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Reach Your Goals with the Best Bathroom Scale

  1. Omron Body Composition Monitor and Bathroom Scale
  2. RENPHO Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale
  3. EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Bathroom Scale
  4. Ozeri Touch Digital Bathroom Scale
  5. Go Wise Body Fat Bathroom Scale
  6. Tanita Body Composition Meter Bathroom Scale
  7. Detecto Extra Wide Body Weight Bathroom Scale
  8. Conair Thinner LED Portable Bathroom Scale
  9. SALTER Professional Analog Bathroom Scale
  10. Seca Classic Big Dial Bathroom Scale
  11. Health O Meter Oversized Dial Bathroom Scale
  12. EatSmart Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale
  13. Ozeri Precision Pro II Digital Bathroom Scale
  14. Gurin Precision Digital Bathroom Scale
  15. Omron SC-100 Slim Digital Scale
  16. Taylor 7506 Glass Lithium Electronic Scale
  17. Buyer's Guide

The bathroom scale is one of those items that you never really think about until you desperately need it. Maybe that person looking back at you in the mirror is someone you don't recognize anymore, getting soft in the midsection with a few curves that weren't there in your 20's. For those who have become more fitness conscious now, or always were from a young age, the bathroom scale can be a powerful tool in helping you reach your personal body goals. These days they couldn't be easier to use; merely step onto the device and it will give you an almost instantaneous display of your current weight.

Digital scales will do this and more, like track your weight loss progress, store data for multiple users, and offer weight capacities up to 400 pounds. Body fat scales go a step or two further, offering other measurements like body fat percentage, hydration levels, even muscle mass and bone density readings in addition to your weight. Then there are the mechanical scales, just like those you may find in the doctor's office using nothing more than a simple spring and gear system that's been deemed accurate for decades, though may require repeated calibration to keep the scale in check. There's a wealth of great options out there, no matter what your personal fitness needs may require. We have found some of the best bathroom scales in 2022 you can buy on our lists below.

Compare The Best Bathroom Scale Of 2022

Omron Body Composition Monitor and Bathroom Scale - Best Bathroom Scale Overall

Taking a unique approach to the monitoring of body fat percentage and BMI, the folks at Omron have designed a hand-held device that can easily detect each by just gripping it with both hands. The BF306 uses bioelectrical impedance technology; a common method that uses general information such as age, gender, body weight, and combines it with electrical resistance found in the extremities like hands or feet. In the case of this device, the hands are the thing; with a set of electrodes in the handles, users grip the monitor with both hands and an undetectable electrical current passes from one hand to the other via the arms and torso. In seconds, the device comes back with a reading that gives you body fat and BMI measurements. Set-up is simple and straightforward, just input your personal data: height, weight, gender, age and level of fitness and you're pretty much ready to get accurate readings. The device can even be used by multiple users, all with their own settings and information data.

RENPHO Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale - A Modern Style

The RENPHO Body Fat Scale gives a modern twist to the traditional bathroom scale. It is an advanced model that can calculate 13 key body composition metrics. It can report your body weight, water percent, BMI, muscle mass, skeletal muscle, protein, BMR, metabolic age, and body fat percent amongst other things. This bathroom scale not only provides you an overview of your body, it also keeps a record of your performance on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Simply connect it with the RENPHO app to view the results within seconds. The app itself is quite user-friendly and also works with Apple watches and Samsung Health.

This scale has a maximum weight limit of 396 pounds. You can switch between kilograms and pounds as the measuring unit.

EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Bathroom Scale - Runner Up

The EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale measures body fat percentage, total body water percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, and weight with the use of bioelectrical impedance. Just like the Omron monitor, this one uses a low-level electrical current to ascertain your readings, only this time the signal is sent through your body and out again via your bare feet. The unit has a capacity of up to 400 lbs. and can store personal health information for up to eight different users. Simply enter all of your pertinent vital statistics and the scale does the rest. Using the scale couldn't be easier, there's no need to tap to power it on or even choose your user setting; the scale does it all on its own with user-recognition software. Just step right up and the scale identifies who you are through your previous weight. It will then give you all your accurate readings on an oversized 3.5" backlit LCD display. The scale's touch-screen user interface makes it a breeze to understand and set-up and its slim design makes it perfect for use in any room you wish.

