'Legally Blonde' coming to stage in La Cañada

The local musical theater program for children, La Cañada Junior Theater, this weekend presents "Legally Blonde," which in 2007 won the Best New Musical award on Broadway. The story centers on a sorority girl, Elle Woods, who enrolls in Harvard Law School in hopes of winning back her ex-boyfriend.

The La Cañada production will take to the stage at Lanterman Theater, 4491 Cornishon Ave., at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Saturday, July 12, and at 5 p.m. on Sunday, July 13. Director is Thom Vacca, producer is Suzan Spann; the musical direction is provided by Erin Chumas and choreography by Maria Del Bagno. The stage manager is Elena Helvajian.

The cast includes Dustin Bell, Solaris Bell, Devon Clark, Michael Clark, Miranda DeGange, Danica Eggleston, Jessie Eggleston, Axel Frame, Grace Frame, Annabel Fung, Irelyn Fung, Jonathan Gonzalez, Kayley Gonzalez, Moriah Gonzalez, Maxwell Goss, Elena Helvajian, Maggie MacKenzie, Kendall Millard, Jennifer Musso, Emilia Osorio-Lowery, Jill Poling, Julia Queen, Peyton Saks, Esme Salzman, Nikila Samudrala, Genny Seto, Maggie Stein, Nicki Tobias, Penelope Vallejo, Kate Weinlein, Lucy Winzenried, Mazie Wong and Pilar Wong.

Admission is $10 and tickets will be available at the door. As is a tradition for the program, Girl and Boy Scouts who wear their uniforms and attend the 4 p.m Saturday show will be admitted free, with a paid adult ticket.

-- Carol Cormaci, carol.cormaci@latimes.com

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