Entrepreneurs find a sweet way to aid their business ventures

When La Cañada cousins Mikayla and Cate Doud wanted to raise money to cover the startup costs of their very own custom-made sticker business they turned to a tried and true fundraising strategy — a lemonade stand.

The duo set up shop in a shady spot at the intersection of Chevy Chase and Descanso drives Saturday morning, where they offered cups of regular and pink lemonade as well as brownies to motorists for $1.

Their goal? To try and earn $30, the cost of a sticker machine they bought online along with the supplies necessary to turn photos or original artwork into adhesive stickers they could sell to classmates.

“If you wanted to buy stickers, someone could text me and say, ‘I want a sticker,’” explained Mikayla, a fifth-grader at La Cañada Elementary School. “They can give me a photo, or tell me what they want, and I can make a sticker.”

By 11:15 a.m., Cate had left Mikayla in charge of the stand while she went home to whip up more pitchers of lemonade. The pair had nearly reached the $20 mark and had fiscal solvency in their sights.


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