.

Five years after Prince’s death, dedicated L.A. fans find solace and community in a pair of Facebook groups. Here, they share memories of their musical hero.

Before their 1-0 victory over the Mariners on Tuesday, the Dodgers learned that Mookie Betts should not miss much time after being hit with a pitch on Monday.

The U.S. will open the Tokyo Olympics against rival Sweden as the Americans try to win the World Cup and Olympic gold back to back.

A South Korean court rejects a claim by so-called comfort women who sought compensation from Tokyo for their wartime sexual slavery.

Police shoot and kill a teenage girl Tuesday afternoon in Columbus just as the verdict is being announced in the trial for the killing of George Floyd.

Queen Elizabeth II is marking her 95th birthday in low-key fashion at Windsor Castle, just days after the funeral of her husband, Prince Philip.

A peace conference meant to move Afghanistan’s combatants to a power-sharing deal and ensure an orderly U.S. exit from the country has been postponed.


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