Crescenta Valley Crime: Macarons stolen at cake shop

La Cañada

May 20

Possession of concentrated marijuana: Foothill Boulevard and Rinetti Lane. An officer noticed two men sitting in a car parked in a lot and decided to conduct a welfare check. The driver was seen holding a bong in his right hand, while the passenger held a lighter. After asking the men to stop out of the vehicle, the officer saw the driver holding a clear plastic container with a sticky brown substance inside. The suspect said it was hash oil, and he had a prescription. The officer informed him public possession of concentrated marijuana is a felony. The man was arrested and taken to the Crescenta Valley Sheriff's Station. The passenger was not criminally charged and was picked up by a friend. The car was left in the parking lot.

May 22

Burglary; shoplifting: 600 block of Foothill Boulevard. At around 1 p.m. an employee of Jane's Cakes & Chocolates contacted police after finding an empty package with items missing. The employee checked video surveillance and saw a female of unknown age, about 5 feet 5 and appearing to weigh about 250 pounds, place two baking sheets of macarons under her left arm and cover them with a sweater before exiting the store. He was unable to provide police with the video but said he'd copy it and deliver it to the sheriff's station.

La Crescenta

May 20

Burglary; vehicle: 4300 block of Cloud Avenue. A woman had parked and locked her car at around 12:30 a.m. while visiting her boyfriend. About 12 hours later, she returned to find the driver's side window smashed. Nothing was missing, however. A deputy noticed the interior of the car was in disarray, with items from the glove box and center console strewn about. Two long impressions on the outside of the driver's side door were thought to be left by the suspect's legs. It was determined the suspect had cleared away the remaining glass and climbed inside, since the doors were still locked and the alarm still set. Fingerprints were ordered.

May 26

Vandalism: 3100 block of Cloudcrest Road. A man called police to report that, between 12:30 and 4:30 a.m. that day, someone had gone onto his driveway and broken the right side mirror of his car. A search for witnesses turned up nothing.

Vandalism: 2600 block of Willowhaven Drive. A man reported that, sometime between midnight and 9 a.m., someone had shattered the windshield of his car with an unknown object. The officer was unable to determine what had been used to cause the damage. No witnesses could be located.

Receiving stolen property; driving on a suspended license; expired registration: Foothill Boulevard at Ramsdell Avenue. While driving eastbound on Foothill Boulevard, an officer ran the tags of a vehicle and discovered the registration had expired in 2012, despite its having a 2014 sticker on the plate. When the driver, a 37-year-old woman, was pulled over, she said she got the sticker illegally from a guy in Van Nuys. When asked if they'd been stolen, she replied, "Of course they are." A DMV check on the driver's name revealed she had a $10,000 warrant for her arrest, and her license was expired. The driver was arrested for receiving stolen property, driving on a suspended license and having an expired registration.


May 13

Possession of a controlled substance, drug paraphernalia: Montrose Avenue at Rosemont Avenue. At around 7 p.m., an officer driving on Montrose Avenue noticed a man he'd arrested several times before sitting on a bike at the corner. He asked the man how he was doing and if he was clean. "For the most part," the man replied. He also admitted to having a pipe in his pocket, which the officer saw sticking out. The officer took the pipe and searched the man, finding a plastic bag with a crystal-like substance resembling methamphetamine. The suspect was arrested and booked into the sheriff's station. His bike was taken to his home and secured in the driveway at his request.

May 24

Burglary; vehicle: 2200 block of Waltonia Avenue. At about 8 a.m., a woman came outside to discover the driver's side window of her Honda Civic had been smashed and the glove box and center console rifled through. She'd left the vehicle at 3 p.m. the day before and noticed it was still fine at 6 p.m. The victim told police she believed her insurance documents may have been taken, but also admitted she may also have misplaced them. The deputy was unable to determine if the suspects had unlocked the doors, as the victim had previously used her remote entry to unlock them. Neighbors reported witnessing nothing, and there were no surveillance cameras around.

-- Compiled by Sara Cardine.


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