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The Best Bangle Bracelets

  1. Chrishine Life Bangle Bracelet
  2. Swarovski Bangle Bracelet
  3. PANDORA Bangle Bracelet
  4. Alex and Ani Bangle Bracelet
  5. Kate Spade New York Bangle Bracelet
  6. Buyer's Guide

Bangles have been a part of many cultures around the globe for thousands of years. Evidence of the use of bangles can be found in ancient civilizations such as Mohenjo-Daro and Ancient India. Even in 2022, people like to wear bangle bracelets because of how beautiful and intricate they look.

They are also a popular gift item, and with Mother’s Day coming up, we decided to make a guide to buying the best ones. This guide will help you find the perfect bangle bracelets for yourself or your loved ones. A bangle bracelet is a circular piece of jewelry made using metal or some other material.

Sometimes they also have crystals or precious stones on them to further enhance their beauty. Bangle bracelets are usually thin and are worn on the wrist on either or both hands. Some people also like to pair their bangle bracelets with other types of jewelry.

What is the best Bangle Bracelets of 2022?

Chrishine Life Bangle Bracelet - Top Pick

With this bangle bracelet, you get to choose between 6.3 in, 6.7 in, and 7 in size options. You also get a multitude of colors and designs that you can opt for, making it very customizable. Chrishine Life has brought us this amazing bangle bracelet that comes in a beautiful gift box, making it an excellent candidate for Mother’s Day or birthday gift. It is made with hypoallergenic stainless steel, which means that it does not widely cause an allergic reaction.

  • Comes in multiple designs, colors, and size options to pick from
  • Made using surgical grade and hypoallergenic stainless steel
  • Clasp may be a bit difficult to close with one hand

Swarovski Bangle Bracelet - Runner Up

This bangle bracelet has a beautiful chain design making it an excellent choice for jewelry lovers. It features a chain clasp and a chain-ring with a crystal, giving it an intricate look. Swarovski makes exquisite-looking necklaces and earrings so, if you'd like, you can purchase a whole matching set. It also utilizes white crystals to give an extra sparkly touch. Additionally, the clasp closure is easy to open or close.

  • Comes with other matching jewelry items
  • Rhodium plated to last longer
  • Only one size option is available

PANDORA Bangle Bracelet - Also Consider

This bangle bracelet by PANDORA has a very innovative closure system that is hidden very well while still easy to use. This means that the look of the bracelet is not marred by any breaks or clasps. This bangle bracelet is hand-crafted and hand-finished. It also comes in three size options to help you get a perfect fit. If you want to give your PANDORA bangle bracelet more style, then you can also add charms to it.

  • Utilizes sterling silver to give a unique shine
  • Comes in three size options
  • Has a hidden closure
  • No charms are included with the bracelet

Alex and Ani Bangle Bracelet - Best for Gift

You can get this bangle bracelet in nine charm variations for your loved ones to symbolize the bond you have. These charm options with cute and lovely quotes make this bracelet an excellent gift. The customizable sizing that this bangle bracelet by Alex and Ani comes with makes it a great fit for most hand and wrist sizes. This way, you also don’t have to fiddle around with a hook or latch to take it on or off. The material used to make it is a mix of brass and copper which is nickel-free making it sturdy and long-lasting.

  • Comes in silver and gold color options
  • You can choose between nine charm options
  • The sizing may not fit very large or small hand sizes

Kate Spade New York Bangle Bracelet - Honorable Mention

If you want a more simplistic look, then this bangle bracelet is for you. Despite the minimalist design, this gold-colored bracelet still looks very beautiful. This bangle bracelet by Kate Spade New York has a diameter of 2.5 in and a width of 0.5 in. It is plated with 12-karat gold giving it an exquisite shine and it also comes with a beautiful pouch for storage or travel.

  • Features an interior engraving
  • Comes with a handy storage pouch
  • More size options would have been nice

Buyer's Guide

To help you find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, we have come up with this guide to buying the best bangle bracelets. So, let us discuss what you should keep an eye out for when buying one. This may sound obvious, but always double-check the size you are getting.

Measure your wrist and get the bracelet size that you think will be the best fit. You may not find a perfect fit but try to get as close as you can. If you are uncertain what the bracelet size should be, you can always opt for an adjustable one.

The design and color you choose will depend on your personal preference, so pick whichever one you want. Also, if you wish to match the bracelet with another jewelry item, then it can be helpful to put their pictures side by side and make a comparison. Additionally, never forget to check what material the bracelet is made of.

Make sure that it is made of a sturdy and non-toxic material such as sterling silver or stainless steel. You can also opt for bangle bracelets made with glass or beads, but they may not last as long as their metal counterparts. You can figure out what material a bracelet is made of by checking the product description.

It is always best to consult the instructions that come with the bangle bracelets to figure out how you should clean them. Generally, it is a good idea to clean it with warm soapy water. Be sure to use a bowl so that it does not go down the drain as you clean it.

Also, always dry it properly afterward. You can also make a habit of giving your bracelets a good wipe before storing them to clean away any dust or debris, but remember to use a soft, microfiber cloth instead of a rough one for wiping to avoid scratches.

Bangle Bracelet FAQ

Q: How do I put on a bangle bracelet?

A: How you put on a bangle bracelet depends on the closure system it uses. There are many closure systems used to secure a bangle bracelet. If it is a slip-on type, then you can effortlessly slip it on over your hand and onto your arm.

But, if your bracelet has a latch closure system, then you have to undo the latch, put it on, and then close the latch again. Some bracelets also feature a clasp system. This clasp then hooks onto a chain or some other type of hole on the other end of the bracelet. All of these closure systems that different bracelets types utilize have their own merits. Pick the type that you are most comfortable with.

Q: Can I take a shower while wearing my bangle bracelet?

A: It is generally not a good idea to wear your bangle bracelet as you shower or go to sleep. This is because you may end up unintentionally breaking it. Some bracelets also don't cope well with warm water or soap and can get discolored. You may also end up scratching the bracelet, which can really mar its look. So, it is best not to wear a bangle bracelet in a bath or to bed.

Q: How do I care for my bangle bracelet?

A: There are many things that you can do to take care of your bangle bracelet. An important precaution you can take to ensure that your bracelet remains scratch-free is to store it properly. Instead of just placing it on a table after use, put it in a soft cloth bag or in a box with some padding. This way, it will not rub against some hard surface and become scratched or broken. Additionally, never store your bracelet while it is wet. It is also a good idea to store it away from direct sunlight. You can also avoid breaking your bangle bracelet by taking it off when you intend to exercise or other physical activity.

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