La Cañada Crime: Vehicle's rear tires slashed

La Cañada

May 16

Petty theft: 600 block of Foothill Boulevard. A woman contacted police to report that, at around 7:15 p.m., someone had stolen her cellphone from her unlocked car while she was at a gas station. The woman parked at a pump and went in the store. When she came back five minutes later, her phone was missing. The windows of the 2013 Hyundai had been left open, and police determined that was the likely point of entry. No witnesses or surveillance of that area could be located.

May 17

Vandalism: 2100 block of La Cañada Crest Drive. A woman reported that both of her vehicle’s rear tires had been slashed sometime between midnight and 1 p.m. She said she hadn’t been involved in any recent altercation but that her daughter recently broke up with her boyfriend six months earlier, because she, the mother, did not approve of their relationship. She suspected the vandalism might have been a retaliative act.

La Crescenta

May 12

Burglary, residential: 2700 block of Stevens Street. A man was notified by his gardener at around noon that the sliding glass door of his home had been smashed and it appeared someone had entered the premises. A deputy arrived on scene and noticed the house had been ransacked. The victim told police his house had an alarm, but that his wife didn’t turn it on before leaving for work at around 9 a.m. He reported a revolver, a gold wedding ring, three silver coins and an unknown amount of women’s jewelry stolen from an upstairs bedroom. During a witness interview, one neighbor reported seeing a an unfamiliar white Mercedes or Audi in front of the home, but did not see a person specifically. Photos of the scene were taken and a fingerprint test ordered.

May 13

Vandalism of a vehicle: 3000 block of Altura Avenue. A woman contacted police to report that, sometime between 12:30 and 3:30 p.m. the day before someone appeared to have jumped on and dented the roof of her car while it was unattended. Police observed a three-inch by four-inch dent as well as several handprints and footprints on the roof. A fingerprint test was ordered. The victim said she canvassed the neighborhood for witnesses or surveillance footage but was unsuccessful.

May 15

Burglary, commercial: 3100 Foothill Boulevard. Police responded to a burglary call from Orchard Hardware Supply, where an employee reported that at around 2:50 p.m., a witness saw a man running out of the store’s north exit carrying several items. The suspect was seen by someone else entering an older model Isuzu Trooper, which fled the scene. Store video captured the suspect, a man in his 30s with brown hair and a partial goatee, pushing a cart through several areas of the store before stopping near two registers. The man looked at his phone and then picked up a plastic tub full of items before running out the door.

May 20

Burglary of a vehicle: 2900 Alabama Street. A man reported that, sometime between 9:30 p.m. Monday and 7 a.m. Tuesday, someone smashed the driver’s side door of his 2008 Nissan Altima and rifled through the car’s interior while it was parked in front of his house. A deputy noticed most of the broken glass had fallen inside the car and that the glove box and center console had been ransacked. It was determined the suspect reached through the window and pressed the car’s “unlock” button to gain entry. A fingerprint test was ordered and neighbors questioned. One female neighbor said that at 3 a.m., she heard the sound of a car speeding off.

Editor's Note: Dates refer to when a police report was filed, not the date of the alleged incident.

-- Compiled by Sara Cardine

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