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Best BBQ Grill for a Delicious Cookout

  1. Cuisinart Chef's Style Stainless Tabletop BBQ Grill
  2. Cook-Air Wood Fired Portable BBQ Grill
  3. Weber Jumbo Joe Gold Charcoal BBQ Grill
  4. Grill 4 All Portable Gas BBq Grill
  5. Weber 741001 22.5" One-Touch Silver Kettle Grill
  6. Portable Kitchen PK 99740 Cast Aluminum Cooker
  7. Marsh Allen Hibachi Barbecue Grill
  8. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cat Iron Barbecue Grill
  9. Weber Go-Anywhere 121020 Grill
  10. EZ Grill Disposable Charcoal Barbecue Grill
  11. Sanyo BBQ Grill Indoor 850 Watts - HPS-SG2
  12. Weber 731001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 22-1/2" Charcoal Smoker
  13. Traeger "Lil Tex" Elite Pellet Grill
  14. Country Smokers - Pellet Smoker with Flame Broiler Series by Louisiana Grills CS-450
  15. Char-Griller Char-Griller Smokin' Pro Charcoal Grill
  16. Smoke Hollow 44-Inch Vertical LP Gas Smoker
  17. Weber 18.5-in One Touch Silver 441001 Grill
  18. George Foreman 13 Indoor/Outdoor Grill
  19. Char-Griller 1515 Patio Pro Model Grill
  20. Char-Broil Tru-Infrared Performance 4 Burner Grill
  21. Solaire SOL- EV17A Everywhere Portable Infrared Grill
  22. Char Broil K6B 6-Burner 65,000 BTU Propane Gas Grill, with Sideburner
  23. Char-Broil Patio Bistro Infrared Electric Grill
  24. Weber 55020001 Q 2400 Electric Grill
  25. Meco 9325 Deluxe Electric Cart Grill
  26. Cuisinart CEG-980 Stainless Steel 16.5" Portable Electric Grill
  27. George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor & Outdoor Grill
  28. Lynx L42PSFR-2-LP Propane Gas Grill
  29. Fire Magic Aurora A830s Gas/Charcoal Combo Grill
  30. Saber 4 Burner Built-In Grill
  31. Weber Summit S-660 Built-In Natural Gas Stainless Steel Grill
  32. Napoleon Prestige Built-In PRO 825 with Infrared Rear Burner
  33. Buyer's Guide

BBQ Grills come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on what you are looking for, there is something just right for you. While many like the standard gas grill with the electronic ignition, others enjoy lighting the coals and watching them glow. Infrared best bbq grills in 2022 will help you churn out the tastiest, juiciest steaks in a fraction of the time, and disposable grills will let you cook a legitimate meal in the middle of nowhere without having to clean up after yourself. If you know what you want, or even if you don't; these lists will help you make up your mind.

Here are the best bbq grills of 2022

Cuisinart Chef's Style Stainless Tabletop BBQ Grill - Best BBQ Grill Overall

The Cuisinart Chef style grill makes our list of best portable grills because of its ease of use and high-quality craftsmanship making it the perfect grill for all of your travel needs. With 276 square inches of grilling space, you have plenty of room for those fish you caught fresh from the stream. Couple that with the 20,000 BTU's of heat this grill produces, you know you’ll have the power to get your meats cooked to just the right temperature. This grill is durable with all-stainless steel construction so it will definitely last for multiple seasons in the great outdoors. Heavy-duty construction does come at a price as this model weighs in at 29 pounds making it a lot to carry on a long hike. The Cuisinart Chef Style Grill is an all around great choice in the portable grill department.

Cook-Air Wood Fired Portable BBQ Grill - Runner Up

Introducing the Cook-Air Wood fire portable grill with its amazing mix of usability, durability, weight and cost. Starting off, most of the portable grills on this list use a propane tank to get the heat flowing but the Cook-Air takes a different approach. This grill burns hardwood using a fan based circulatory system to put out a whopping 65,000 BTUs; hot enough to get the perfect sear on any cut of meat. While it’s one of the smaller grills on the list, with only a 14 inch diameter, the trade off is it’s also the lightest as well. At less than 17 pounds you can haul this tiny powerhouse to the most remote of campsites. If you want the best and lightest in portable grill performance, look no further then the Cook-Air Wood Fire Portable Grill.

