July 18, 2019
Top News
President Trump, always in search of a new hook, got one as chants of “send her back” echoed through a rally.
Former Chief Alicia Ault said she was told it was incoming Sheriff Alex Villanueva’s “No. 1 priority” to reinstate Caren Carl Mandoyan by the Friday before Villanueva took office.
A federal indictment detailing killings by the MS-13 gang’s Fulton clique shows the Central American gang’s bloody tactics could be escalating in the Valley.
Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard forces have seized a foreign oil tanker accused of smuggling oil with a crew of 12, Iran’s state TV reported Thursday, just days after an oil tanker based in the United Arab Emirates disappeared off trackers in Iranian territorial waters.
Visitors to the Lakers’ posh training center in El Segundo enter through oversized glass doors and are greeted by large rotating photos on three vertical flat screens framed in gold.
People raise fears on Twitter and other social media sites that on iPhones, FaceApp would be able to see and upload all your photos. That’s not actually true
The cast and crew of Warner Bros.’ upcoming “It Chapter Two” discuss secrets from the set and share three exclusive clips at Comic-Con
Apollo 11: 50th anniversary
Remembering Jonathan Gold
One year later, Jonathan Gold remembered in (mostly) his own words.
Though he was most famous for his writing and his eating, Jonathan Gold was more than just the belly of Los Angeles.