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Review: Best Bee Traps

  1. RESCUE! Wasp Daubers & Carpenter Bee Trap
  2. CBS Our Patent design catches carpenter Bee Trap
  3. Mac's Carpenter Bee Trap
  4. HENSITA Outdoor Wasp Bee Trap

Are you looking for the best bee trap to save your house and garden from the wrath of those nasty carpenter bees? If yes, then you are in the right place! Carpenter bees are cute and little, but their sting can be painful, albeit rare. Also, it's a constant state of annoyance when they are around you, especially when you have a garden at home. Moreover, these bees literally make nests inside your wood. So, the only thing that can help get rid of them is by getting a bee trap.

Best Bee Trap

RESCUE! Wasp Daubers & Carpenter Bee Trap - Best Overall

This Rescue! bee trap is the best bee trap for most people. This two-pack of bee straps has a bright and colorful design that will automatically attract bees and other insects like wasps and hornets. Also, it features a bird guard as well to prevent them from getting stuck in the trap. This means, it will never harm those cute little birds, ever. You can easily hang the trap with the rope, and its trapping adhesive remains effective for a good 3 months. It can eliminate wasps, bees, and mud daubers without the use of any chemical, artificial odors or sprays.

CBS Our Patent design catches carpenter Bee Trap - Runner Up

Next, we have this easy-to-setup and environmentally friendly wooden bee trap by CBS. Just like its name, this is surely one of the best bee traps you can find nowadays. It has a wooden top and a glass bottom, and the top has two holes on each side to catch the bees. But once the bees get trapped in the glass bottom, there is no way for them to escape. The unique selling point of this bee trap is that it mimics the shape of an actual bee nest to attract the bees. Not to forget the build and quality of this bee trap are unmatched. The bee trap is free of toxic substances and harmful chemicals. The wooden top deceives bees into the glass jar and lures them in.

Mac's Carpenter Bee Trap - Honorable Mention

Third, on our list is this affordable set of 2 wooden bee traps by Mac. These traps have a compact design, and you can conveniently hang them anywhere you want around the exterior of your house. This product can be a budget-friendly alternative to the CBS bee trap, as it mimics the same build and bee-attracting solution. Moreover, this set is made with processed wood, which means it can withstand severe weather conditions. All in all, this is a great choice.

HENSITA Outdoor Wasp Bee Trap - Also Consider

Ending our list with this low-profile, effective bee and wasp trap by Hensita. This trap has a transparent bottom, so you can see the contents easily. Not only bees and wasps, but this product can trap hornets as well. The thing we loved about this trap is that it comes with a solar cell. The solar cell charges all day and then illuminates at night with a blue light to keep working 24/7. Also, the product is entirely safe to use and contains no chemicals or toxins. The wasp trap has a double-entry that increases chances of capturing bees and wasps. All you need to do is pour sweetwater or honey into the buckets and hang in a place where you see plenty of bees and wasps flying around.

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