Weber Jumbo Joe Gold Charcoal BBQ Grill - Honorable Mention

Weber has once again proven it’s hard to improve on a classic. This classic grill is nicely sized at 240 square inches providing plenty of room for a full rack of ribs. The grill puts out around 18,000 BTUs with two pounds of charcoal allowing you to get the lovely low and slow BBQ flavor everyone loves. It’s also one of the lightest grills on the list at a mere 18 pounds so carrying it around won’t be a problem. Affordably priced, this grill is a classic icon of American barbeque.

best Grill 4 All Portable Gas BBq Grill

Grill 4 All Portable Gas BBq Grill - Consider

The Grill 4 All is a lesser known name in the grilling world but this doesn’t make it a lesser quality product. The grill boasts a 190 square inch cooking surface, enough space to get more than a few burgers going at the same time and at 15 pounds it’s also the lightest grill on the list. The all-stainless steel construction of this grill ensures it will last quite a long time with proper care. The only thing holding this grill back is there’s only an 8500 BTU output which may affect your sear on some of your meats and it’s also the most expensive grill on the list. All said, the Grill 4 All is a quality grill and will make any outdoorsman a master chef.

Weber 741001 22.5" One-Touch Silver Kettle Grill - Best Charcoal Grill

Within the last 50 years, Weber 22.5 inch One Touch Silver has risen to the level of iconic status. Honestly, everyone knows somebody who owns this work horse of the backyard BBQ. The grill is made of steel with a baked on porcelain enamel to provide excellent rust deterrence and burn-through protection. The grill boasts 363 square inches of grilling surface along with the famous dome-shaped lid to fit tall items like chicken and pork shoulder. The aluminum ash catcher is an added perk to keep your cooking area clean.

Portable Kitchen PK 99740 Cast Aluminum Cooker - Best Charcoal Grill

The PK Grill and Smoker has a respectable 306 square inches of grilling area so it can handle anything from burgers to a full rack of ribs. The aluminum cast body will never rust and with proper upkeep these grills can last for several decades. The PK Grill and Smoker is a good choice if you are looking for a grill you can teach younger family members to use and then maybe even pass down to them.

Marsh Allen Hibachi Barbecue Grill - Best Hibachi-Style Barbecue Grill

Classic look and feel of a traditional Hibachi grill, made from cast iron. It has 3 adjustable grills so you can adjust your cooking temperature by raising or lowering your food to the flame. The curved edges help to keep food on the cooking surface and prevent it from rolling off as you are adjusting the height. Total cooking area is 157”, but this is enough to create a small meal for 1 or 2 people, just enough to create a nice experience. If you like to sit out on your patio and enjoy turning your food as you watch it cook, this is the perfect Hibachi for you.

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cat Iron Barbecue Grill - Best Hibachi-Style Barbecue Grill

Camper’s delight- this rugged outdoor grill will stand up to the harshest use. Made from cast iron, this is one that will be left behind for a few generations. There are 2 adjustable heights, so you can cook or just warm up a cup of coffee. There is a small front door that will give you access to the coals. You can burn charcoal, or gather twigs or wood to use for fuel. Because it is cast iron, there are no restrictions on what you can burn. Cooking surface is 17-1/4 by 9-inch, and this grill comes seasoned and ready to use.

Weber Go-Anywhere 121020 Grill - Best Hibachi-Style Barbecue Grill

This is an attractive portable, table top grill that is great for all outdoor cooking on the go. The unit has a porcelain coating all over to prevent rusting and chips, and it comes with adjustable legs that lock in position, so you can feel secure about your cooking surface. The Go – Anywhere grill has 160 sq in of total surface area, and supports a triple nickel-plated cooking grate that won’t stick to food. There is a built in hood hanger that will allow you to hang the hood when not in use. It also doubles as an effective barrier against the wind.

