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Best Acrylic Markers for Artists of All Ages

  1. ARTEZA Acrylic Marker
  2. ARTISTRO Paint Pens
  3. Acrylico Acrylic Paint Markers
  4. moxix Acrylic Paint Markers

Art is a fantastic expression of ideas and personality, something all ages can enjoy. Whether for holiday crafts or detailed masterpieces, a set of quality acrylic paint markers helps you achieve superior color and detail in your project without the mess of paint jars and brushes. The following list of best acrylic markers in 2023 are excellent choices for their color variety, quick-drying ink, and ability to be used on most surfaces.

Take Your Art to the Next Level With the Best Acrylic Markers in 2023

ARTEZA Acrylic Marker - Best Overall

The ARTEZA Metallic Acrylic Paint Markers offer a great option for those looking for art supplies that are both versatile and long-lasting. This set of 20 markers provides plenty of options for rock painting, ceramic and glass surfaces, wood, stone, plastic, and fabric. The non-toxic and water-based ink ensures safe use in any workspace. Low odor and UV-resistant, these pens are acid-free and AP Certified Nontoxic. With quick-drying ink that can last up to 300m-350m on various surfaces, they provide smooth coverage and improved ink flow that won't irritate your skin or eyes.

  • Works on wood, plastic, and fabric
  • Makes long-lasting paintings
  • Great for all ages and skill levels
  • Not too permanent on plastic surfaces

Designed and created by passionate artists, the ARTEZA Metallic Acrylic Paint Markers are perfect for art lovers of all ages and levels. Ideal for anything from painting rocks to drawing on canvas, they come in an array of colors to inspire your creativity. The markers not only provide you with the best tools for creating beautiful works of art, but also offer the peace of mind knowing that you are using a safe product. That’s why this set of acrylic markers is the best overall on the list.

ARTISTRO Paint Pens - Perfect for Crafts

These acrylic markers are perfect for crafts with young kids. The large marker body is easy to grip, and the medium marker tips ensure faster, fuller coverage on your project.

  • This Artistro acrylic marker set features 12 colors that are vibrant and opaque and leave a slightly glossy finish
  • The ink is non-toxic and resistant to water and fading. It also has a low odor
  • These markers work on most surfaces, including fabric, ceramic, glass, and clay
  • Paint may not always flow smoothly from the marker tip

Acrylico Acrylic Paint Markers - Best for Fine Detail

Help your next artistic creation pop with color and life with these acrylic markers. They feature a fine marker tip to ensure you can achieve the smallest of details in your masterpiece.

  • This set includes 16 colors, including four metallic colors.
  • They work on a variety of surfaces, including glass, wood, and stones
  • These Acrylico acrylic paint markers are non-toxic and don’t give off any harsh odors
  • The tips of the markers are a bit stiff

moxix Acrylic Paint Markers - Best Color Variety

Boasting a selection of 32 colors, this set of acrylic markers is ideal for finding the perfect shade for your next art project. The set includes 22 basic colors and ten metallic colors.

  • These Moxix acrylic paint markers work on most surfaces, including rock, wood, fabric, and glass
  • They feature fine tips for achieving intricate details in your crafts
  • The paint is non-toxic and dries quickly
  • The metallic colors may not work as well on some materials
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