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The Best Musical Mobiles to Entertain Your Baby

Musical mobiles suspended above your baby offer strong stimulation for their developing senses. As their name implies, these mobiles also play soothing music intended to gently transition your little one into dreamland. There are hundreds of musical mobiles to choose from, but we’ve chosen the five best options to feature on this list. These mobiles each feature a cheerful assortment of hanging adornments that move in order to further aiding in the development of your baby's eyesight, night lights for a comfortable glow at night for both baby and parent, and lastly they have audible variety by playing soothing nature sounds in addition to songs and other ambient melodies.

The Best Musical Mobile Models of 2021 in Detail

Fisher Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Musical Mobile

The shiny leaves on the Fisher Price Rainforest Peek-a-Boo Musical Mobile open and close as a friendly dragonfly plays peek-a-boo to the accompaniment of classical composers like Bach, Beethoven and Mozart. Brightly colored, plush rainforest friends circle around the mobile and there’s also a setting which plays the naturals ambient sounds of the rainforest. Three settings are offered including music, motion and lights, music and motion, and music with night light. Best of all, when it’s time to remove this mobile from baby’s crib, you can still use the sound and nightlight features well into the toddler years.

Tiny Love 4-in-1 Here I Grow Activity Musical Mobile

Your little one is sure to love the 18 different tunes and 6 musical categories that the Tiny Love Soothe and Groove Mobile offers. The mobile also offers the option to play white sounds which are known for their ability to soothe even the fussiest babies. To ensure a quality audio experience, this mobile also feature two speakers for more immersive sound. As the music plays, friendly colorful, plush animal friends dance overhead while the gentle glow from the night light ensures your little one feels secure and allows for easy checkups without disrupting their sleep. When your little one outgrows the mobile, remove it and they can still enjoy the music box. It can also be used as a portable music box which baby can carry around and use through the toddler years.

Fisher Price Precious Planet 2 in 1 Musical Mobile

Smiling and vibrantly colored animal friends dance around the planet to one of the three musical settings. Your little one can enjoy listening to the lullabies of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart, nature sounds from the ocean or sounds closer to baby’s consciousness like a heartbeat and sounds from the womb. There’s the option to play the music or sounds for up to 20 minutes and to add to the audible enjoyment, this mobile projects a colorful and sweet light show onto the canopy, keeping the images close-up and easier for little eyes to focus on. The projected light show also does double-duty with its warm glow serving as a night light. When your little one has outgrown the mobile, he or she can continue to use the sound and projection features.

VTech Baby Soothing Ocean Slumbers Musical Mobile

This brightly colored animal mobile offers a soothing and stimulating experience for little ones to enjoy. A collection of friendly ocean animals dance overhead to more than 45 melodies and sing-along songs. The crib attachment features a friendly whale, offering company to baby and adding to the overall enjoyment of this mobile. A light show of ocean-themed images projects onto the ceiling, helping to further develop your little one’s eye sight and it also acts as a night light. When your baby is too big for the mobile, it can be removed and the device can be used as a crib toy and light projector.

Tiny Love Meadow Days Take Along Musical Mobile

This sweet 3-in-1 musical mobile offers a light show and pleasing melodies as three colorful animal friends gently circle around the canopy. The mobile provides volume control and muting for nine tunes across three different musical categories including classical music and nature sounds to soothe baby to sleep. There’s also a light show of animals which is projected onto the canopy, making it ideal for aiding in visual development for newborns. Take off the mobile and canopy once your little one reaches four months and your baby can enjoy watching the light show projected onto the ceiling. The projector also acts as a soothing night light for your baby at nighttime.

Buyer's Guide

There are various musical mobiles available on the market, so choosing the most suitable one for your baby can be a pretty tricky and time-consuming task, especially when you're a new parent. In this buyer's guide, we will go through the most essential things that you need to know in order to purchase the best musical mobile for your baby. Read on!

What Should You Consider When Buying a Musical Mobile?


The first factor that should be considered when purchasing a musical mobile is to make sure that it will perfectly fit on your baby's crib. Most musical mobiles are universal and are designed to fit flawlessly. However, be sure to see whether your baby's crib has rounded or square edges and take measurements just in case.

