La Cañada Junior Women's Club plans free eye screenings

Continuing one of its long-established programs, the La Cañada Junior Women's Club in April will hold free eye screenings for amblyopia (also known as "lazy eye") at local preschools.

According to the organization, up to 3 percent of children have a form of amblyopia, which is curable if detected early, by about age 6.

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Juniors member Stephanie Ryan learned first-hand the helpfulness of the screening. Four years ago, she was volunteering for the program at a preschool and asked other volunteers to advise her if they saw something "off" with her son Lincoln's vision. They noted a possible problem and referred the family to an ophthalmologist who confirmed the boy had amblyopia. After treatment his vision improved and, within two years, the amblyopia was resolved, according to his mother.

This year Ryan is one of the co-chairs of the program. For information about the screening program, contact her at, or email her co-chair, Kyle Grimes at


Carol Cormaci,

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