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10 Tricks to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

10 Tricks to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

Just because it looks expensive, does not mean it has to be. You don't need a massive decorating budget to design a luxurious bathroom. A little ingenuity and clever design elements can go a long way in transforming your bathroom into a gorgeous retreat. Here are our top 10 tricks to make your bathroom look expensive without blowing the budget.

1. Lighting

Adjusting your bathroom lighting is one of the simplest ways to completely transform your space into a high-end showpiece. Rethink how your current bathroom lighting is used and swap it out for ambient mood lighting and some spotlights. Instead of the light bar above the mirror, install lights that encircle the mirror or covered sconces positioned at head height. If you have space, pendants can be trendy for bathrooms.

2. Storage Containers

Swap out plastic accessory bottles for glass dispenser sets. Rehome your drugstore toiletries in these chic clear containers, jars, or bottles for a luxurious, clean, and uniform look.

3. Organizers

Choose bathroom organizers that fit or are adjustable to your available space. Bathroom organizers create a clean, sleek look, and provide an easy way to keep things tidy. Not only are they handy for toiletries but they can make classy decorative elements by using them to store neatly rolled towels, candles, or plants.

4. Towels

Good quality bath towels not only make your bathroom look expensive, but they feel expensive too. Neutral colors are always a safe option to match in different bathrooms or bedrooms. For an extra touch of sophistication, look for bath towels with a little extra detail such as embroidery or trims. Get matching color bath mats for a uniform and elegant look.

5. Bring the Outside In

When redesigning your bathroom, look for ways that you can incorporate outdoor elements. If your space and options are limited, smaller plants and artwork portraying plants can have feng shui benefits.

6. Wood Accents

For retreat-style bathrooms and a spa-like feel, try to incorporate wood accents into your décor. Bamboo bath mats are the perfect functional and decorative element that create a retreat-style ambiance reminiscent of high-end resort saunas and spas. Pair the timber and bamboo accents with other natural decor to complete the zen look.

7. Incorporate Metallic Accents

Incorporate small touches of brass or other gold-toned metals to add a bit of warmth and luxury. Think of fixtures in brushed golds such as cabinet handles, hooks, wastebaskets, vanity products, and soap dishes.

8. Mirrors

Big unique mirrors can add a sense of style, extravagance, and elegance to any bathroom. If you have an open wall, an oversized mirror extending to the ceiling will make a style statement, add visual space, and also brighten the room.

9. Use White for Elegance

Whether you incorporate white in paint colors, cabinets, bath towels, or bathroom organizers, it creates a foundation for a simple and elegant bathroom with a high-end hotel style. A casual or slightly outdated bathroom can look expensive if you incorporate quality white towels and bath mats. Pair them with neutral accessories for a sophisticated upgrade.

10. Enhance Your Vintage Style with Simplicity

This color secret can transform your dated bathroom into a trendy space. When you are decorating a bathroom you can’t change, don't fight its outdated features. If you cannot remodel vintage features, use them to your advantage by choosing a single paint color to unify the space.

Work within the color range that is already there as opposed to covering it up by introducing opposite colors. This will only enhance the features you are trying to mute. Keep it simple and minimalistic in your color choices to enhance vintage-style features.

A few small changes and a little DIY can go a long way to completely overhaul your outdated bathroom into a relaxing haven of luxury.

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