Area trails receiving an improved look

Crews from Los Angeles County’s Parks and Recreation Department set their sights this summer on making trail improvements in and around La Cañada, and are currently working in several sections of the city through July 31.

Areas of interest include portions of the Flint Canyon Trail, the Gould Canyon Trail and the La Cañada Open Space Trail, according to Dwight LaCroix, a facilities operation and construction manager with the county.

Detailed work includes smaller projects — mowing and brush clearance, weed abatement, tree trimming and graffiti removal — as well as larger efforts like trail grading and erosion prevention, which requires the use of berms and swales to direct water flow.

Randy Strapazon, a member of the La Cañada Flintridge Trails Council, said the county’s trail crews are responsible for the care for about 350 miles of trails.

“To get them to come and do our 22 miles, it’s like winning the lottery,” she said.

The Trails Council encourages hikers and others who take advantage of the community’s outdoor areas to become stewards of the trails, and to report any problems or trail damage to the city’s Public Works Department by calling (818) 790-8882.

“It would be really nice to get the hiking public engaged with the trails, because they own them,” Strapazon said.

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