EZ Grill Disposable Charcoal Barbecue Grill - Best Hibachi-Style Barbecue Grill

This is a new concept for those just wanting to go out for a quick little picnic. This EZ grill is a self-contained unit that can be simply thrown away after use. About the size of a TV dinner, this unit is clean and sanitary, unlike those grills in the park. Simply peel back the lid, and light the primed coals with a match, and you have an instant, hot grilling surface in minutes. EZ Grill uses natural plant matter as fuel, so there is no bitter chemical after taste that some other charcoals have. EZ grill is the perfect solution for those who want to cook outdoor on the run, and not be bothered with getting a fire started, or cleaning up after themselves. You can have great flame broiled taste, without all the hassle.

Sanyo BBQ Grill Indoor 850 Watts - HPS-SG2 - Best Hibachi-Style Barbecue Grill

This electric Hibachi is made by Sanyo, so you can be sure you will be getting their years of design and development along with it. It is a small, 120 inch nonstick grill that is small enough to carry around in a knapsack, or bag. Literally smoke free, this electric grill will cook for 1 or 2 peoples after only 2 or 3 minutes of warm up time. Reaching only lower temperatures, this little grill is designed to heat up food, and cook it low and slow, for a tender meal in about 30 minutes. It has a removable drip pan that can be lined with foil for easy clean up, or placed in a dishwasher for even easier cleaning.

Weber 731001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 22-1/2" Charcoal Smoker - Best Smoker

Weber has done it once again with this versatile smoker designed for the novice, but versatile enough for the top competition pit masters. The 22.5 model is large with 726 square inches of cooking area, allowing you to smoke for the whole family in one sitting. You can also use wood, charcoal or a combination of both so you can the perfect flavor you're looking for.

With a built-in thermometer and silicone temperature grommet, you can feel comfortable leaving this bad boy smoking while you get a good night’s rest. At around $400.00 dollars you don't have to break the bank to get perfect smoky flavor. So, if you’re in the market for a new smoker, the Weber Smokey Mountain is a great place to start and finish looking.

Traeger "Lil Tex" Elite Pellet Grill - Best Smoker

Traeger put a lot in a little package with its “Lil Tex” elite pellet grill, which can be used as a smoker as well as a traditional grill. At 418 square inches of cooking space, it's the smallest grill on the list- but don't let this fool you; this grill delivers. It’s a wood pellet grill, meaning you have to buy the pellets for cooking, but with an electric ignition system and digital temperature controls, all you do is fill the hopper, select your temperature and it does the hard work for you.

For those smokers on the go, the “Lil Tex” will help take the time out of your smoking. No checking temperatures all day because this grill automatically controls the heat and will add more pellets to the hopper to maintain desired heat. The grill is priced around $800.00 but with all the time you'll save, it's well worth the price.

Country Smokers - Pellet Smoker with Flame Broiler Series by Louisiana Grills CS-450 - Best Smoker

If “you're down in Louisiana near to New Orleans” (or anywhere else for that matter) and looking to get your smoke on, check out the Louisiana Grills country smoker. With heavy-duty steel construction, this smoker boasts 497 square inches of space to fit all the goodies you could want. The country smoker is a pellet fed smoker featuring an electric ignition system to help get that sweet smoke flowing.

This grill can also be used as a convection oven for those times when you're at a BBQ and you want to whip up a cake for the party. At around $1000.00 this grill is a little on the pricey side, but with its heavy construction it resists burn-through much longer than other grills, something to keep in mind.

Char-Griller Char-Griller Smokin' Pro Charcoal Grill - Best Smoker

The Char-Griller Smoking Pro is a great way to get into the world of traditional BBQing. This grill boasts ample size with 580 sq inches of space for cooking a wide range of food stuffs. This grill also features am adjustable grate height so you can fit ribs or even a whole shoulder in the grill. You can use either charcoal or wood without the complications of specialized grill fuel. At around $200.00 this grill is the lowest priced smoker on the list. If you're looking for a way to get into smoking without breaking the bank the Smokin Pro is the grill to check out.

