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Best BBQ Cover to Save Your Grill from the Elements

  1. Classic Veranda Cart BBQ Cover
  2. Char Broil Performance BBQ Cover
  3. MEKBOK BBQ Grill Cover
  4. Patio Armor Reversible Bbq Cover
  5. KHOMO Panther Series Waterproof Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Cover
  6. Weber Heavy Duty Vinyl BBQ Cover
  7. Buyer's Guide

Grilling is for the most part an outdoor endeavor and with that in mind, you’re going to need something to protect the investment you’ve made in your grill. We compiled our list of best bbq covers in 2022 by looking at the cover material itself,  the most important aspect of any quality grill cover. Next, having an inside lining was major plus, as it helps extend the life of the cover and keeps you from having to continually replace them. Finally we took a look at what extra features the cover has, it's always good to have vents, or pockets to help enhance the grilling e xperience.

Compare The Best BBQ Covers Of 2022

Classic Veranda Cart BBQ Cover - Best BBQ Cover Overall

Classic Accessories brings another great product to the market in its Veranda grill covers. They are made with Gardelle woven polyester for extra strength and durability while the cover also has a PVC lining to help protect your grill from the elements. The dark protective splash guard helps keep the cover as good looking as the grill underneath. The elastic hem cord also allows you to pull the cover tight ensuring that no critters will be living inside the cover during the cooler months. With the features and smart design the Veranda is a great product for the protection on any grill.

Char Broil Performance BBQ Cover - Runner Up

If you’re looking for a cover from one of the bigger names in grilling, Char-Broil doesn’t disappoint. The coastal blue grill cover is not only great to look at, it does a wonderful job in protecting your grill. The cover itself is made of heavy vinyl with piping around the edges to help it keep its shape. It is also has a rubber lining that help keeps your grill from being scratched. The whole cover is also treated from UV protection. The sturdiness of this cover and the protection it provides against snow hail and rail, puts it right at the top for our best covers.

MEKBOK BBQ Grill Cover - Most Water Resistant

The cover is made of polyester with a laminated back to prevent water from penetrating through and harming the grill. There are no carcinogens or other harmful compounds in that material. A cushioned handle is located on either side of the grill cover, allowing you to move and utilize it without inconvenience. Covers for patio furniture and other outdoor objects are now available from MEKBOK to help you achieve a coordinated design. Another appealing feature is the fade-resistant material, which will stay as midnight black years from now as it is now since it will not fade in the sun. This cloth cover hangs almost to the ground and fits gently over the grill to provide greater protection than its rivals.

best reversible bbq cover

Patio Armor Reversible Bbq Cover - Honorable Mention

If you want something that will fit any outdoor kitchen situation get a SureFit. This company is known for making great covers for all types of products and grills are no different. Their Patio Armor line is made from a 600 denier polyester inside and out to feel more like canvas and it doesn't use PVC which makes it more eco friendly than other covers on our list.

It comes with vents and Velcro closures so the cover is guaranteed to stay exactly where you left it and the UV coating helps protect it from fading. It also can be coordinated with umbrellas and outdoor furniture covers to give your space a well-designed look. If you want to make the most out of your outdoor design while still keeping your grill protected, take a look at Sure Fit for all your covering needs.

KHOMO Panther Series Waterproof Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Cover - Contender

When you want the best protection, you have to buy the best and Khomo has set you up for this with its Explorer series of grill covers. They come in various sizes to make sure you can get one that properly fits your grill. The cover design uses a protective fabric system comprised of a canvas top which is treated to reduce cracking when it is cold, followed by a PVC lining which is water resistant to help keep rust away from your grill. The covers also feature padded handles, straps that fit over the legs to help keep the cover in place and air vents so your cover doesn't become a sail in the wind. If you are looking for top of the line protection for your grill look to Khomo.

Weber Heavy Duty Vinyl BBQ Cover - Consider

You can't have any list dealing with BBQ without the name Weber showing up somewhere and with their high standard of quality, you can't go wrong with any of their products. Their covers are no different, with the Genesis cover chosen out of their many grill covers for its longevity and versatility. Their premium line is constructed of a heavy duty vinyl for both the cover and inner lining. This cover series is designed for use with their Geneses line of grills but due to the large size, it can be used for any outdoor grill with ease. The heavier bottom of the cover helps keep it from flying away in the wind. This cover has been said to last up to ten years so if you are looking for something that's going to last Weber is the way to go.

Buyer's Guide

Not everyone who has a barbecue grill makes use of it regularly. As a result, if your barbecue is simply sitting in your backyard, it will collect a lot of dust over time. Aside from that, if you leave the charcoal inside the grill, rainfall may destroy everything. To avoid such problems, just get one of the best BBQ covers to improve the durability of your grills.

