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Best Baby Play Mats That Are Sure To Get A Big Smile

  1. Regalo Sensory & Learning Baby Play Mat
  2. Lupantte 7 in 1 Baby Play Gym Mat
  3. UANLAUO Waterproof Portable Baby Play Mat
  4. Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick Baby Play Mat
  5. Childlike Behavior Non-Toxic Baby Play Mat
  6. MARBS Extra Large Baby Play Mat
  7. Buyer's Guide

As your cuddly newborn grows, they will eventually start crawling and standing up all on their own, but the hard floors can be quite rough and dangerous for your little baby's feet. What is a good solution? Baby play mats! These types of mats are usually made out of soft foam that will provide your baby with adequate cushioning and protection. Also, they are easier to clean and can be transported anywhere, thanks to their lightweight design.

With that being said, we rounded up the best baby play mats for your little one. Just scroll through all of the available options and pick the most fitting play mat. Let's begin with the #1 position on our list!

Detailing the Best Baby Play Mat of 2022

Regalo Sensory & Learning Baby Play Mat - Best Overall

The Regalo Waterproof Learning Play Mat weighs less than one pound and can be set up in just a couple of seconds. It is manufactured out of cushiony foam that will provide your little one with additional safety from hard surfaces and last for a very long time. The front side of this baby play mat highlights adorable little animals with individual alphabet letters, and the other side features a gray chevron pattern for a chic look. Once unfolded, this playmat measures 70" x 71". Even if you have carpet, a play mat is a great investment, not only for travel, but to save time when it comes to cleaning up. You can easily wipe this down with a wet rag versus vacuuming or worrying about stains.

  • You can use this baby play mat both inside and outside
  • The Regalo Learning Play Mat is considerably lightweight
  • Two-sided with different designs
  • This play mat makes a sticky noise
  • Can begin to peel over time

Lupantte 7 in 1 Baby Play Gym Mat - Easy to Clean

Unlike ordinary foam baby mats, the Lupantte 7 in 1 Baby Play Gym Mat is designed to keep your baby entertained throughout the various stages of their growth. It features a thicker and softer style that offers the right balance of flatness and comfort. The mat is extra-large in size for ample space and comes with replaceable mat covers for easy maintenance. It is topped with a gym frame with 6 different types of hanging baby-safe toys all targeted to enhance their growth. There is a self discovery run mirror, tactile ribbon rattle, organic cotton star, dinosaur, elephant, moon pillow and a cloth book with simple graphics.

  • Comes with lots of toys
  • Helps boost baby's growth
  • Easy to care for and clean
  • Awkward assembly

UANLAUO Waterproof Portable Baby Play Mat - Runner Up

With the foam cushion and non-skid design, the UANLUAO Folding Baby Play May is designed to provide a smooth surface for your baby to play on. The play mat has a thick cushioning of 0.6-inches. Unlike other regular mats that require you to combine multiple pieces - this play mat only features one durable piece, which is easily foldable and can be packed away in a convenient case. The UANLUAO Folding Baby Play Mat can be used for various purposes, but it is particularly beneficial for when the baby is learning to crawl or stand. You can choose from many designs to fit your decor or your baby's interests like bears, foxes, and unicorns.

  • Many designs to choose from
  • It includes one big mat that is very durable
  • The tiny ridges in the cover design can hold on to dirt easily

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick Baby Play Mat - Honorable Mention

The Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick and Play Piano Gym is the perfect baby gym to keep them entertained for many of their stages as they grow. It's available in pink or green colors. It's a very durable play mat but it is not very soft or cushiony, but it is easy to wipe clean. It has many hanging animals that spin or crinkle to keep your baby entertained. The highlight is the colorful piano that lights up. It can play pre-recorded songs and the piano keys light up which is perfect for tummy time. There is also the option to manually play the piano as well. It can be a little tricky to assemble in the beginning, but once it's set up, your baby is going to love it.

  • The play mat is completely machine-washable
  • The large keyboard is detachable
  • The whole assembly process can be challenging

Childlike Behavior Non-Toxic Baby Play Mat - Contender

Want your nursery to be Instagram worthy? These foam baby mats by Childlike Behavior will potentially, maybe, probably not, make you Insta-famous. Their designs are adorable and sleek if you prefer them over characters or numbers. Instead of folding like other foam mats on our list, these come in interlocking pieces like a puzzle so it gives you more flexibility on how much or how little of them you want to use depending on your area. Unfortunately, at only 0.4 inches, it isn't as thick as others on the list. The other downside is that since they are interlocking, your adventurous baby could pull them up or break off the tabs. But none of that matters if they look adorable in their next social media post, right?

