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How To Travel Safely with a Baby

How To Travel Safely with a Baby

Planning out trips can be difficult if you’re bringing a baby along. Here are some recommended tips that will make traveling with your child much safer to give you peace of mind.

Bring a Stroller

Whether you’re taking the plane, riding a car, or hopping on a train, you’ll be needing a stroller to get around before and after a ride. Strollers are incredibly safe for your baby to travel in, and many of them are small enough to be brought around once they're folded up.

When deciding on a stroller to bring, be sure to bring one that can handle the road conditions of where you’re traveling to. Rougher pavement and sidewalks may not be suitable for certain strollers, and they may even cause the baby some distress. You’ll want one that’s best-suited for outdoor use just to be on the safe side.

Get a Baby Backpack

If strollers are too big for you to bring around, especially if you’re traveling by air, then baby backpacks and baby carriers are a helpful alternative. They’re strapped right onto you and can fit in most suitcases, so there’s no harm bringing one along, even if you’re also bringing a stroller with you.

A word of advice, though - unless you’re physically active, carrying a baby on your back can be physically draining. If you’re walking a considerable distance, plan ahead, and find places where you can sit and take a breather. The last thing you’d want is to have your legs give in with a baby on your back.

Bring Extra Clothes

Babies can get themselves dirty when you least expect them to, so it’s best to bring an extra change of clothes, even if you’re traveling for no more than an hour. Babies can be unpredictable, and by bringing an extra set of clothing, you’ll be more well-equipped in case anything happens.

For trips that take days, then you can consider getting the clothes washed somewhere. Just be sure that the detergent is baby safe, so either request for some or bring your own.

Bring Diapers or Money for Diapers

Diapers are essential in just about any trip with babies. Luckily, in many countries, restrooms come with diaper changing stations, so no matter where you go, you can give your baby a much-needed diaper change.

If you’re traveling via air or by train, there’s a chance that the station won’t have any diapers for sale, so bring your own. If you’re staying in town, though, then you can buy some whenever necessary. It may be a good idea to bring a couple regardless, though.

Use a Baby Car Seat

Going on a road trip with a baby requires a baby car seat. It’s required in many countries, and even if it wasn’t, it’s essential in keeping your baby safe. Baby car seats are designed to keep your baby safe while the car moves about, as regular seats are too big and the seat belts may damage their skin.

When using public transportation such as buses or taxis, it is possible that they’ll have baby seats, but in the event that they don’t, you’ll need a front pack carrier. If you don’t have that, either, be sure to hold your child tightly, and inform the driver that a child is on board.

Install a “baby on board” Sign

You may have seen cars with “baby on board” stickers on their rears. This is crucial information that lets drivers behind the car know to be extra careful near the vehicle. The sticker could save you from a possible accident, so consider having one pasted.


Traveling with a baby can be risky, given the nature of modern travel. However, you can maximize your baby’s safety and comfort in many different ways, whether it be bringing them around with a stroller or strapping them safely in a baby car seat.

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