Smoke Hollow 44-Inch Vertical LP Gas Smoker - Best Smoker

The Smoke Hollow 44 inch gas smoker welcomes you to the advanced class of smokers. It’s the only vertical smoker on this list and also the largest one with a whopping 7 cubic feet of cooking space spread across five chrome plated cooking racks. It also has a sausage hanger so you can smoke custom sausages as well.

The smoker is powered by two gas burners which burn wood chips, with two separate doors so you can get to said chips without changing the cook temperature inside the grill. It also has a “Sure Lock” latch system, so no worrying if the door was left open when you're resting in bed. At around $400.00 it’s priced to move, delivering all the pluses of a top quality smoker without the extra cost you might expect. The Smoke Hollow 44 will keep you busy BBQing all summer.

Weber 18.5-in One Touch Silver 441001 Grill - Best Budget Grill

The excellent quality of Weber is apparent as ever in their One Touch Silver 18.5 kettle grill. With 240 square inches of grill space and a large domed lid, you can cook everything in it from pork shoulder to whole birds. It’s a charcoal grill and will give you that fresh outdoor BBQ taste to put a smile on any outdoor enthusiast. Couple the $79.99 price point with all the standard Weber features; aluminum dampers, Heavy grade porcelain enameled steel bowl and the one-touch cleaning system, if you're looking for a low priced charcoal grill this should be your first stop at your local grill store.

George Foreman 13 Indoor/Outdoor Grill - Best Budget Grill

The George Foreman 13 Indoor/Outdoor packs a ton of punch into a low priced package with 200 square inches of grill surface to cook for the whole family. The grill is made with a heat resistant plastic material and porcelain enameled steel grate. Using the variable temperature controls, you can get great results every time. The grill costs around $199 and comes with a large dome lid to help fit larger items under the hood. Add to that the non-stick grill surface and you have yourself a great grill option rain or shine.

Char-Griller 1515 Patio Pro Model Grill - Best Budget Grill

The Patio ProChar-Grill has found a way to add lots of professional features in their low priced Patio Pro charcoal grill making it great for the backyard BBQ. The barrel-shaped grill has 250 square inches of cooking surface space, more than enough to get on steaks for the whole family. For around $74 this painted steel grill features a stay cool wooden handle, a side shelf and a side air vent to help control those temperatures when you're going for that low and slow BBQ style. It is a charcoal grill and comes with a pull-out ash bin making clean up a breeze.

Char-Broil Tru-Infrared Performance 4 Burner Grill - Best Infrared Grill

Are you a pro? Well look no further than the Char-Broil Tru-Infrared performance 4 burner, a big grill for a big job. With 780 sq inches of space to lay down the steaks, you can cook a feast for the whole neighborhood. This grill puts out 40,000 BTUs so you won't have to worry about not having enough heat.

A few features on this grill set it apart from the pack including Char-Broil's SureFire ignition system so you know the grill will start every time. It also has a wide temperature range and a grate-level temperature gauge so you can know exactly how hot your grill is no matter if you're searing on the infrared side or cooking “low and slow” on the other. Somehow Char-Broil has managed to pack all this punch in at around $549. If you're looking to be a backyard pro you can't go wrong with Char-Broil.

Solaire SOL- EV17A Everywhere Portable Infrared Grill - Best Infrared Grill

Solarie, the self proclaimed race car of grill companies has come up with the SOL EV17 Everywhere Portable Infrared Grill. This is 155 sq inches of infrared fury perfect for toting around in your RV or even your boat if you like grilling on the high seas. The 12,000 BTU this guy puts out is perfect for cooking meals for you and the family. The V-shaped grids to reduce flare up and the sturdy stainless steel construction will keep you cooking with waves well into the foreseeable future.

Char Broil K6B 6-Burner 65,000 BTU Propane Gas Grill, with Sideburner - Best Gas Grill

If you want to go big but don't want to spend big bucks, the stainless steel Char-Broil 6 Burner for you. At 900 square inches of total cooking space, this model has a vast grilling surface and a large warming rack to keep all your foods at all the right temperature. It does have a side burner to keep the veggies warm while the meat's getting hot, a dedicated searing burner and side hooks for hanging grill accessories.