Ozeri Touch Digital Bathroom Scale - Honorable Mention

The Ozeri Touch Digital Bathroom Scale holds a capacity of up to 440 lbs and measures body fat, hydration levels, muscle mass, and bone mass. It does all of this through bioelectrical impedance and uses four highly-sensitive G sensors to determine your overall weight with accurate readings in 0.2 lb increments. Up to eight different users can store their information on the scale's internal memory and auto-recognition software can tell which of them is stepping onto the platform for their current readings, each one shown through illuminating icons that indicate body fat, hydration level, and so on. Just like the other scales on our list, this one requires no tapping before you step up on it and gives you results in seconds.

best Go Wise Body Fat Bathroom Scale

Go Wise Body Fat Bathroom Scale - Consider

Just like the other scales on our list, the GW22027 measures overall weight, body fat, body hydration levels, muscle mass and bone density. Four precision calibrated sensors in the tempered glass platform have a weight capacity of up to 400 lbs. and the scale can store and track personal information for up to eight user profiles. This scale also has auto-recognition software to determine which of those users is stepping onto the platform without tapping or setting of profiles, except when two users have similar weights within six pounds. Then you have to tell the scale which user is being measured. Weight response is nearly instant with an additional four seconds needed to get the rest of your readings. An "athlete" mode option retrieves body fat percentages more accurately for users with higher muscle mass and low-rest heart rates.

Tanita Body Composition Meter Bathroom Scale - Best Body Fat Scale

Tanita's BF-680W works much the same way as the other scales on our list. A tiny electrical current is sent through the feet to determine body fat percentage and hydration levels of the body, and internal sensors can read your weight by just stepping onto the device. An instantaneous reading reveals how much you weigh, followed by the other percentage measurements. Two users may set profiles (considerably less than the other scales on our list that offer up to nine in some cases), and the BF-680W offers a similar "athlete mode" to detect a more accurate reading in people with increased muscle mass. The unit itself isn't as sleek or easily placed and stored as some of the other scales on our list, but if aesthetics or storage options aren't a concern for you then you won't mind the way this scale has been designed and constructed.

Detecto Extra Wide Body Weight Bathroom Scale - Best Mechanical Bathroom Scale

You may recognize the name Detecto from the scale at your doctor's office. Now the same brand your physician chooses can be taken home for everyday use with the D350. This sturdy and dependable scale offers consistent weighing accuracy with a 10.6 x 10.6 inch step platform and raised seven inch wide dial that's easy to read. Weights are shown in one pound increments and the unit has a measuring capacity of up to 350 lbs. A thumbdial scroll lets you set zero point and balance on the D350 and it comes with a powder-coated steel case. Black synthetic material covers the step platform for easy wipe down to combat germs and bacteria. This medical grade mechanical scale will deliver the most accurate measurement of your body weight and makes the top of our list because of its high-quality materials, construction, and performance.

Conair Thinner LED Portable Bathroom Scale - Best Mechanical Bathroom Scale

The Thinner brand of analog scales offers a wide 13 x 17 inch weighing platform, perfect for consumers with small and large feet alike. Your toes won't be hanging over the edges, so you get a true measurement of your actual weight. It's even big enough to weigh other things like luggage, so you won't be over the checked bag limit, or potting soil for the right amount needed in gardening. The extra-large 6 1/2 inch dial is easy to read from any angle and shows measurements in one pound increments, so you know exactly how much you or anything else weighs. The sensitive weight platform is covered in comfort grip non-slip material and can handle up to 330 pounds of weighing capacity. Simply step on the platform and the needle moves instaneously with true accuracy every time you use it.

SALTER Professional Analog Bathroom Scale - Best Mechanical Bathroom Scale

Salter's mechanical bathroom scale offers pinpoint analog accuracy with a 12 x 17 inch weighing platform, covered in textured vinyl for a non-slip surface so you can step right out of the shower and directly onto the scale. The large 7 inch wide dial comes equipped with a bright red rotating needle with black and red increments that are easy to read for instant measurement. Steel construction with a heavy duty main spring and machined brass gear provide a stable and accurate measurement time and again. The scale has a weight capacity of 330 lbs. for a range of uses, be it human or otherwise. Best of all, you get a 10 year warranty on the scale to make sure it performs the way it's supposed to with expert precision.

Seca Classic Big Dial Bathroom Scale - Best Mechanical Bathroom Scale

The 750 uses a heavy-duty lever system to calculate your precise weight when stepping onto the non-slip, imitation leather platform. Constructed with powder-coated steel for durability that's meant to last, Seca's scale is accurate enough for use in your home bathroom and medical offices alike. These scales are available in three formats; kilograms, pounds and kilograms/pounds dual dial. All of them have a 330 lb./ 150kg. weight capacity and come equipped with extra-large easy to read dial window with 5-pound increments. Seca also provides a two-year warranty to keep the unit safe from any detectable defects due to faulty material or sub-par workmanship.

