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Does Frontera Make The Best Outdoor Rocking Chair?

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Frontera's flagship rocking chair is the World's Finest Outdoor Rocker, and we put that name to the test

Nothing says Americana like relaxing on your porch by sitting in a rocking chair, enjoying the sunset on a warm summer evening. The key word here is "relax", and Frontera Furniture Company is in the business of creating the World’s Finest Outdoor Rocker. That is literally the name of the rocker, and we set out to find out if that statement is true.

Disclosure: Frontera Furniture Company provided Bestcovery.com with a "World's Finest Outdoor Rocker" chair to evaluate.

Frontera has been making high quality outdoor furniture for nearly three decades, starting out as a small retailer in 1992 before expanding rapidly via the internet. The World’s Finest Rocker was painstakingly developed by obsessing over details and heeding customer feedback, going through countless revisions to get the final product right. As a result, Frontera's rockers can be found at 5-star resorts and hotels worldwide, all of which aim to provide their guests with the best possible luxurious experience. That has to mean something to the average consumer looking for the best rocker in the industry.

So what makes the "World's Finest Outdoor Rocker" such a great rocking chair? Let’s start with the materials. A quality piece of outdoor furniture has to be weatherproof so that it can effectively withstand the elements: rain, snow, and scorching direct sunlight. Frontera's solution was to build the rocker out of robinia wood. Like teak wood, robinia has natural weather resistance but is more environmentally sustainable thanks to it maturing in half the time as teak. Compared to other outdoor furniture made of non-weatherproof woods that rely on a paint or stain to weatherproof it, Frontera’s natural stained and painted rockers remain weatherproof even if the paint chips. Every single surface of the chair feels reassuringly smooth, and the natural color of the robinia wood looks suitably gorgeous. Frontera also offers the chair in Painted White and Painted Black options to suit your outdoor decor or theme.

Another aspect of what makes a great rocking chair is overall comfort, and Frontera definitely hasn't skimped here. Frontera has found the optimal design for maximum comfort via trial and error, along with taking feedback from customers the whole way. It's easy to see that Frontera was sweating the details when designing the chair - the angle of the backrest is pretty much perfect, and the seat bottom features double contouring to provide thigh support and to ensure you don't slide off the chair. The armrests offer enough width to accommodate forearms and hands, and the entire chair radiates an air of quality and thoughtful design. Just sit down and relax; this is one chair that always offers a "just right" seating position without having to fidget around for it.

It's obvious that Frontera did not cut any corners, and the chair feels every bit as substantial as the 37 pounds Frontera claims it weighs. Overall dimensions measure 34 inches deep, 27 inches wide, and 48 inches high; it's definitely a full-size chair, so make sure there's plenty of room for the chair and additional space for it to rock back and forth. The World's Finest Outdoor Rocker definitely lives up to its name, and it always looks and feels well-crafted anywhere you look. It offers comfort for days and build quality to last for years, and it easily earns its spot on any porch or deck. As for me, there's no question that I'd put one on my porch to enjoy the warm evening summertime sunset.

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