One thing holding this grill back from greatness is its lack of durability. To keep it affordably priced, it was made with a lower grade stainless steel which tends to dent and rust easier than competing grills. Its grill surface heats slightly unevenly, so efficiently using its massive grill space can be a problem. Lastly, although it’s a big grill, it doesn't come with a built-in shelf. Overall it’s priced affordably with decent enough features for basic grilling needs.

Char-Broil Patio Bistro Infrared Electric Grill - Best Electric Grill

If you want a great grill from a trusted name in BBQ then look no further then the Patio Bistro 240 electric. It pairs everything you like about an outdoor grill with the convenience of an electric grill. The 320 square inches of surface area is more than enough space to feed a large family, plus the porcelain coated cooking grates give you those perfect grill marks every time. This grill puts out a whooping 1750 watts thanks to an infrared ceramic element. Now you can get that great grill taste without using gas, and at around $179 who wouldn't want that? Add on an electric dial temperature control and a handy storage grate and you’ll see Char-Broil has really outdone themselves with the Patio Bistro 240.

Weber 55020001 Q 2400 Electric Grill - Best Electric Grill

As usual, Weber has brought us another great product in grilling. The Weber Q 2400 is a superior piece of equipment suitable for home use or the professional kitchen. The 280 square inch porcelain enameled cast iron grill surface is easily removed for proper cleaning at a moment’s notice. Using 1560 watts and a heat retention liner, you can get your grill hot enough to cook any meat all the way through. With the variable temperature control and the practically leakproof lid, you can do a low and slow traditional BBQ from the comfort of your own kitchen. At around $249 it’s the most expensive grill on our list but for many, the Weber name alone makes it worth the cost.

Meco 9325 Deluxe Electric Cart Grill - Best Electric Grill

Grilling getting hard? Get on easy street with the Meco 9325 Deluxe Electric Cart grill. This grill brought to you by the people at Easy Street Grills will take your outdoor cooking to the next level. The 200 square inch barrel-shaped grill gives you plenty of space to get those burgers going for the whole family. The 1500 watts can be fully harnessed with Easy Streets dual temperature zones with one side hot for cooking while other side keeps food warm. The cast iron cooking grate is evenly heated and has superior heat control with its "Precision Temperature Control" and variable thermostat controller. The grill is around 189.00 and boasts a satin black finish with BBQ red accents. A sturdy cart keeps all your goodies onboard so not only are you getting a great product, it’ll look great on your back deck or patio.

Cuisinart CEG-980 Stainless Steel 16.5" Portable Electric Grill - Best Electric Grill

One of the smaller grills on the list, what the CEG 980 lacks in size it makes up for in power. The 145 square inch grill surface is powered by 1500 watts and a specialized lid to get higher temperatures than you would expect from a grill so small. The porcelain enamel coated grill grate, makes clean up a breeze. It also comes with a telescoping base making it perfect for the counter top or the balcony outdoors. With a price tag of around 179 and the proven convenience of a Cuisinart, you can't go wrong with this power packed unit.

George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor & Outdoor Grill - Best Electric Grill

When you think of electric grills, the Foreman name has been producing some of the top quality contenders for well over a decade. The George Foreman 15 is no different with its large 320 square inch grill surface which can satisfy even the biggest appetites. No slouch on power either, the 1500 watts will help keep you cooking well into the later rounds. With a fully immersible and removable non-stick coated cast iron grill plate, clean up is simple task. At around $129 the 15 is a grill worth taking a serious look at.

Lynx L42PSFR-2-LP Propane Gas Grill - Best Luxury Grill

Lynx asked pro grillers what they wanted in a backyard unit and then produced the highly praised Lynx Professional 42”. This huge 1200 square inch propane feed grill has enough space to do cooking for even the largest of events. The duel rotisserie spits and large smoker box provides the option to cook multiple foods at the same time, ensuring all your guests will leave with full bellies and happy smiles.

Superior heat stabilization is achieved by using convection burners over ceramic briquettes allowing you to always be assured you won’t have those pesky hot and cold spots so common to larger grills. They also included stylish, controlled illumination for those late night grill sessions. At around $6800 this grills features and craftsmanship make it an easy bargain for the discerning chef.