Health O Meter Oversized Dial Bathroom Scale - Best Mechanical Bathroom Scale

This professional analog scale from Health-o-meter can provide accurate readings of up to 400 lbs. A large 6.7 inch speedometer style dial is relatively easy to read, and display your weight in increments of 1 lb strokes. These lines are thin and spaced close to one another so you may need to lean over for a closer look to see just exactly where the bright red pointer is positioned. The wide weighing platform is comprised of two separate sections; lined in soft-touch, non-slip material and each one able to accommodate your feet securely for a true weight calculation. The internal spring system provides a near instantaneous reading the moment you step on the device and comes in a simple, retro black and white aesthetic. The company also provides a 5 year warranty to cover the scale from defects.

EatSmart Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale - Best Digital Bathroom Scale

The folks at Eat Smart have developed a bathroom scale that isn't supposed to be your enemy, but instead a motivational tool. The Precision Tracker lets you chart your weight loss progress over the short term (so you can fit into that slinky black number in time for your cousin's wedding), or for the long haul in the ongoing battle of the bulge. Able to store personal data for up to eight different users, the Precision Tracker gives you three readings every time you step up on it. The first is your current weight, the second is your weight change since your last weigh-in, and the third is the total progress you've made (or lack thereof) since the start. Four sensors measure your weight up to 400 lbs, and displays it in increments of 0.2 lbs or 0.1 kgs if you prefer. This means you're getting the best, most accurate reading possible so even those minor weight loss accomplishments are noticeable. A 3.5" LCD display, tempered glass and near instant readings when you step on the platform make this a convenient and easy to use product with a sleek aesthetic.

Ozeri Precision Pro II Digital Bathroom Scale - Best Digital Bathroom Scale

Ozeri's Precision Pro II scale uses bioelectrical impedance analysis technology to provide weight measurement in increments of 0.2 lbs/ 0.1kg, at up to 440 pounds; making it one of the most carefully accurate scales on the market right now. Four GX sensors measure your weight with dependable precision and the bright blue, backlit LCD screen gives you an easy to read result using xBright technology. Step up on the oversized platform and your weight is almost instantly displayed. Plus, there's no need to tap or press any power buttons to get it started, simply step on it and your weight is shown. Ozeri has also made their scale the hygenic choice, using Microban antimicrobial inhibitors on the surface of their product; designed to destroy odor and stain-causing bacteria and keep your scale free of germs and discoloration.

Gurin Precision Digital Bathroom Scale - Best Digital Bathroom Scale

The Gurin Precision Digital Bathroom Scale has an extra large back-lit display and auto-on technology. Using four high precision sensors, it can give you an accurate measurement up to 440 lbs in 0.2 lbs/ 3oz increments. This results in an accurate reading of your weight every time. The oversized 14" tempered glass, non-slip platform affords some extra room for wider feet and once you step up on it, the Gurin comes back with almost instant readings. There's no need to tap either, as it turns on when you step onto the scale and features auto shutdown after you leave, so as to conserve battery life. Availble in silver, the scale is also a good-looking addition to any bathroom.

Omron SC-100 Slim Digital Scale - Best Digital Bathroom Scale

The SC-100 is a slim design digital scale using non-slip tempered glass and four highly sensitive weight sensors that deliver accurate readings of up 400 lbs to the nearest 0.2 lbs. The easy-to-read LCD display shows your weight in large black, block numbers and uses auto on/off technology to keep the battery fresh. Like all of the other scales we've profiled, this one too provides a quick reading once you step onto the glass platform, without tapping first. But unlike many of the other options on the list, this scale runs on a lithium battery as opposed to AA or AAA cells.

Taylor 7506 Glass Lithium Electronic Scale - Best Digital Bathroom Scale

Taylor's 7506 has four spun aluminum sensors for total measurement accuracy of up to 400 lbs down to the closest 0.2 lbs. The construction of the scale has been designed with both function and aesthetic in mind, using a certain type of ultraviolet glue to bond the electrodes to the tempered glass 13" x 11.75" platform, measuring just 8mm thick. The auto on/off feature is available on this scale as well, letting you just step up on it without tapping first. Step off and the scale shuts itself off afterward. The LCD display features 1.2" tall black numbers that are easy to read from any angle, day or night. Like the Omron before it, the Taylor also works on a lithium battery, which is included with the scale. So it's ready to give you the good (or bad) news from right out of the box.

