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Bat Your Best With The Best Batting Tees

  1. TANNER Premium Baseball/Softball Batting Tee
  2. Champion Sports 90 Deluxe Batting Tee
  3. Franklin Sports Baseball + Softball Batting Tee
  4. BaseGoal Travel Portable Batting Tee
  5. Hit Run Steal Heavy Duty Baseball and Softball Batting Tee
  6. Buyer's Guide

Baseball is a game with a very high skill cap, one that requires innovation and improvisation to be at the top. You might have great power and a brilliant game sense, but you cannot ignore the importance of basic technique. It is an art perfected by practice. We care about your game, so we've made a list of some of the top batting tees to help you perfect your fundamentals.

You might assume that training tees are for amateur players, or even worse - for softball players. Jokes aside, this can’t be further from the truth. Pros at all levels, including colleges, school districts, and the major leagues all invest time in the batting cage to perfect their game. Batting tees help them do so without needing a pitcher to throw the ball. They can select the perfect time, length, and vision to get in their comfort zone, also aiding as a confidence booster before playing a big game. So sit back and choose your batting tee from the following set of premium options available on the market!

Our 5 Favorite Batting Tees in 2022

TANNER Premium Baseball/Softball Batting Tee - Best Overall

Our first pick is a well-recognized product amongst college players. The Tanner Tee comes with a 9-inch base that holds the steel stem in place. This stem has a FlexTop that has been handmade to allow the batter to make contact with the ball rather than the tee. The height is adjustable from 26 to 43 inches, so this tee has huge potential to improve your game.

  • Designed with high quality materials
  • Easily adjustable height
  • Rubber ball rest protects bat
  • Base needs weight to support it

Champion Sports 90 Deluxe Batting Tee - Runner Up

If you’re looking to boost the accuracy of your swing, then we've got just the right product for you. This deluxe batting tee comes in two parts, a steady rubber base, and a durable steel tube. You can use the telescopic sleeve to adjust the height of the tube between 22 to 47 inches, allowing you to practice your swing at various levels. We love this product due to its unique rubber base.

  • Durable steel tube
  • Can be used for baseball or softball
  • Rubber base is weather resistant
  • Product is relatively heavy

Franklin Sports Baseball + Softball Batting Tee - Honorable Mention

Franklin Sports has operated for a long time in the baseball industry. Although their main focus has been tees for kids, this product is very different. The base is attached to a post made using fiberglass and aluminum, and a rubber ball holder has also been designed for better grip and accurate vision. You’ll also find a twist and lock option that allows you to adjust the tube height from 27 to 37 inches. We recommend using some weights on the base to make it sturdier and minimize the chances of the post falling over.

  • High-end post
  • Tee-top is detachable for easy mobility
  • Rubber ball holder is replaceable
  • Twist-lock gets stuck occasionally

BaseGoal Travel Portable Batting Tee - Contender

As the name suggests, this batting tee stands out due to its unique base. You've seen steel posts in the 3 products listed above, but BaseGoal's tee comes with tripod steel pipes to keep the tee in place. These pipes are covered by non-slip rubber to ensure the product stands its ground on various surfaces. So don't worry about the ground being too uneven - it's super easy to get started with this tee. The handmade rubber ball rest ensures you see the ball properly while the thick screws on the post make it easier to adjust the height (27.5 to 48 inches) so you can practice hitting the ball from various positions.

  • Super easy setup
  • Lightweight and easily transported
  • Can hold baseballs, softballs, and plastic balls
  • Minimum height is pretty tall

Hit Run Steal Heavy Duty Baseball and Softball Batting Tee - Consider

Our final batting tee on the list is super easy to set up, making it the most portable one on our list. With Hit Run Steal's heavy duty batting tee comes the ability to break it down into individual parts, place them in a bag, subsequently reconstructing it when needed. We chose this product because of how wide its tripod steel pipes are. They can spread to a fair distance and give the sturdiest grip for beginners. The hand-made rubber cone on top holds the ball, while the easy-to-grip screws help adjust the height (28 to 46 inches) to make for better practice sessions.

  • Base legs are 23 inches wide
  • Post is very sturdy
  • Screws are superior to typical twist-locks
  • Ball holder shaft is not very durable

Buyer's Guide

A good batting tee will most certainly improve your technique and optimize your performance before a big game. However, a poor-quality product is not just a waste of money, but also a source of constant hassle. Thus, you need to keep a set of criteria in mind before finalizing your purchase.

Features To Look Out For

Durability of the Post

A batting tee's post is one of the more important components of a batting tee. It connects the ball holder to the base and helps create a better angle for the swing. We recommend going for a durable steel post that is resistant to wear and tear. This allows you to swing the bat without worrying about damaging the tee itself. Plastic tubes are far too light, making them easily damaged when inadvertently hit by a baseball bat, so it's generally a good idea to avoid plastic ones.

Sturdiness of the Base

Some rubber bases are not durable enough to hold the post straight. This leads to a poor grip on the surface you're playing on, which will be irritating to deal with in the long term. Heavier bases, on the other hand, can be harder to carry around. Therefore, we suggest opting for products that allow for placing weights on the base to make it sturdier. You could also go for one the tripod options on this list!

Quality and Shape of the Ball Holder

You’ll notice how our list mostly consists of hand-made rubber ball holders. These not only protect your bat from damage, but are also far more durable. The shape also helps you see most parts of the ball, helping to create better hand-eye coordination while simultaneously improving your muscle memory for the game.

Height Adjustability

As we said earlier, a batting tee is a piece of essential training equipment for players of all ages and calibers. Hence, the product should allow for maximum adjustability when it comes to height. An ideal pick would be set up as low as 21 inches and as high as 44 inches. Height adjustability also aids you in perfecting your swing at pitches of various heights.

Brand Name

If you’re paying money to get a product, it makes the most sense to get it from a brand with a good reputation. Reliable brands like Tanner and Franklin provide the best deals. Their products are durable and are frequently rated very highly by their satisfied customers. Overall, they provide a good value for your money!

Customers Also Ask

Q: Do MLB players use batting tees?

A: Yes, pro players regularly go back to the batting cage to focus on the basics. A batting tee is an excellent source of regaining confidence by correcting your stance, vision, hand-eye coordination, and swing line.

Q: How high should a baseball tee be?

A: This depends upon the type of pitch troubling you of late. We generally recommend setting it up to the height of your belly button. This allows you to make maximum contact with the bat.

Q: Is a batting tee easy to carry around?

A: Sometimes, but not always. The best batting tees are lightweight and easy to detach. This makes it easy to place in a sports bag so you can bring it with you wherever you need.

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