May 25, 2020
A decade after Obamacare became law, California has vastly expanded health coverage; Texas has resisted. Such regional differences have had a huge impact on many people’s lives.
Reopening California
Memorial Day will be very different in 2020. Instead of large gatherings with friends and family, try some of these alternatives.
You might be wondering what to do if someone in your apartment complex gets coronavirus. How worried should you be? What would your landlord do?
Older people and those with preexisting medical conditions face greater risk from the coronavirus. How will they return to work as businesses reopen?
Memorial Day

Memorial Day is here and the country is starting to open up amid the global pandemic. Some trails will be open and may be crowded. With the summer heat, beach hours will be extended in Orange County. Ready to go boating? No whale watching yet though. Some campgrounds are now open as well. If staying home, you can cuddle up with a book, catch a movie or watch historic airplanes fly in a salute to veterans and healthcare workers.

Memorial Day will be very different in 2020. Instead of large gatherings with friends and family, try some of these alternatives.
More News
Trained overseas, Cuban doctors treat fellow migrants on the U.S. border, which is effectively closed during the coronavirus outbreak.
New Mexico’s voters are on the verge of sending a historic all-female U.S. House delegation to Congress, no matter which party wins the races.
A federal judge has ruled that the Florida law requiring felons to pay legal fees as part of their sentences before regaining the vote is unconstitutional for those unable to pay, or unable to find out how much they owe.
Pat Tillman’s decision to give up his NFL career to fight for his country underlines how important it is to understand the true meaning of Memorial Day.
President Trump says he’ll pull the Republican National Convention out of North Carolina unless its governor agrees to a full-capacity gathering.
A woman in the San Francisco Bay Area has been arrested on suspicion of posting racist handwritten messages at several homes.
Beware rogue ravenous rats. That’s a new health warning from the CDC as rodents starved of restaurant leftovers make themselves known.
A nomadic otter family’s raid of a private fish pond has triggered calls for a cull in a city-state that has celebrated the semiaquatic animal as one of its national mascots.
WME agent Richard Weitz and daughter Demi took their “Quarantunes” livestream to the Hollywood Bowl, with help from Mayor Garcetti and Gustavo Dudamel.
Beijing has made a hero of Wuhan, the sacrificial city whose people struggled and died to stop a virus. But many in Wuhan remember they didn’t ask to be sacrificed.
MLB players and team owners have only another two weeks to reach an agreement if they want to meet the timetable for starting the season in early July.
Lakers co-owner and governor Jeanie Buss talks about Kobe Bryant’s death and how her father’s influence continues to help her through stressful times.
Tom Brady had the shot of the day, but that wasn’t enough to stop Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning from claiming victory in charity golf match.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is lifting a coronavirus state of emergency in Tokyo and four other remaining areas of the country.
The criminal trial of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu begins, culminating yers of police investigations and judicial probes.
A federal judge has ruled that a Florida law requiring felons to pay legal fees before regaining the vote is unconstitutional for those who can’t pay or find out how much they owe.
Groundbreaking work to keep alive the nearly extinct northern white rhino subspecies has been hampered by travel restrictions from the coronavirus.
Staying Home
Toward a more sustainable California

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