We've put up a thorough shopping guide for the finest BBQ covers to make things even easier for you.

Which features to look for in the BBQ covers?

Proofs and resistance

While choosing the fabric of the cover, you should consider what the cover is resistant to or proof against. Some of the materials are resistant to only water and dirt, while others are resistant to tear/rip, dirt, dust, and UV rays. Moreover, you are likely to get waterproof and windproof covers.

These proofs and resistances are provided and backed by reinforced seams, double-stitched seams, and seams that are enclosed in waterproof tape. If you are looking for something to keep mold at a bay, we suggest opting for mesh air vents, preferably the ones that come with specified gussets to keep them open.


There are two sorts of fastenings to look for. The first kind allows the cover to conform to the contour of the grill, preventing rain and wind from blowing below. You are more likely to find these in the form of drawstrings in the bottom hem that is used to close both sides. Besides, some models also come with adjustable straps with buttons or click-close buckles.

The second kind consists of straps that secure the cover to the grill in order to prevent it from blowing away or being ripped off. Click-close straps are ideal, although Velcro straps also work nicely.


Look for fabric handles that make it easy to take the cover on and off the grill and adjust it once it's on. The woven polyester fabric is very simple to clean; simply spray it down or wipe it off with a moist, mildly soapy towel before allowing it to air dry.

Which factors should you consider while buying the best BBQ covers?


If you're going to use a grill cover, be mindful of the size as it should be big enough to cover your grill. As a result, determining the size of your grill is both obvious and crucial. The dimension is usually specified as the length of your grill cover in inches. There are various sizes available, including 58 inches, 64 inches, 72 inches, and even higher in certain circumstances. You are free to select any size as long as it will fit your grill inside.

These grill covers can prevent tiny scratches and scuff marks, in addition to protecting your grill cover from dust and moisture. However, this is only feasible if the cover is similarly sturdy. Thankfully, you can readily confirm this by looking at the material your grill cover is made of. While some are made of the tougher 600D polyester, others could be made of the weaker 300D polyester.


You'll also want your grill cover to be durable enough to endure the elements for an extended period. And, luckily, doing so is as simple as verifying the guarantee given by the maker of your grill cover. Depending on the grill cover you choose, you may receive a one-year, three-year, or even longer warranty.

What type of BBQ covers are available depending on the material?

The sort of materials utilized to make the grill cover has a significant impact on whether or not it is of excellent quality. Manufacturers usually made grill covers from one of three materials. Polyester, canvas, and vinyl are the materials used. Let's go over the materials again.


Polyester is a widely used substance. Almost any fabric may be obtained with this material mixed in. Polyester is a lightweight, easy-to-clean fabric. As a result, it's a popular choice for grill covers.


Canvas is a fantastic alternative. This substance is incredibly long-lasting. It's frequently used to make tents. The materials are very simple to clean, and the waterproof feature is an added bonus. If you frequently leave your barbecue outside, a canvas grill cover is an excellent choice. The grill will be protected from both rain water and colder or harsh weather.


This is another common material for grill covers. Snow and rain don't bother the grill because it's covered in vinyl. Vinyl is not a very long-lasting material. To preserve your grill for a lengthy amount of time, you'll need to invest in a thick vinyl cover.

How much does BBQ cover cost?

The cost of the cover will be mainly determined by the material you select. You should expect to pay between $30 and $70 for heavy quality, fully waterproof, and completely robust coverings. If you only want to cover the grill and are willing to go with less durable cloth, you should be able to get one for about $20.

BBQ Covers FAQs

Q: Can you use a tarp to cover your barbecue or bbq?

Yes, you can cover your barbeque or grill with a tarp in principle, however owing to the materials used and the size, it may not be as effective as a bbq cover. For example, a tarp may protect your patio heater, rattan cube garden furniture, and rattan garden seats. Because they are meant to be left outside all year, they generally require less protection. A tarp might be a cheaper alternative to a barbecue cover if you can't afford one.

Q: Do barbecue covers keep the grill from rusting?

Yes. Water, grime, and dust will rust and degrade the metal in your barbecue over time, so keep it clean, dry, and covered. When you aren't using your barbeque, we also recommend bringing in your grill trays, which are less durable than the bbq's exterior. Finally, to avoid further wear and tear, make sure you clean your barbeque and bbq cover on a regular basis. A gasoline pressure washer or an electric pressure washer will suffice.

Q: What do you expect from a decent grill cover in terms of durability?

It will last at least three years if covers are used appropriately and cleaned regularly. Some other factors also translate into durabilities such as the material used and the type of use. If you only use your cover a few times a year, it will almost likely outlast a commercial one. Most manufacturers provide a one-year guarantee, but you can anticipate it to last much longer.

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