Manual or Battery-operated

There are two types of musical mobiles - manual and battery-powered. If you choose a manual musical mobile you will need to physically turn a handle so that it can start playing a melody. On the other hand, the battery-operated musical mobiles will start playing a melody with the press of a button.

Even though the manual musical mobiles won't require any battery, they don't play for very long, and being required to turn the handle every time can get tedious.

Movable or Attached

Most musical mobiles are meant to be attached to the side of a crib. However, portable ones will allow you to easily clip them on the crib and then take them away whenever you don't need them. Or, you can also take it with you and attach it to the car seat; this will keep your baby entertained while you're traveling or running errands.

How Much Do Musical Mobiles Cost?

The wide number of options available for musical mobiles means that the price range will be large too. So before you start shopping, try to figure out the amount of money you're willing to spend and stick to that. If you are looking for manual musical mobiles with basic features, that will cost you from $8 up to $20. On the other hand, if you want battery-operated musical mobiles that have lights, remote controls, and various melodies, then you can look forward to spending from as low as $20 and all up to $60 for the most established brands.

How Did We Pick The Best Musical Mobiles?

When choosing the best musical mobiles for our guide, we have reviewed various products and made the final list thanks to a couple of key factors.

  • Quality (25%)
  • Brand (20%)
  • Customer Ratings (30%)
  • Value (25%)

What Are The Most Significant Features To Look For When Buying Musical Mobiles?

Music Duration

A really important feature to consider is the duration and volume of the melody. While there are musical mobiles that will play a melody for 10 minutes, others will only play it for 20 seconds. So, this will truly depend on your baby's wants and needs— for example, if you think that your baby needs a long melody to fall asleep, then stick with a musical mobile that offers 5 or more minutes of play.

Also, be sure to check the volume level of the musical mobile. It won't help your baby get proper sleep if the music is too loud and blaring. Be sure to opt for a soft and melodic lullaby.

Movement Direction

A great feature that some of the best musical mobiles have is the movement while playing the song; movement makes them a lot more fascinating, and your baby will unquestionably enjoy them more. These types of musical mobiles can spin in a variety of ways, such as clockwise, counterclockwise, up, down, or in a mixture of all four.


Some of the most engaging musical mobiles also have built-in lights that glow or show a projection of stars as the melody plays in the background. This can be especially helpful for babies afraid to sleep in the dark and for midnight diaper changes when you don't want to switch on the bright lights.

Remote Control

A remote control can definitely be handy; you will be able to command the whole musical mobile without even moving. With a remote control, you will be able to activate certain functions, play music, adjust the volume, and manage the brightness of the light in a much more convenient way.


The musical mobiles can be really beneficial for your baby, especially when falling asleep. We hope that with the help of our buying guide you can find the most suitable musical mobile for your lovely baby. Good Luck!

Musical Mobile FAQ

Q: When should I remove the musical mobile from my baby's crib?
A: Most of the musical mobiles have an age limit of 0 to 6 months. However, we suggest that you remove the musical mobile of the crib when your baby starts to reach it with their hands or feet. If they get ahold of it, they can start chewing on it and possibly choke.

Q: Are musical mobiles important?
A: The musical mobile is far more than just a regular decor in your baby's crib. It has many benefits like helping your baby fall asleep, keeping it entertained, promoting brain development, and more.

Q: Is it safe to use a musical mobile?
A: Yes, having a musical mobile is completely safe, but ensure that you check all the safety rules before making the purchase. For example, the strings on mobile must be less than 7 inches long; this will prevent your baby from being able to reach it.

Q: How can you attach the musical mobiles?
A: Most simply clip on to the side of a crib or hang from the ceiling. Usually the musical mobiles will include step-by-step instructions, so you really can't go wrong. Just follow the instructions exactly as they say and you will have the musical mobile set up in no time.

Q: Will the musical mobile help my baby sleep?
A: This will depend on your baby; however, most of the time, babies really enjoy the peaceful music and the smooth lights. Watching how the toys slowly rotate can help them to fall asleep a lot easier as well.

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