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A Versatile Piece for a Home Gym: Best Adjustable Weight Bench

Adjustable weight benches are much cheaper than a full home gym, yet enable you to do most of the same movements using free weights. Unfortunately not all adjustable weight benches are the same and you could end up with a flimsy bench that can barely hold you and your weights. Weight benches are not exceptionally complicated so what sets the best weight bench apart from the worst can be very subtle. The best adjustable weight benches in 2021 on this list were selected because of their sturdy manufacturing materials and weight capacity, any extra features for enhancing your workout like a leg extension add on, and overall comfort thanks to a range of seat adjustments and padding options.

Here are the best adjustable weight benches of 2021

Ironmaster Super Adjustable Weight Bench

The Super Bench is what other adjustable weight benches grow up wishing they could be. The benches  steel frame is made from 11 and 12 gauge tubing, giving it a sturdy base and also allows this bench to support up to 1,000 pounds. The padding is super thick, and although it may be too firm for some people, it’s still comfortable and provides extra support when you’re going for those higher weight limits.

Instead of a clunky, bar-in-groove incline-changing method, the Super Bench uses a smooth, crescent slider to let you choose between 11 positions ranging from decline to 90 degrees. Unlike most of their competitors, the Super Bench also allows you to adjust the seat for the perfect fit and feel during a workout.

When it comes to accessories, the Super Bench puts all others to shame with enough attachments to literally turn this model into a full home gym including a pull up bar, dip handles, and a crunch anchor. Overall this bench is just the perfect height and width for the maximum comfort for most body types.

X-Mark Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench

X-Mark is a company which flies under the radar, but they still puts out some really awesome products like the XM-7472. The benches 11 Gauge steel is guaranteed to hold you and your weights with a 1,500 pound weight limit. The XM-7472 also offers seven different positions from decline to 90 degrees to better serve all of your workout needs.

This is a commercial grade bench and you’ll feel it as soon as you sit down on the thick, comfortable cushioning. The vinyl outer covering is also sweat and tear resistant; you definitely won’t feel like you’re constantly sticking to it. There’s not a lot in the way of extras for this bench but it does offer add-ons for preacher curls and leg extensions. When you’re done with the XM-7472, you can fold it up and wheel it away for convenient storage.

Bowflex Weight Bench

The Select Tech 4.1 by Bowflex offers a reliable adjustable weight bench that would fit in almost any home. While the benches padding isn’t especially thick, it’s still very comfortable and the benches slim frame can still support up to 480 pounds. This model isn’t as versatile as other benches, but it will meet most exercise needs with five positions ranging from full decline to 90 degrees.

As far as extra features go, this bench is sparse with no more than a removable leg brace attachment. However, a lack of multiple extra features makes this a great, space-saving weight bench. While this may be the most basic of the adjustable weight benches on this list, this bench proves that sometimes less is more.

best Rogue Adjustable Weight Bench

Rogue Adjustable Weight Bench

Rogue is hands down one of the best fitness companies and their products are continually finding their way onto our best lists. This adjustable weight bench uses 11 gauge steel tubing for sturdy support and its padding is thick and firm for comfortable support. It offers nine adjustable back positions from decline to 90 degrees along with six different seat adjustments, making it the perfect fit for almost anyone.

What sets rogue products apart is that they’re constructed with body builders in mind, so with this bench you’re definitely getting a rugged, well-designed product. This bench doesn’t have any extras to speak of but if you’re only in the market for a bench and a bench only, this is a really solid option.

best Legend Fitness 4 Way Bench

Legend Fitness 4 Way Bench

This bench is just one of many impressive products from Legend Products. This bench uses the seldom-used crescent method which is much smoother than the rod and groove adjustment-style most benches rely on. With eight incline positions and four seat positions, you’re guaranteed to find the right fit for every exercise movement no matter you size.

Legend doesn’t disclose the weight capacity of the 4 Way Bench, but 11 gauge steel, a lifetime warranty, and a commercial-use rating all add up to a higher weight capacity than you will likely ever need. The bench itself is exceptionally sturdy with fairly comfortable padding which is firm enough so that you won’t sink into the bench the second you pick up your weight.

This manufacturer operates on the “less is more” principle so you won’t find a lot of extras here, but it does have a padded leg anchor and wheels for easy movement around the house or gym. Legend offers sweat and tear resistant vinyl, but they also offer a list of color options for fabric to make your bench perfectly fit your home or gym.

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