Fire Magic Aurora A830s Gas/Charcoal Combo Grill - Best Luxury Grill

The Aurora Combo gas/charcoal grill combines the best of both worlds. This 882 square inch grill is separated into two sides; one with proprietary E shaped burners for gas grilling and the other side for charcoal, each with its own lid and heat separator. No more disturbing your low and slow cooking on the charcoal side while you are searing off the steaks on the other. Each lid is feather light so you won’t be straining your backs and arms constantly lifting both lids during a daylong cook out. The Aurora costs around $5500 but seeing you're really getting two grills in one, it can be seen as somewhat of a deal.

Saber 4 Burner Built-In Grill - Best Built-In Grill

The Saber SS 670 was built to last. Constructed of high quality, 304 stainless steel and a welded tubular frame, once you set this guy up you can be assured that it's going to stand the test of time. The 895 square inch grill is more than enough room to keep any party fed and with the independent zone temperature control, this grill lets you cook multiple foods at the same time with ease. The Saber comes standard as a natural gas grill but there’s a propane conversion kit available if you want to change your mind in the future. There is no doubt about it, when you want your grilling to be a cut above the rest, a Saber is the way to go.

Weber Summit S-660 Built-In Natural Gas Stainless Steel Grill - Best Built-In Grill

When you think of grills, the name Weber comes up in every conversation. They didn't want to be left out of the built in sector either and came out with this wonderful grill for any backyard palace. At around $2200, the Weber Summit S 660 has a great mix of features putting it in the top of its class. The 769 square inch grill surface is not only good for burgers, it has a dedicated smoker and an independent infrared rotisserie burner as well.

The grill can't be converted from natural gas to propane, due to Weber's concerns about safety so you’ll have to make that decision upfront. All that in a exquisite stainless steel covering to keep those 60,000 British Thermal Units (BTU) directed at the meat. If you want a grill constructed from one of the top names in BBQ don't miss out on what Weber has to offer.

Napoleon Prestige Built-In PRO 825 with Infrared Rear Burner - Best Built-In Grill

Welcome to the world of the Prestige Pro825. This grill crafted by Napoleon has just about everything you could want in a outdoor cooking station. The high grade stainless steel is accented nicely with chrome and gives your cooking space a high class look that will wow friends and family. It’s a beast of a grill topping out at 1245 square inches, but you won’t be straining to open it with its “Easy Lift” roll top lid.

Underneath the hood is an integrated smoker unit to add mesquite flavor as well as an independent rear and bottom infrared sear burner. The people at Napoleon knew you didn't like making big decisions so they gave this grill the ability to use either natural gas or propane right out of the box. The grill is around $3300, but it’s separated into two sides so you're getting two grills for the price of one. If you want to trick out the back deck and conquer the neighborhood, go with a Napoleon Prestige; you’ll never look at grilling the same again.

Buyer's Guide

Choosing the best BBQ grill for the perfect summer cookout can be a tough decision. With so many models, sizes, and price ranges, there is a lot to take into consideration. When it comes to barbecue grills, it may be worth spending a little more for what you want. Here is a full rundown of everything you need to consider when buying a BBQ grill.

Types of BBQ Grills

Gas Grill

Gas grills are a quick and convenient way to cook. They heat up almost instantly. Since the heat is adjusted by turning the knobs on the grill you have a lot of control over the intensity. Gas cooking is affordable and clean. There is much less smoke or cleaning up to do after cooking on a gas grill. The downside, however, is that it misses the authentic smoky charred flavor of fire grilling.

Gas grills are available with a variety of accessories including lights, side burners, dedicated meat searing areas, and integrated food thermometers.

Charcoal Grill

Charcoal grills give you the flavor that grilling is all about. They are popular because they impart a one-of-kind smoky, char-grilled BBQ taste to your food. Charcoal briquettes can be mixed with wood to enhance the smoke flavor.

Charcoal grills don’t offer the instant cooking benefit that a gas grill does. Preparation time before cooking will be 20 to 45 minutes.

