Letter: Moss hasn't grown on new tree ordinance

Dear citizens, unite. Is there anyone out there in our fair city that would like to repeal the bungling effort of


How can five people determine what our city should become? The last time we all went through this no one cared. Now there is some rumbling. Our beautiful city is being decapitated. Soon we will become Palmdale.


, including other oak species that either don’t grow here or cannot easily be identified. All the other beautiful trees in our city — forget about it. Oh, except deodars planted in the city’s right of way. I saw one beautiful deodar being cut down on upper Alta Canyada last week.

If anyone is interested in La Cañada Flintridge being a true Tree City USA, please call me at (818) 248-5200 or email me at


Larry Moss

La Cañada Flintridge