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  • Mailbag: Sagebrush dollar signs

    Despite all the rhetoric, the speeches and newspaper columns, it’s obvious the Sagebrush battle is not about the kids or their education or what’s “right.” It’s all about the money. The Glendale politicians in general and the Glendale Board of Education in particular have an inordinate and unconscionable...

  • Mailbag: Thanks and appreciation

    Ellen, Bella and Sofia join me in expressing our sincerest appreciation to everyone who walked a precinct, made phone calls, posted or tweeted a positive message, financially contributed, endorsed and sent well-wishes and positive thoughts about our campaign for the state Senate. Collectively and...

  • Mailbag: Meanwhile in California

    We are lucky and blessed to have witnessed the most amazing presidential election in our lifetimes. No one has ever had to overcome a mountain of obstacles from an enemy press, rigged polls, unfriendly pundits, a billion dollars thrown against him and Benedict Republicans to come out of nowhere...

  • Mailbag: Glendale Unified's motivations seem clear

    Mailbag: Glendale Unified's motivations seem clear

    I attended both of the Sagebrush hearings over the past two weeks. I even spoke at the second one. One thing was certain, the vitriol, hyperbole and deceit from one side was nauseating. Two women opposing the transfer spoke at the first meeting. One compared the Sagebrush residents to fascists....


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