Pellet Grills

Pellet grills have made a comeback and are popular because they act as both a grill and a smoker. Unlike other grills, a thermostat allows you to set the heat to an exact temperature. This is convenient for long cooks like large roasts because it allows you to let the meat cook without having to constantly monitor it. The grill requires a power source that needs to be connected throughout the cook and cool-down period.

Things to Consider When Buying a BBQ Grill

What Size BBQ Grill is Best?

The size of the BBQ grill you need will be relative to the number of people you regularly cook for. If you are cooking for up to three people, a small grill will do. A medium grill with three to four burners is suitable for cooking for five people. If you are cooking for more than five people regularly a large grill is best.

Outdoor Space

Before you buy a barbecue grill you need to take into consideration where you are going to put it. A large grill won’t be appropriate if you live in an apartment with little outdoor space. Make sure you have enough space and that the area receives sufficient ventilation. This is important to avoid inhaling smoke and gases.

Is a Freestanding or Built-In BBQ Grill Best?

Freestanding Grill

Freestanding grills are portable which means you can take it with you if you move or to social events. Make sure the grill stand provides enough stability.

Built-In Barbecue

Built-in BBQ grills are integrated into the design of your outdoor entertainment area. As a structured part of the home, some of these grills cannot be removed if you relocate. You may require a licensed contractor to do the installation.

What Are You Cooking With Your BBQ Grill?

Barbecue grills have a great number of functions. Choose one that is best suited to the types of food you want to enjoy. Some larger grills have a roasting hood ideal for pizza and roast dinners. If you are just planning to use it for chops, chicken, and steak you won’t need any fancy additional features. If you want to smoke items, you are best off choosing a pellet grill.

Cooking Surface

Some grills offer mixed cooking surfaces including a grid and a hot plate. Check that the burners have flame tamers to prevent flare-ups that burn and blacken the food. Hot plates and grids can be made of different materials. Consider the functions most important to you including heat retention, ease of cleaning, and heating time.


A freestanding BBQ stand can be made from timber or stainless steel. You want to ensure it is sturdy and durable. Good quality stainless steel will last longer than timber with less maintenance. If your grill is going to be kept outside make sure the materials are weatherproof and get a cover for it. This will greatly prolong its life, keeping it in good condition.

The burners can be made of cast iron (providing hot even heat), enamel-coated cast iron (ideal for corrosion protection), or stainless steel (for durability). Stainless steel is a good option if you experience harsh weather conditions or live near the coast.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning is essential for keeping your grill safe, in good condition, and lasting longer. Look for a grilling unit with clean lines that don’t have too many corners and crevices where grease and grime can accumulate. Good grills will come with a drip tray. This needs to be easy to access for cleaning to avoid the grill going up in flames.

BBQ Grill Accessories

Before you buy a grill, check the range of accessories you might want to add on later and whether they are compatible with the particular model you have chosen. Features and accessories can include a roasting hood, rotisserie, warming rack, side burners, a smoker, and grill baskets.

The cost of a new BBQ grill varies greatly depending on all the above-listed features. Now that you know what to look for you can prioritize the features that are important to you and budget accordingly.


Q: How often should you clean a BBQ grill?

A: The best way to keep your grill in good condition and free of vermin is to clean it after every use. While it is hot scrape the grill with a wire brush and a little water to burn off the excess fat. Pour a little water on the plate to steam the excess residue off. Then wipe it well with a dry rag. Remove the parts you can to wash with soapy water once cool.

Q: Is an electric grill a good option for BBQ?

A: Electric grills miss the barbecue flavor that a charcoal grill provides. Many barbecue enthusiasts will argue that using an electric grill is hardly classified as barbecuing. It will require a power source to work. It can be a handy quick fix and a clean, smoke-free way to cook, but is void of anything authentically barbecue when it comes to flavor.

Q: How long should you let a barbecue grill burn off before using it for the first time?

A: Wipe the grill with a dry cloth. Light the grill as per the manufacturer’s instructions and let it burn for 20 to 30 minutes to remove any dust, adhesives, or residue that accumulated during storage or at the factory.

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