  • It features a pretty simple set-up process
  • The Childlike Large Behavior Play Mat is available in various designs
  • The baby can easily pull out the corner pieces and chew on them

MARBS Extra Large Baby Play Mat - Consider

The MARBS Baby Play Mat features a double-sided design consisting of different numbers, letters, and adorable animals that will assist in improving your baby's concentration and brain function. It is manufactured out of 5-layer foam to allow your baby to perform all kinds of activities such as crawling or baby fitness without getting hurt. Also, whenever your baby spills their chocolate milk on the play mat, just grab a wet cloth and wipe it up - the cleaning is as simple as that. Furthermore, with the help of the measuring ruler, you will be able to easily measure your baby and see how much they've grown. It's versatile to be used indoors or outdoors. Perfect for grass or at the beach since sand won't stick to it.

  • This play mat features different numbers and letters
  • The 5-layer foam fabric provides additional comfort
  • Some of the consumers said that the build quality should be better

Buyer's Guide

With many new baby play mat brands appearing on the market, it's getting even more challenging to pick the most dependable one. In our buying guide, we will do our absolute best to describe all the significant factors you will need to consider when buying play mats. Let's begin!

What Should You Consider When Shopping For Baby Play Mats?


Baby play mats can appear in different styles and colors. However, you will need to select a design that will be visually appealing to your baby or match your nursery decor. For example, if you have a younger baby, be sure to look for a play mat that has colorful zig-zag stripes, dots, or shapes. On the other hand, if your baby already watches cartoons, look for a themed play mat with superheroes, animals, etc.


The second thing that you need to consider when buying baby play mats is the thickness of the material. This will depend on your personal requirements and the kind of floor you have at your home.

For example, if you have a hardwood floor, you will need to search for a thicker play mat to provide better protection for your baby. On the other hand, if you plan to put the mat on top of a carpeted area, you shouldn't worry about the thickness too much.

Cleaning method

Your child will spend a lot of time on the play mat, which means that it will get pretty dirty. However, all baby play mats can be cleaned pretty easily; you can wipe them with a clean cloth and warm water or just put them in the washing machine. Review the manual to see if they are machine-washable.

How Much Do Baby Play Mats Cost?

Baby play mats can be a big investment, but a pretty beneficial one as well. If you plan to buy brand-new play mats, you can expect to pay from $35 and up to $170 for the best brands. The cost of the play mats can vary depending on a few crucial aspects, including the thickness of the material, the overall durability, and the type & size of the play mat. Rather than viewing all of the options, be sure to set your budget and look at baby play mats within that particular range; this will save you time and help you make a more reasonable decision.

How Did We Pick The Best Baby Play Mats?

In order to find the best baby play mats available, we've performed in-depth research on the whole market. Each product on our listing had to pass the RMD test. (Ratings, Manufacturer, and Durability)


Customers from all around the US have given unbiased opinions about various play mats on the internet. We've reviewed hundreds of them and managed to select the baby play mats with the most positive ratings.


During our review process, we've also taken into account the manufacturer of the baby play mats. Some of the most respectable brands will never mislead their customers and continuously provide them with quality products and support.


The last factor we considered before putting the best baby play mats on the list is durability. We looked into the construction and material and picked the most durable ones that will surely last for a long time.

What Kind Of Baby Play Mats Are There?

You'll encounter two different types of baby play mats, so let's briefly take a closer look at them and explain each type.

Foam Play Mats

This is the first type of baby play mat; as you'd guess from the name, it's made out of foam. These types of mats will provide your baby with comfortable cushioning and excellent shock absorption. Moreover, they are completely waterproof, so even if your baby spills something, you can easily wipe it up without worrying about lasting damage to the mat itself. There are various designs and themes available; some of the play mats also feature a puzzle design to boost your baby's cognitive skills. Most foam play mats are made out of safe, non-toxic materials, but be sure to verify that in the product description or specifications.

Fabric Play Mats

If you're on the search for a more affordable alternative to foam mats, then stick with fabric models. They are usually a lot more portable and are extremely lightweight; therefore, you will be able to take them anywhere you go, including the beach, playground, a family vacation, etc. These types of baby play mats are commonly manufactured using a cloth cover and water-resistant bottom.


There are many baby play mats available online, and it can be quite hard to separate the good from the bad. However, with the help of our buying guide and top suggestions, we're positive that you will be capable of getting the perfect match for your lovely baby. Happy shopping!

Baby Play Mat FAQ

Q: What is the perfect age to start using the baby play mat?

A: This will strongly depend on the purpose you're using the mat for. If you just want to provide your baby with a comfortable place to rest, then you should wait until the baby starts getting comfortable laying down without being swaddled. Furthermore, if you plan to use the play mat for tummy time, we strongly advise that you wait for your kid to turn at least 4 months and begin the whole process with intervals. And lastly, for regular playtime, you'll need to wait until the kid can sit up straight on their own.

Q: Will the play mats provide additional protection to my baby?

A: Yes, they will. However, even though the play mats will provide your baby with additional protection, you shouldn't leave your baby alone. Foam mats specifically will protect against injuries caused by hard floors.

Q: Are baby play mats essential?

A: Baby play mats aren't an essential product that you must purchase right away. However, play mats are pretty helpful since they provide a safe area for your baby to play in. They also provide soft cushioning for babies that fall during their first steps and are more straightforward to clean.

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