June 2, 2020
Protests in California
A national conversation about racial injustice

The death of George Floyd and the ensuing protests have ignited a national conversation about racial injustice, a topic all too familiar to even the most esteemed public figures. Clippers Coach Doc Rivers recalled his own bouts with racism, while Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said people are being pushed to the edge. It can be especially gut-wrenching for black journalists covering the events, writes columnist LZ Granderson.

That these violent uprisings and peaceful protests are happening all over California speaks to something black people know well and others ignore.
An oral history of the coronavirus pandemic, as told by the staffs of four iconic L.A. nightclubs: the Troubadour, McCabe’s Guitar Shop, Sound and the Satellite
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‘News Nation’ is a gamble by WGN America and its parent company Dallas-based Nexstar Media Group that there is an appetite for politically neutral news on cable.
Digital-art memorials to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and other black victims of white violence are rallying cries for social justice.
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Doc Rivers encapsulates plight of black athletes: ‘When they’re wearing the uniform, they’re seen as an athlete. When they take it off, it’s a problem.’
About 125 players, coaches and staff of the Rams participated in a videoconference to discuss the death of George Floyd.
The college football season opener between Notre Dame and Navy has been moved out of Ireland because of the cornavirus pandemic.
Figures across the political spectrum have been quick to defend their own citizens as peaceful protesters while accusing outsiders of fomenting the unrest.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s long silence came when a reporter asked him to comment on Trump’s threat to use the armed forces to quell violence.
The Philippine president is suspending his decision to terminate a key defense pact with the United States, at least temporarily avoiding a major blow to one of America’s oldest alliances in Asia.
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