Buyer's Guide

Bathroom scales have been a critical part of the weight loss journey for over a century now. They allow you to track your progress and see whether a new exercise regime or diet is working or not. They truly are a must-have for anyone with body shape goals.

Unfortunately, “Should you buy a bathroom scale?” is an easy question to answer; yes, you should. The difficult part is deciding which one.

The weight loss and personal fitness industry is growing rapidly, with new brands entering the market on a regular basis. Today, there are hundreds of bathroom scales available on Amazon, each claiming to be the best one. All this innovation and choice should make the decision easier, at least in theory, but it ends up having the opposite effect.

Luckily, you can find the perfect bathroom scale easily if you take things one step at a time.

These are the factors that you need to consider in order to find the best bathroom scale for yourself.

Weight Limit

The first factor to consider is your approximate weight. This is because almost all bathroom scales have a maximum weight limit. This limit ranges from 150 pounds, all the way to 400 or even more pounds. Make sure you clearly read a specific scale’s limit before making a purchase.

One thing to keep in mind is that these limits are not a cutting-off point. The accuracy of a scale gets worse the closer you get to its limits. So, if you weigh 145 pounds, a 150-pound limit is not going to cut it. Instead, you should look for a scale that goes up to 200 pounds at the very least.

Digital Vs. Analog

Almost all of the modern bathroom scales can be categorized as either digital or analog.


Analog bathroom scales are the ones with a rotating needle. These scales are often cheaper than the digital ones, and they require zero electricity to work. A complete lack of electronics means that the best analog bathroom scales also last a lot longer than digital ones.

They are, however, a relic of the past without any modern features. They only measure your raw weight, and that’s it. Additionally, getting a precise and accurate reading from the needle is difficult, even on the best analog scales.


Compared to analog, digital bathroom scales are a lot more accurate. They often have a light-up LCD display that you can read easily while standing. Modern digital scales also offer tons of advanced features like internet connectivity, smartphone apps, and body fat analysis. Lastly, they fit a lot better in a modern tech-filled home.

The biggest downside to digital scales, however, is that they require power to function. Some operate on disposable batteries, others have rechargeable batteries, while a few work directly from the wall. Having to recharge your bathroom scale’s battery or replace the empty disposable ones is a hassle, to say the least, especially when you don’t have time for such things.

Surface Materials

The best bathroom scales come with a wide variety of surface materials. Plastic scales are inexpensive and provide adequate grip. But they look cheap and don’t fit with tiled bathrooms.

Glass top scales look futuristic and fancy. However, they tend to be slippery, especially with wet feet. They also carry the risk of shattering.

Lastly, metal and rubber top scales look a bit industrial. But, as far as functionality and practicality are concerned, these are the best. The metal provides structural integrity, while the rubber ensures that you will not slip, even with wet feet.

Should You Buy A Scale with Body Fat Measurement Capabilities?

Body fat measurement is a relatively new feature in digital bathroom scales. It gives you an estimated body fat percentage for your body.

These scales work by passing a small current through your legs. There are usually sensors underneath both of your feet. One sensor launches this current that gets picked up by a sensor underneath the second foot.

The scale measures the amount of resistance in your legs and uses intelligent algorithms in combination with your overall weight to display a body fat percentage.

Unfortunately, the usefulness of this feature is severely limited by its limitations.

First, it only calculates your body fat percentage from your legs. It has no way of knowing what the upper half of your body looks like.

Secondly, it is not a very precise method. The readings are not accurate enough for any meaningful conclusions.

However, body fat measurement scales are still an excellent tool for tracking your progress over time. The percentage might be a bit inaccurate, but you can compare your past numbers with the new ones to see your progression.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing body fat measuring scales is that they are usually more expensive than regular digital bathroom scales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are body fat measuring scales safe?

Yes, they are completely safe for most people as the current used by them is minuscule. However, they are not recommended for pregnant women and small children.

Can a bathroom scale connect to WIFI?

Yes, most modern digital scales can connect to either WIFI or Bluetooth. They then use this connectivity in conjunction with a smartphone app to display your measurements right on your phone. These smart scales also keep a digital record of your progress for future use.

Do bathroom scales lose accuracy over time?

Yes, most digital and analog scales will lose accuracy over time simply due to wear and tear. How soon or how much is dependent on a lot of factors like surrounding temperature, moisture levels, and the manufacturer.

Luckily, the best bathroom scales allow you to easily recalibrate them on your own, so you can regain some of that lost accuracy.

What is the correct way to use a bathroom scale?

The ideal way of using a bathroom scale is to step on it gently with bare feet. Make sure that your feet are dry and you have as little clothing as possible.

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