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Drive Safe with the Best Baby on Board Signs

  1. Assured Signs Baby On Board Sign
  2. Little Chicks Baby On Board Sign
  3. Safety 1st Baby On Board Sign
  4. TOTOMO Baby on Board Sign
  5. Buyer's Guide

Anytime you welcome a new baby into the world, your main priority is to keep your child safe and protect them at all times. Their safety is a top concern as you take them in the car with you and spend time on the road. Baby on board signs not only offer peace of mind to parents but allow you to inform other drivers to use caution as they come close to your vehicle. Baby on board signs should be visible and stay secure on the window or paint to prevent them from falling off over time. These are the list of the best baby on board signs in 2022 to choose from to ensure you have one that's seen easily and sticks reliably during the first year of your baby’s life.

The Best Baby On Board Sign Models of 2022 in Detail

Assured Signs Baby On Board Sign - Best Baby On Board Signs Overall

The Assured Signs baby on board sign is large and thick, making it easy to spot from a distance. With its bright yellow color and large size, this baby on board sign is highly visible even through tinted windows and sun shades. They're designed to stick to the outside part of the glass, and the stickers themselves feature perforations to allow outward visibility.

Two stickers come in each set, allowing you to place one on the side and one on the back of the car. The bold font makes it easy to read at a glance, and the lack of an obvious logo makes it visually appealing. These stickers are tough and designed to last, but the perforations may lead to the corners peeling after a few months if the signs are not installed perfectly.

Little Chicks Baby On Board Sign - Runner Up

The Little Chicks Baby on Board sign mounts to hard, flat surfaces (such as a window) using a suction cup, and is designed to be installed inside your vehicle. It’s easy to apply and remove if you want to adjust it or place it in another vehicle, and the suction cup won't lose its ability to grip the surface over time.

The bright yellow color and large, bold font is easy to read and visible from several feet away. Some people may not like how bold and large the logo is, which is directly under the message on the sign and looks slightly cluttered.

Safety 1st Baby On Board Sign - Honorable Mention

This baby on board sign looks different from the others on the market, which helps to alert drivers and encourages them to drive cautiously around your vehicle. It’s available in a pink or blue color shade and adheres to the inside of any window.

The Safety 1st baby on board sign has a strong suction cup, which is easy to remove and adjust. The large size makes it visible to other motorists on the side or behind your vehicle. The sturdy material has a glossy finish and doesn’t peel, discolor, or fade in the sun. Because the sign mounts on the inside of the glass, it may not be as visible from the outside for those with dark window tint. Finally, some users feel that the logo underneath the BABY ON BOARD! text is too large, though that's mostly subjective.

TOTOMO Baby on Board Sign - Consider

This baby on board sign depicts your baby’s feet and has water-resistant vinyl. The decal measures six by 4.5 inches and stands out easily on small or large windows without blocking your view.

The Totomo baby on board sign comes with clear, detailed instructions and is easy to peel and stick to the outside of the window or the car paint. The cute design may appeal more to those who want something fun and stylish. The vinyl material is easy to remove if you need to readjust it, and it comes off clean without leaving any residue behind or losing its adhesion.

Buyer's Guide

Meta: Not sure about which baby on board sign you should buy? This guide will help you choose the best baby on board sign in 2021.

If you have a baby with you on a ride, a baby on board sign can come in very handy as it alerts and signals other drivers to be more cautious while passing your car. Moreover, baby on board signs can also save a baby's life in case of an accident, as it alerts the emergency staff that there might be a baby in the vehicle who needs to be taken out and given medical attention immediately

However, considering the multiple types of baby on board signs available in the market, picking the best one can get somewhat confusing. In this buying guide we are going to discuss all of the important features that must be present in the best baby on board sign in 2021.

Which Factors Should Be Considered for Purchasing the Best Baby On Board Sign?

Read down below to find out more.


There’s really no point in placing a baby on board sign on your car if it can’t be detected by drivers from a distance, which is why it is essential that the baby on board sign that you choose comes in a bright color. The colors that are attention grabbing and would be the most effective for the sign include red, yellow, and orange, and green.

Moreover, it is also important that the baby on board sign doesn’t exactly match the color of your vehicle. For instance, if the color of your car is yellow, you might want to place a baby on board sign in a red color and vice versa. This will help ensure that the sign can be detected from a distance.


You can find the best baby on board signs in various different designs and colors, with the most commonly used one being a yellow rhombus-shaped baby on board sticker. You can also find customized best baby on board signs with designs, drawings, and different prints on them. Hence, if you are someone who doesn’t find a plain baby on board sign appealing when placed on your car, you can always look for a customized baby on board sticker.


The best baby on board signs can withstand harsh weather conditions. Whereas, the cheap ones tend to lose their stickiness when they absorb water. Similarly, exposure to sunlight can also cause the color of cheap baby on board signs to fade, which makes it difficult for drivers to read the sign from a distance. Hence, it is important that the baby on board sign you choose is durable and doesn’t get distorted or damaged due to extreme weather conditions.

Adherence and reusability

The best baby on board sign should be easy to take off and should not damage your car’s body or scratch its paint. Moreover, if you opt for a reusable sticker, it should easily adhere to the surface again when needed. Two of the best types of reusable signs are suction cup sign-boards and magnetic sign-boards. On the other hand, it is not possible to reapply adhesive stickers. Hence, the parents who are obliged to take their babies out on a ride can opt for adhesive stickers.


If you have never bought a baby on board sign before, then it can be confusing for you to pick the right sticker size. Signboards that are very big in size look awkward and partially odd. Whereas, the smaller ones defy the purpose of attaching signboards.

The ideal vehicle sign board should measure at least 6 inches in height and 6 inches in width. You can also opt for stickers slightly larger than this size. However, you shouldn't opt for smaller sizes.

What Are the Different Types of the Baby on Board Signs?

There are three common types of the best baby on board signs available in the market, these include:

Magnetic sign-board

Magnetic sign-boards cost a bit more as compared to the other options. However, they are worth every penny you spend. These magnets can only be attached to the vehicle's body only. Hence, these can’t be used on the windows or windshields of vehicles.

Adhesive Sticker

This is the most common type of the best baby on board sign sticker used by parents. You can put an adhesive baby sticker anywhere you like on your car. These can also be used on the windshield and the windows of the vehicle. However, these are not as durable as magnetic sign boards and their color can fade away easily if you park your vehicle outside in rain.

Suction cup signboard

Signboards with suction cups are another great option when it comes to the best baby on board sign stickers. The best thing about signboards with suction cups is that these are very easy to remove and can be reused as well. Moreover, this type of signboard is usually used on the windows or the windshield of a vehicle. Though this type of signboard is durable, the suction cups can get distorted if you are regularly removing and replacing them.

People Also Ask

What does a baby on board sign mean?

The baby on-board sign helps alert nearby drivers that a baby is in the car. In simpler words, a baby's parents want other drivers to be more patient and enduring towards them.

Should a baby on board sign be used?

Yes, definitely! Young drivers accelerate their vehicles madly without knowing that a baby's life could be threatening. Moreover, in case of accidents, the sign alerts investigators that the baby is also in the car.

What is the best color for a baby on board sign?

Any color that is vibrant and bright enough to be spotted by drivers from a distance is acceptable. Generally, the colors that are considered the best for a baby on board sign include red, yellow, green, and orange, since these are very eye-catching.

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