Nov. 27, 2022


Local Landmark

After standing mostly vacant for the last 14 years, the iconic General Hospital is nearing a reincarnation as affordable and homeless housing.

Home Help

In Los Angeles County, caregivers with the In-Home Supportive Services program, which helps older and disabled people stay in their own homes, make $16 an hour.

War in Ukraine

Areas of Ukraine once considered places of refuge are staggering under the weight of caring for displaced people and experiencing their own hardships.

Real Estate

As development fills every crack of the region, why do some of the most prized parcels go untouched? Hint: It’s not about the sanctity of vacant land.


Eight decades ago, the Mojave Desert was home to hundreds of tortoises per square mile. Today, most tortoise populations in the wild have fallen to 2 to 3 adults per square mile, largely due to climate change, loss of habitat and an increase in the raven population. Can California’s Endangered Species Act save the tortoises from extinction?



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