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Must-have Baseball Equipment for Players and Coaches

Must-have Baseball Equipment for Players and Coaches

Nothing compares to the thrill felt by both the players and spectators when there is some action on the baseball field. Like any other sport, however, to get the best experience from baseball, it is essential to be equipped with the right gear. This way, you get to enjoy the tremendous amount of excitement provided by the sport and prevent needing a trip to the hospital after a game.

For a wholesome sporting experience, using proper equipment is important, whether you are a professional baseball player or just having fun with a bat in your backyard. However, this does not apply to just players alone. To comfortably occupy the esteemed position of coach, being rigged with the right equipment is also a necessity.

As a plus, baseball offers a wide variety when choosing gear. Also, some specific positions require specialized gear and equipment.

For this article, we will discuss the essential and must-have gear for any baseball player or coach.

Essential Equipment for Players

Baseball Gloves

In baseball, the aim is to hit the ball with as much strength as possible. Baseball gloves protect the hand when catching a fast-moving ball. There are adult-sized and youth-sized gloves. Youth-sized gloves are cheaper and are usually made from lesser quality materials as opposed to adult-sized gloves.

Batting Gloves

If you spend a lot of time swinging the bat, your palms will eventually develop blisters. Also, vibrations from the contact of the ball with the bat can rattle your hands greatly. The use of batting gloves will prevent the above-mentioned and ensure a better grip of the bat.

Baseball Bat

What is baseball without a bat? Bats come in different sizes, and it is usually easier to hit a ball with a bat that has a bigger barrel. When choosing baseball bats, it is important to select options that are not too big for you to swing freely.


Baseballs are perfectly round by design, to make them comfortable to throw. They are hard and weigh about 5 ounces. Most baseballs are made with rubber and then covered with leather while some are covered with plastic to make them durable and usable in wet weather.

Batting Helmet

If you are stepping into a baseball field or playing the game, you will need a batting helmet. Helmets are protective coverings made from high-impact plastic and/or carbon fiber. They ensure the safety of players’ heads.

Catcher’s Gear

Catchers often get hit by baseballs in the course of the game. To effectively play as a catcher, you need to own a complete set of catcher’s gear, which protects the body from getting hit. Among the catcher’s gear includes a helmet, chest pad, and leg guards.

Baseball Equipment Bag

Proper storage of your baseball equipment ensures their durability. Also, your baseball gear should be transported easily. Baseball equipment bags are a safe way to store your equipment and transport them with minimal hassle.

Pitching Machine

Pitching machines enable players to practice baseball in the absence of a pitcher. It throws (pitches) the ball to players at different speeds automatically. It is one useful piece of equipment you do not want to exclude from your baseball gear.

Baseball Equipment for Coaches


Leagues require scores to be recorded. A scorebook prevents disputes among players over scores of a game. Also, your players would love to know their stats.

Pitch Counter

A pitch counter is used to track the number of pitches thrown by a pitcher in a game. It is a must-have for a coach in keeping proper records of your players.


Pencils are used hand in hand with scorebooks. Durable pencils with visible lead are needed to write down scores and other important game information.

Lineup Board

This coach’s accessory is useful for keeping tabs on the batting order and the positions of players. Generally, the best boards are both easy to write on and erase off.

There are several other pieces of equipment you can add to your baseball equipment kit. The above-mentioned are, however, the must-have pieces of equipment to get you geared up.

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